6 Tips On How To Entertain Your Pets With A PC Or Phone

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Dogs have been alongside us for thousands of years, and many breeds were originally bred for different jobs such as herding, hunting, and even cart-pulling. Today, however, a majority of dogs are indoor pets and are stroked with so much affection that they live a very cushy lifestyle. It is great to show our beloved four-legged friends lots of love and cuddles, but a lack of physical activity, social stimulation, and mental exercise can lead to severe health problems.

Fortunately, there are new tools available that allow us to keep our canine companions engaged without too much effort on our part. Now owners can make sure their irreplaceable pooches don’t get bored in the house via mobile games and apps! With these modern tools, pet owners can look into giving their pup a well-rounded lifestyle while they sit back and relax.

Jolly Dog

Playing touchscreen games with your furry four-legged friend can be a great bonding experience, and Jolly Dog is the perfect way to start. The idea behind this game is so simple yet so effective, providing endless entertainment for pooches of all shapes and sizes. It’s essentially an interactive game of catch configured specially to suit canine vision.

With each touch of the screen, different toys with different behaviors and sounds appear, challenging your pup to catch them with their paws—the more they catch, the more rewards are unlocked. Although two toys and one environment are already available in the free version of this app, upgrading to the pro version will give you access to 17 toys and 6 environments—from spiders to gophers to crabs!

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Streaming Services

Pets also like to watch interesting shows, movies, etc. There are even special streaming services for animals, but many of them also enjoy watching regular movies. The same Netflix offers a huge library of content. If the service is not available for you, you just need to get access from your location. VeePN is perfect for this role. It’s all about how to use VPN with Netflix, as it opens access to any media content in the world, and it does not matter if there are geo-restrictions on it. This VPN app can be used on both PCs and smartphones.

Here is a specialized streaming service for dogs. DOGTV is the perfect companion for your four-legged family member, no matter where you are or what kind of pet owner you are. The streaming service centers around dogs, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety throughout the day with stimulating animated programs, videos with soothing images and sounds, and various plain fun shows. The content is based on more than 60 scientific studies that have been designed perfectly to match the expected daily cycle of dogs and fit their needs.

Dog Squeaky Toy

Dog Squeaky Toy is the perfect app for any pup who loves to play with squeaky toys. On opening the app, users are treated to an array of seven virtual squeaky toys, each with a distinct sound and image—from basketballs to rubber chickens.

You won’t find a list of names on this app; instead, the sounds are represented by animated images that really capture your puppy’s attention. Plus, the app makes it easy to get your puppy’s attention while out and about—just pull up Dog Squeaky Toy when you need a quick squeak! Your furry friend will love this simple yet effective app as much (or perhaps even more) than their favorite squeaky toy in real life.

Fish Game For Cats

Looking for games for cats on the computer? For cat owners looking for games to distract their furry friends from hunting, a game with a whole pound of colorful fish might just be the thing. This particular game features a simple blue background and can be played on Windows 10 tablets, no matter what system you have, such as x86, x64, ARM, or ARM64. It can also be of great benefit if you have a real fish bowl in your home, as it will naturally draw your meowing creature’s attention away from pouncing on your pet fish!

Lonely Dog Toy

Dog apps have become increasingly popular for dog owners looking to keep their furry pals entertained. Lonely Dog Toy is a great new dog app that provides six fun and engaging games in one. In each game, your dog will be challenged to catch elusive critters or objects that move across the screen!

Each game features different animations and sound effects, but some are harder to catch than others—the gopher and cat move quickly and erratically. If your dog isn’t up for chasing wild animals, then the fishing game might be better suited. With two fish leisurely swimming across the screen together, it’s a more chill atmosphere that any dog can enjoy.

Smash these ants!

‘Smash these ants!’ isn’t a computer game aimed at cats, but humans can still expect a reaction when their feline friend notices the continually rushing ants on the Windows tablet. When cats see the critters shooting past their picture windows, they can’t help but become transfixed by the image.

But that is only the beginning, as this game offers two distinct modes to increase the level of excitement for your cat: Classic Mode and Crazy Mode. Unfortunately, all this playtime spent entertaining your pet won’t equate to much in terms of winning—no matter how hard your cat tries, she will not be able to protect all the food from danger at the bottom of the screen. Nonetheless, it provides a few moments of joy and relaxation each time you reset your tablet.


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Keeping your pet entertained doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With these apps and games, you can easily capture your pet’s attention while you take care of other tasks around the house. Whether you’re looking for a game with a pond full of fish or one that simulates chasing after real animals, there are plenty of options available for pet entertainment.