How Many Times Can a Male Dog Mate in a Day?

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As a dog parent, you may be wondering how many times do dogs mate? Whether you plan to take part in dog breeding, this is a convincing argument for any dog owner to understand.

You may see you dog getting overly friendly with other dogs especially in areas where there are dog walkers. This can mean that your dog is responding to a female dog in heat and this leaves you wondering when is the best time to breed a dog?

When it comes to raising pets, there is so much that dog owners should know about dog breeding. Knowing this can save you the stress of dealing with unexpected puppies. So let’s take a look at everything you need to know about dogs mating.

When Can A Male Dog Start Breeding?

How old does a male dog have to be to mate? When to breed a dog? Male dogs become fertile when they reach 6 months of age. Ethical dog breeders do not regard it the done thing to mate a female dog at that age. In reality, they are still young, and may not understand or know what they expect of them.

Unless a dog reaches 18 months old, a dog really isn’t an adult. Even then a professional dog breeder may wait for another 6 to 12 months. There are two reasons why breeders will wait, 1) the dog is at the peak of its powers and is fully matured by this time, and 2) by this period, any adverse medical issue will have shown itself. 

How Often Can I Have My Male Dog Breed

Now if you’re wondering, how soon can a male dog breed after they attain this age? The answer is up to the dog’s owner. Before they can mate him, the dog’s semen has to be tested. The owners of the female dog will want to verify the semen test’s results too.

How Often Can A Stud Breed?

There are no fixed standards as to how often a male dog can breed. It will vary depending on the age and health of the dog, his libido, and semen quality. As long as the male dog is keen to do so, he can breed as often as he wants. 

For instance, a large breed dog may be able to deliver high-quality sperm for up to 5 days in a row. And after being neutered, not all dogs will stop trying to mate.

However, a dog’s sperm stores may start to deplete in quality if he is used for breeding very regularly without rest. To preserve their genetics, some reputable breeders may only use their male stud dog a few times a year. 

Sadly, some breeders do overuse their stud dog for financial gain without concerning about the dog’s health.

Other Things to Consider When Breeding Dogs

When breeding a male dog, you need to seek the best possible match with a counterpart to certify that the litters will be born healthy, strong, and are an improvement on the canine parents with no potential deficiencies or ailments. 

Even if they engender vet bills, the following recommended checks are to be implemented to ensure a healthy litter is added to your male dog’s gene pool:

How Many Times is Okay For a Male Dog to Mate

Physical Exam

It’s always a great idea for a dog to have a full health check by his vet at least every 12 months. This would include a full physical examination, together with serum biochemistry, a blood count, and blood tests to check the thyroid.

Semen Evaluation

It is recommended to have your male dog’s semen samples sent for testing every 6 to 8 weeks if you wish to actively breed your stud dog. This will ensure there are no changes in the sperm’s quality, which in turn will secure high fertility rates and can yield larger litter sizes. 

If in case, your dog doesn’t breed on a regular basis, then he is only required to have an evaluation 2 weeks before breeding.

Brucellosis Test

This test should be carried out every six months. Canine brucellosis is an infectious bacterial disease that can be transmitted when dogs breed. This is a serious infection that can cause abortions and infertility.

Prostate Examination

A prostrate examination should also be performed at least every 12 months, and sooner if your pet is showing signs of low libido, infertility, or painful urination. Prostate conditions are common in older unneutered male dogs [1].


Vaccinations can help prevent any contagious canine diseases. To know which vaccines are best for your dog, you should talk to your veterinarian.

While these disease screenings and regular health checks may seem costly, in time, they will probably save you time and money. They will help guarantee that Fido is healthy and performing at his best.

Male Dog Mating Frequency Per Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Do male dogs lose interest after mating?

Yes, male dogs lose interest after mating. Age, in particular, is a major factor that determines their loss of interest. Unlike younger dogs, older breeds have less libido which makes them quickly lose their interest after mating. 

Other factors to take into consideration about dogs losing interest in sex include their personality (since some don’t have a high sex drive), health, and temperament.

Is it okay for a male dog to breed daily?

No, it is not okay for a male dog to breed daily. Although some breeders allow their stud to mate with two female dogs in one day, it is improper for a dog to have sex above once a day. 

Similarly, it is believed by other dog breeders that the more frequency the dog mates, the lesser the sperm quality. With a low sperm quality, the possibility of impregnating the females is slim. That’s why most dog breeders do not breed their male dogs too often.

When needed, however, the stud can mate every day for 5 consecutive days. But this shouldn’t affect the volume or quality of sperm.

Is there a risk to having a dog breed multiple times?

Yes, there is a risk to having a dog breed multiple times. Although male dogs mate many times a day without exhaustion, some dog owners, or at least a responsible dog owner, apply their limits.

It is possible to breed a male dog too much but it will have a negative impact on the fertility rates during the breeding process. Overbreeding your male dog could also influence his reduced interest in mating. 

Unfortunately, some breeders use their stud dogs as often as they want for the sake of profit.


Male dogs can breed multiple times a day, frequently without tiring. But their sperm will diminish the more times in a day the dog mates. It is also possible for females to get pregnant even though she’s the third dog the male dog has mated within that day.

The maximum number of matings should only occur every other day for the male to remain strong and their sperm active.

You also need to keep your stud dog strong and healthy. But if you have any doubts, you can have his semen checked for semen evaluation. But it’s not only the males that need checking, female dogs too.

Don’t forget to act responsibly, and keep the male and non-breeding female separated to avoid unwanted pregnancy.