Why Is My Cat Meowing A Lot

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What Does Your Cat’s Excessive Meowing Mean?

Your Cat Is Greeting You

When your cats meet up with you inside the house, when you speak to her, or when you come home from work, more likely than not, your cats meow at you as a form of greeting. [1]

Seeking Attention

Some kittens meow for the apparent reason to elicit attention as many cats want to spend time playing with their owner’s company. Kitties are quite vocal when they want to be stroked, talked, spend quality time with, or played with. A pet cat that is left alone for long periods without any company like a pet sitter may be more likely to meow asking for excessive attention or initiate play.

Constant Meowing Might Mean Anxiety Or Stressed

A stressed cat may not remain quiet when it feels scared or stressed with the changes happening around it. Some of these changes include a new environment, new people, a new pet, and other animals in the household. Always pay attention to your pet cat if it started meowing in order for you to pinpoint the stressors of your kitty.

Our furry pets experience the same stress as humans. It can be provoked by a number of factors: from the absence of their owner to move to a new place. It is necessary to monitor this condition in a cat because in such cases the risk that the cat will injure themselves or run away from home is very high.

It is very important to take care of the safety of your pet and for this purpose, there are many ways that will help you always be aware of where they are. For example, there are special GPS trackers for cats with the help of which you will not only determine the location of your cat on the map but will also receive a notification if your furry friend crosses the boundaries that you have set.

They’re In Heat

If your cat is not spayed or neutered, it will be very vocal and meow constantly when they want to breed. Males yowl relatively weaker than how the females yowl but nevertheless, both can be equally annoying. This particular cat behavior usually happens about one week every month.

A male cat will yowl when they smell a female cat in heat. This scenario actually “drives owner crazy” and can be very annoying to live with. To prevent this kind of meowing, you need to have your cat spayed or neutered.

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Signs Of Aging

Most adult cats that transition to old age begin to acquire cognitive dysfunction. As pet cats age, they become easily disoriented, the same thing with older people. This generally causes a cat to cry more often due to pain and other age-related illness, especially during the evening.

Asking For Food

If your pet cat cries whenever someone is eating something or enters the kitchen, your kitty is probably asking you for food. Even though it isn’t the usual mealtime, your kitty can be very vocal whenever it is hungry.

Your Cat Needs Something

Another reason kittens meow incessantly is when they need something. It may mean that they need to eliminate and their litter box is inaccessible, or your cat is bored and needs mental stimulation from playing with interactive toys.

A Health Concern

Your kitty may be meowing because there is something wrong with their body. As cats age, they may acquire certain health issues. They meow excessively when they are in pain or have neurological problems or sensory deficits such as vision or hearing loss. These numerous diseases can cause cats to be less calm and become uneasy. Going to your pet’s veterinarian is important for an actual diagnosis.

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Take Your Cat To The Veterinarian

As they age, cats can develop kidney disease or an overactive thyroid which may result in excessive meowing. Your cat should be checked by the vet to ensure that medical condition isn’t the cause of your cat’s distress.

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How To Help Your Cat To Be Less Vocal

Before you restrict your cat’s excessive vocalization, you need to determine its cause first. Look into the circumstances and observe the patterns whenever your cat meow so much. Once you have identified the reasons whenever she’s meowing, you can try these methods to minimize the constant meowing of your cat.

Constant Meowing As Greeting

If cats meow to greet you hello, it is less likely that you can’t do something to change your cat’s behavior. Your cat is simply glad to see you and it is very vocal about it. However, if your kitty meows constantly when you walk into the room, it might mean she got bored when you were out and about.

To solve this concern, you can get interactive toys or a kitty condo for them while you’re away. You can also provide a bird feeder outside their favorite window to attract birds and offer hours of entertainment for them.

Dealing With Attention-Seeking Behavior

If your cats meow for attention-seeking purposes, teach her that you will only pay attention when she is quiet. You can do this by rewarding quiet behavior. Resist the urge to scold your cat or give any form of attention to it. Instead, have some patience and wait for the moment when she’s quiet and then, give the attention it wants.

If your cat meows for the second time, silently walk away and return only when she’s quiet. Do this consistently and your cat will figure it out.

Crying Due To Hunger

If your cat meows because of food, never give the food bowl until it stops crying. Always stick to the feeding time to let your cat know that it is wrong to ask for food beyond feeding times. If that does not work, you may resort to using an automatic feeder that will feed your cat on a specific schedule. Using the feeder will prevent your cat from bothering you to feed her, instead, you will find her sitting and waiting in front of it to open.

If your cat is on a diet, ask a veterinarian regarding high-fiber diets or supplements the will help lessen your cat’s food intake and make your cat feel more satisfied for longer periods without taking in high amounts of calories. If your cat is less likely to gain weight, you may leave dry food for it not to feel hungry.

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When Your Cat Needs Something

If your cat is constantly meowing to make you let her out or inside the house, you may have a cat door installed either of the back or front door just so you don’t have to exert any effort of opening and closing the door. Although the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recommends that your pet cat should remain exclusively indoors for both your pet’s health and their safety, a cat that is accustomed to go outside will need a longer time to get used to staying indoors.

For this matter, your cat may have a series of meowing at doors and windows. Later on, your cat will adjust to staying inside and quit meowing for good. You may also have the option to have an outdoor enclosure for your cats so they can spend their play time outside without risking themselves from any danger.

If Your Cat Is In Heat

If you have not got your female cats spayed or your male cats neutered and it periodically meow exorbitantly, they may be in heat during those times. Your cat may display signs like pacing relentlessly, rolling on the floor, rubbing and purring, and becoming more affectionate. To address the excessive meowing, the best thing to do is have your cats spayed or neutered.

Aging & Other Health Concerns

If your feline is old and has just begun excessively meowing, make sure to plan a vet appointment to have your elderly feline evaluated for certain medical conditions like sensory deficits, mental confusion, or cognitive dysfunction. The veterinarian may prescribe medications to alleviate your cat’s pain or discomfort.

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What Not To Do

Do not scold your cat for its excessive meowing

Although shouting, hitting, or spraying your cat with water may be effective in scaring it away, it may negatively affect your cat in the long run. These actions may cause your can to feel indifferent and become fearful of your presence.

Do not give in to your cat’s meows

If your cat constantly meows to get what it wants and becomes used to it, your cat’s meow becomes louder and more often. In simple terms, giving in if cats meow excessively will make it worse than solving the incessant meowing.

Do not ignore if your cat meow so much without confirming the there is no problem

While you don’t want to give in to your cat’s excessive meowing, she’s meowing more often because of some good reason. It may be because she’s hungry and it is time for your cat to eat, the litter box is not accessible, they are trapped in a room, or their water bowl is empty. Always check on your cat’s excessive vocalizations whether they can be safely ignored or a problem that must be immediately addressed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for cats to meow a lot?

Yes, it’s normal for cats to meow a lot. Most cats vocalize to some extent as this is a normal communication behavior with other cats or probably just want to hear their own voice.

However, you should also know that their breed can play a factor here. A specific breed, notably the Siamese cats are more prone to yowling and meowing than other cat breeds.

When should I be worried about my cat meowing?

You should be worried about your cat’s meowing if there are various changes in behavior. Look out for your cats’ meowing that suddenly becomes softer or louder, more frequent, of having changes in pitch and tone. You might also want to monitor your cats’ pattern of activities as they can be warning signs for specific behavioral and medical issues.

What do you do when your cat won’t stop meowing?

You can visit a vet to identify whether a specific health issue is causing your cat to unceasingly meow. If the medical condition is ruled out by your vet, you can simply stop responding to it until the cats learn that meowing isn’t going to give what it wants.

Why is my cat meowing non-stop in heat?

Your cat meows non-stop when they are in heat simply because it’s their natural response to the change that is going on inside their body and you can’t do anything about it except getting your cat spayed.

Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

Yes, you should ignore your cat when meowing at night. This is not to further encourage the constant yowling or meowing. To prevent the reoccurrence of this behavior, you may keep your cat busy while you are having a good night’s sleep.


Your cat’s meowing is just one of the behavioral issues you may encounter when you have decided to become a full-time fur parent. The most important thing when dealing with these cat vocalizations is to remain calm and give extra attention to your cat’s needs–which can be the main reason why it meows unceasingly.

When the cat’s constant meowing has gone worse, you can also ask for an extra hand from your pet’s vet as they are much knowledgeable when it comes to this specific situation.