How to Get a Dog to Stop Barking

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You might think that barking is something that your dog will grow out of. However, if it continues and becomes frequent, you should stop it.

When it comes to dog barks, the reason varies. Your dog could be hurt, lonely, or scared. They may also want to get your attention or warn you.

Depending on why your dog is barking, there are different ways to stop your dog from barking. You can tire your dog out. You can give them anti-bark collars. You can even train them to stop at command.

In this article, you can find more information on these different methods. With these methods, you will not have to worry about frequent dog barking again.

8 Ways To Stop Dog Barking

When it comes to stopping dog barks, there are many things you could try out. They vary from playing with them to giving them unique collars.

One thing you should note is that these methods have different levels of success. You should still consider some things, such as the reason for your dog’s barks. This way, you will stop them with an effective method.

If you want to get your dog to stop barking, here are eight ways you can do so.

1. Spend some time playing with your dog

There are times when your dog barks out of habit. They also tend to bark when they want you to play with them. In times like these, one way to stop your dog from barking is by spending time with them.

When you play with your dog, you get them to move around. They end up losing their excess energy for barking. Aside from stopping dog barks, this is also a great bonding activity with your pup.

2. Let your dog meet with other humans and pets

Does your dog bark whenever they meet another pet? Do they get aggravated when you have a guest over? When your dog acts this way, it usually means they lack socialization.

Socialization problems can lead your dog to bark at everyone and every pet they do not know. To remedy this, you can let your pup get to know other humans and pets better. Take them out for dog dates, or introduce them bit by bit to people visiting your home.

3. Ignore your dog when they bark for attention

You should always check on your dog when they start barking. Dogs bark for many reasons, and your pet may be in pain or lonely. However, dogs also bark when they simply want to get your attention.

If your dog is barking for attention, one way to stop them is by ignoring them. Avoid eye contact, move away from your dog, and pretend you do not see them.

Once they stop barking, make sure you do not give them pets or treats immediately. Otherwise, they will think that barking can lead to rewards.

4. Train your dog to stop barking

Some dogs bark when they meet unfamiliar objects, pets, and humans. Some dogs also bark when they want to get something from their masters. You can train your dog if your dog barks for either reason.

One command to help you out is the quiet command. Once your dog learns this, they will stop barking whenever you call them out.

To let your dog know this command, spend some time with them. For every three to four barks, say “quiet.” If they stop barking at your order, give them a reward and positive reinforcement.

5. Let technology work for you by giving your dog specialized collars

Because of work or school, you may not have time to train your dog or play with them. Or even if you teach them, they might be giving you a hard time. In these situations, you can get the assistance of modern technology.

There are specialized collars that you can use for your pup. You can use an anti-bark collar that can punish them for barking. This punishment will train your dog to remember that barking is terrible behavior.

You can also use a pheromone collar. Instead of training your dog, it will make them more calm and amiable. They would be less likely to get scared or agitated, causing them to bark less.

6. Desensitize your dog from objects that alarm, threaten, or scare them

Does your dog tend to bark whenever vehicles pass by? Are there specific triggers that cause your dog to start barking? If you notice a pattern in your dog’s barks, you can use it to your advantage.

Your dog may be barking because they feel alarmed, threatened, or scared. If your dog barks at specific events, objects, or people, let your dog get used to them. They will eventually learn that there is nothing to be afraid of and to bark at.

7. Keep your dog from seeing objects that trigger their bark

Sometimes, a specific object or being can get your dog barking. It could be the appearance of vehicles passing by or the birds flying outside. If you do not have the time to train them, another option exists.

If your dog barks at objects or pets, they see, one way to stop it is by keeping them out of your dog’s sight. Create a sight barrier that would ensure your dog will never see what agitates them.

You can do this by putting blinds on your windows. You can also make a specific trigger-free location for your pet at home.

8. Give your dog things to focus on

If the reason for your dog’s barks is loneliness, it could be hard to train them. It gets even more challenging if your dog has separation anxiety.

There are some ways to help stop and prevent this type of dog barking. One way is to give them things to do while you are outside. This can be in the form of connected tunnels or new toys.

You could also get another pet so that they can play with each other while you are out. As long as something keeps your dog’s focus, they will forget why they were barking in the first place.

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Stop Excessive Dog Barks Early

When your dog barks start to get more frequent, it is a sign you should stop it fast. You should prevent excessive dog barking. If it is already happening, you should stop it.

There are many reasons why stopping your dog from frequent barking is essential. It is against the laws of some states. It disturbs not only you but also your neighbor. If it becomes excessive, it can even harm your dog’s throat.

To prevent or stop it, you can follow the eight ways here. Make sure you know why your dog is barking so you can implement the best method.