The Healing Benefits Of TCMVET Baituxiao For Dogs With Tumors

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The probability of elderly dogs suffering from tumors is as high as 50%, and there are many types of tumors; currently, there are very few targeted drugs for canine tumors. These tumors can be cancerous or noncancerous, and different types of tumors are treated differently.

Mainstream treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy; are more commonly used methods. Chemotherapy and radiation often have side effects. In addition to targeted drugs and the above treatments, natural remedies are also commonly used; because natural remedies have no side effects. Although not as precise as targeted therapy, it fills many gaps; for example, it reduces the recurrence rate after surgery, reduces the side effects of chemotherapy, and makes up for the lack of specific drugs or treatments for certain tumors and cancers. Natural remedies are effective alternative and complementary solutions for canine tumors.

The Benefits Of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Herbs are natural supplements, unlike ordinary food supplements; they have many benefits. Small side effects, safety, comprehensive curative effects, and good effects are also methods that people all over the world are willing to adopt for thousands of years. Chinese medicine is very good at using herbs to help people treat and alleviate diseases, especially difficult and miscellaneous diseases (rare diseases); for example, the well-known Yunnan Baiyao is a well-known brand of Chinese medicinal materials. Not only can it help with human wounds or other bleeding problems, many owners use it to help their dogs. Well-known brands like this include Beijing Tongrentang, among others.

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Understanding The Complex Causes Of Cancer In Cats And Dogs

The causes of cancer in dogs or cats are complex and diverse, including aging, abnormal cell mutations, and more. Many dogs will relapse to varying degrees within 3-6 months after the operation, because the operation only removes the tumor, but the physique does not return to normal, and the disease persists because the fundamental reason for its occurrence has not been eliminated.   Even some tumors themselves are prone to disease due to aging and cannot be completely cured. We need to condition its body every day to reduce the recurrence rate, slow down the development of tumors, and shrink tumors; this is a long process.

The Herbal Solution For Tumors In Pets

The advantage of supplements is that they can be taken for a long time without worrying about safety and side effects; in order to achieve our intended purpose. TCMVET Baituxiao is a very good herbal product developed for tumors in dogs and cats. It has many ingredients; herbs mixed with reishi and versicolor (turkey tail mushroom). Many dogs have benefited from using the TCMVET Baituxiao.

To this end, we deliberately consulted product information and formulation literature, and came to some conclusions, hoping to provide some help in the process of treating pet tumors. TCMVET Baituxiao can be performed simultaneously with other treatment methods to achieve a synergistic effect; there is no conflict, which is conducive to improving the therapeutic effect of tumors. Not only it is beneficial to address the tumor itself, but also the underlying imbalance that causes it to grow; restoring balance and harmony within the body.

The natural herbal ingredients contained in it have the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, regulating abnormal cell metabolism, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of tumor cells, reducing swelling, inducing apoptosis, inhibiting tumor angiogenesis, and killing tumors.

Able to inhibit tumor growth and promote the body’s natural healing process; this can help slow tumor progression and improve quality of life in dogs with cancer. Helping dogs with tumors improve their energy levels and mobility allows them to continue their daily activities and enjoy a better quality of life.

What Is The Impact Of Herbal Products On Pet Health?

Herbs are not necessarily the best, based on many factors. But a well-formulated herbal product is superior to traditional supplements because it is comprehensive, and you can understand it as taking care of all aspects; not just targeting the tumor (condition) itself. It also helps other problems that are beneficial to improve the condition, and achieves the purpose of suppressing and shrinking tumors by jointly improving other problems, which is called all-round synergy.

TCMVET Baituxiao has as many as more than 60 kinds of herbs and mushrooms, which are for all-round synergy to achieve dissolution, anti-tumor, etc., and improve the quality of life of pets; although the use of Baituxiao may not be able to cure tumors, it is currently the most effective non-targeted drug Holistic herbal medicine.

Here are some official introductions for your reference: it is beneficial to the dissolution and shrinkage of various tumors and masses in dogs and cats, and to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

Moreover, it inhibits tumor growth and metastasis and regulates the apoptosis of cancer cells. Soften the tumor, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and help tumor hemostasis. Promote postoperative healing and blood enrichment, effectively reduce the postoperative recurrence rate, improve the quality of life of pets, and prolong the life of pets.

The Beneficial Effect Of A Formula For Tumors In Dogs And Cats

Most veterinarians believe that this is mainly due to the formula; currently there are nearly 30 ingredients disclosed; the beneficial effect on tumors is constantly superimposed, and it will help dogs’ tumors in multiple ways. This product is not only helpful for dogs, cats can also use it, just like Yunnan Baiyao.

All the scientific documents of the currently published formula ingredients are true and reliable; they have been reviewed and verified by authoritative experts, and these ingredients have been used in humans for hundreds or even thousands of years, and the application practice for dogs is relatively short, perhaps because of cost issues. This involves whether the herbs used are wild, and the type, category, and quantity will all affect the price.

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I hope this article can help you and give you a different way of thinking and ways to help your pets. I also remind you to refer to this article objectively, because we cannot deny the opinions of veterinarians. However, in the end we all hope to help dogs or cats with tumors.