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Does your monotonous day brighten up whenever you are with dogs and cats or simply just appreciative of how endearing these pets can be?

Are you wanting to display your passion for writing and seek to improve your CVs for future use?

If your answer to both questions is yes, then you are on the right path. 

We want you to be part of us together with your literary prowess and enthusiasm for pets.

Write for us today and let the whole world read about your perspective about our dearly furry companions. 

What Are We Looking for in a Guest Contributor? 

On top of our list is that you should be a pet person, naturally. 

You must also be a well-rounded writer that is capable of getting the job done despite any forms of pressure. 

As we are giving you our website as your platform to showcase your skills, we want you to write, in detail, various topics related to pet training, care, health, and more. 

Who’s Our Audience?

Our website is visited by animal lovers who seek answers to their pet-related questions for their furry friends. And it is important that you fully understand how these pet lovers feel about their companions. 

The last thing we expect from you is anything that would be offensive to the people reading through our platform.

Submission Guidelines

  • Topics must be fresh, and innovative
  • Content should be engaging, entertaining, and informative
  • The article should have originality 
  • Content must be written using the English Language
  • Write-ups should be researched based 

If both parties agree to one specific topic, we want to you adhere to the following requirements:

  • Write up must not contain fluff words or flowery statements that are unnecessary for the readers 
  • The content must be at least 1000 words long
  • No plagiarism must be found in the submitted article
  • Write up should not have grammatical and typographical errors
  • The article must adhere to the format we have presented (Bulleting, Heading, 


  • Sending your article to wellpet.org gives us full rights and ownership of the particular article
  • We reserve the right to change and edit any parts of the content that we see fit. 

Contributors’ Advantages

  • Your post will be read by other pet enthusiasts
  • You’ll be able to expand your network and learn from actual circumstances
  • Gain more visitors to your own website or blog
  • Receive a backlink from our website to yours*
  • Reach further in terms of socials (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram)

Pitch Ideas 

  • Pet training
  • Pet diet and nutrition 
  • Pet health and medication 
  • Pet grooming tips

Connect With Us! 

If you think you fit the requirement, send us your email via kathyconner89@gmail.com

*There will be a publisher fee involved if you require a backlink.