Why Does My Dog Sleep On Me?

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If your dog likes to sleep on you, you might be wondering why and whether or not you should let your dog continue doing it. This article will take a look at the common reasons and what you can do about it.

Like other animals, dogs have different sleeping habits. So, why does my dog lay on me? And why do they sleep on top of their owners? The most common reasons are that your pet feels more secure and comfortable there, he is being protective, he is seeking attention, he is being affectionate, he is lonely or he has separation anxiety.

As you can see, there are different causes, so it is important to consider what makes him more likely to do so. Once you have figured out the course, it will be much easier to determine what you should do about it.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps On You

“Why does my dog sleep at my feet?” is a question that many pet parents ask. There are many different reasons that explain why dogs often sleep on top of their owners. However, most of these reasons could be reduced to the idea of dog attachment. Dogs feel attached to their owners. This bond occurs in other pets as well. Understanding a dog’s position when sleeping is vital.

Here are the possible reasons why your dog tends to do so:

1. Pack Instincts

The first thing you need to know in order to understand why your pup sleeps on top of you is that canines are pack animals just doesn’t like their ancient wolf ancestors. [1] In other words, most dog breeds sleep in packs or groups, especially in the wild. They are not solitary creatures, and hence, the urge to sleep with their guardian is natural and instinctive.

If you own two or more dogs and their relationship is good, you might have noticed that they tend to sleep together. Most enjoy sleeping together with their families and owners. So, if you are concerned “my dog has to sleep touching me” or he doesn’t nap in dog sleeping positions, this could be the reason.

2. Sense Of Comfort

If your pet has been sleeping on top of you, it implies that he feels comfortable and safe while sleeping with you. As a reference figure, they are confident in you, so they feel safer sleeping close to you. That’s why you’ll find that your pooch will follow you everywhere or nap next to you.

When your pooch is confined to your bedroom, he cannot roam the home at night so he doesn’t get in trouble. This also prevents your pooch from doing his business inside. Canines don’t like to go potty in places where they snooze. It is important to allow them some playtime before sleeping so both of you can enjoy a good night’s rest.

things to take note looking at your dog's behavior and movements when sleeping

3. Loneliness

This is another simple answer to the questions, “why does my dog sleep on top of me?” and “my dog sleeps against me. Why?” Unlike cats and many other pets, dogs are known to be social and enjoy being part of the action. When you’re hanging out in your bed watching a movie or eating some snacks, your best friend will naturally want to be there as well.

The same applies to when you’re sleeping. They simply want to cuddle with someone, and you are obviously their favorite person! The way your dog positions himself can show you that he is genuinely happy sleeping next to you.

4. Feeling Cold

If Fido enjoys sleeping on you during those cold days, odds are that they are feeling cold and hence, want to keep warm.

The heat produced by your body while sleeping helps to keep your canine friend warm. Your pooch might even try to get under your bedding in order to feel even more warmth.

Nonetheless, many people prefer to cover their entire bodies with their bedding. If your pet is unable to burrow under the blankets, he will sleep on top of you or next to your head- the only uncovered part of your body.

5. Being Protective

Another reason why your pet might be sleeping on you is that he is being protective.  That’s even more likely if he is also protective when you’re near other humans or creatures. It is even more likely that he is being protective if there are other people nearby and if he faces the entrance while sleeping next to you.

one factor for sleep in dog next to you is separation anxiety

6. Seeking Attention

The cause might be that he is trying to get more attention from you. This is even more likely if he seems to sleep on top of you during the daytime when you haven’t given him attention for some time or if he gets more attention whenever he does it.

7. Stretching Out

Unless you’ve bought a queen-sized bed for your pet, chances are that the option you selected is not as spacious as your own. Many doggie beds are built for dogs to curl up instead of stretching out, which might not be your dog’s favorite way of sleeping.  So, the solution would be jumping into your bed, where he can’t find a lot of space to stretch out and feel more comfortable.

8. Sense Of Entitlement    

If you enjoy spoiling your puppy in different ways, then you may find him snoozing in your bed from time to time. Pets who think they have a prominent position in the house are more likely to disregard the rules and lay on the master instead.

one way to address separation anxiety is to give things like quality dog food

9. Separation Anxiety

Your pup might also sleep with you if he has separation anxiety and when he knows that you’re preparing to leave. This situation may occur when you have been away from home for some time, but haven’t made provisions for your pup’s physical and mental stimulation. Therefore, he becomes bored, detached, and lonely.

This is even more likely if your puppy shows signs of anxiety when you’re preparing to leave home and if he likes to lay on you, just before you leave the house and not when you are back home. So, try to reduce how stressed and anxious your pet gets by providing him with plenty of exercises and feeding him high-quality dog food just before you leave home so he doesn’t have to wait for long.

10. Showing Affection

If you’re like most people, you are usually away from home most of the day working. Once you finally get back home, your fur-ball wants anything but to be close to you and follow you everywhere. When you go to bed, your dog will also want to jump on top of you. This is because your dog loves you. All those face kisses are due to one thing – affection!

So if your dog is showing the signs of adoration and affection, and when he climbs on you, give him a pat to encourage him. Your dog is simply being affectionate. This is even more likely if he tries to get you to pat him or rub his belly before sleeping. All in all, your puppy will want to stay next to you because they love and adore you.

giving it dog food and a proper place to sleep somewhere is an example

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you let your dog sleep with you?

Yes, it is okay to let your dogs sleep with you. Sleeping with your dog has cultural, social, and psychological benefits, and very low behavioral and health risks, which can be alleviated with proper training, care, and attention.

Pet owners share a strong bond with their pets, so it’s understandable that you’re considering letting them come into your bed.

Why do dogs follow you everywhere?

The reason why dogs follow you everywhere has to do with a dog’s natural pack mentality and animal instincts. Canines that display this sort of behavior are called Velcro dogs due to their desire to be close to you.

On the other hand, your pet might follow you everywhere because you bring good things to him. If you frequently engage with your pet in a positive manner, he will probably keep following you around since you are the best person to keep them company. Treat it as a compliment!

Your dog is probably curious about what’s going on. Canines are generally inquisitive creatures. They observe you and follow you everywhere to try and determine what you’re doing. Since they don’t fully understand how your mind works or why you perform some tasks, they are eager to know.


So, why does my dog sleep so close to me? Little is known about the factors that influence sleep in dogs. However, there are many possible reasons a dog sits or sleeps on your chest or lap. Among the reasons are comfort, warmth, affection, loneliness, and a sense of entitlement. So, cherish the moment when your dog does it as he will likely change his routine and find a different sleeping place.