Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

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When any living species eats poop, whether dogs or humans, it is known as Coprophagia. This leads to unhealthy amounts of bacteria and parasites. These germs could cause issues with the digestive tract and eventually even diarrhea and vomiting. Besides, dogs’ mouths would give out a repelling smell. Thus, you need a treatment plan for this dog habit.

But what’s worse is dogs who eat cat poop. Such dogs are bound to face health issues and irregular bowel movements. The problem could lie in nutrition, stress, boredom, or even general behavior. But why does a dog eat cat poop? And how to stop a dog from eating cat poop?

Dogs that eat cat poop for a myriad of reasons are explained in this guide. At the same time, these dogs can be restricted by making your cat use an unbreachable litter box. But then again, how to keep a dog out of the litter box? Well, keep reading to find the answer to every question related to this topic.

Signs To Tell If Your Dog Has Eaten Cat Poop

If your dog’s appetite doesn’t suffice, you notice abnormalities in your dog’s poop, or your dog is diagnosed with salmonella, chances are that your dog keeps eating cat poop. Above all, their breath can give out the smell of cat feces.

Keep an eye on deficiencies in your dog’s diet. Usually, a protein or fiber deficiency plays a role in what makes a pet resign to eating feces. If you find yourself feeding your doggo protein supplements and also have a cat at home, you can connect the dots.

Low energy and activity levels along with frequent digestive system issues could also be a sign that your dog is eating cat feces. This could happen if the cat’s feces, small rocks, or a fatal parasite disrupts the intestinal process.

Even worse, if you are diagnosed with coprophagia and generally follow impeccable hygiene, it could be because of your dog eating cat poop. Does your dog have Cushing’s disease or diabetes? These conditions lead to a series of appetite problems.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Feces

5 Reasons Dogs Eat Cat Poop

The reason dogs are attracted to cat droppings could be many – eating poop could be a sign of vitamin deficiency or even something as meager as a stressful household environment. Here are five common reasons why your pet may develop a poop-eating habit.

1. They Like The Taste Of It

Dog food isn’t the only thing dogs eat. They see cat food and they’ll have that too. Unlike us, dogs do not have information on various cat products, their ingredients, formula, and varied diets. If your dog is pounding on cat poop, there is a chance that cat food appeals to him – he enjoys the taste of it.

It is typical of dogs to spend a lot of hours looking for cat food as a quick snack. Try a poop spray to keep your dogs away from the cat’s litter box.

2. They Do It Out Of Boredom

You need to let your pet exert his excitement. As dogs reach adulthood they experience bouts of reduction in energy and become lethargic. This deprives them of a channel for entertainment, thus leading them to such unlikely ‘treats’.

Take your dog for frequent walks in the yard or streets, keep your dog occupied with toys, and improve their nutrition with a relevant amount of much-needed nutrients. Not taking your pet out of the house into an open space often could cause animal anxiety or even mental diseases.

Rather than letting your pet lie on his butt all day, make use of the time to bring your dog for a walk in the area and look for solutions that keep your puppy active throughout the day and treat this condition.

3. They Do It Out Of Their Natural Instinct

Dogs are scavengers by nature. Their desire to stay full leads to a stimulation of constant hunger. And anyone who’s had a dog knows that they end up munching on anything, for example, carpet, garbage, dead animals, and of course, cat poop.

Some reasons dogs eat cat poop can be attributed to their ancestors. When their raw food diet wasn’t met due to lack of prey, their behavior would let them happily resort to eating animal feces. This issue is something that can easily be resolved by training.

Topics To Consider For Why Dogs Love Poop

4. They Are Coping With Stress And Anxiety

Stress could easily lead to behavioral changes in many dogs. As a result, there is a risk that they begin to think of everything as food. Forget cat droppings, they’ll also eat up all kinds of things including your couch, socks, shoes, jackets, etc.

Choose a stress-busting toy to prevent your dog from making such unhealthy decisions when upset. Stressful conditions make it harder to distance your dog from the cat’s litter box. Depending on the breed and size of your animal friend, there are dozens of treatment options to deal with anxiety.

5. They Lack Certain Nutrients In Their Diet

Your pet’s poop-eating habit could be a result of a nutrient deficiency. Visit a veterinarian and find out whether it is fiber, fat, or protein that your dog is lacking. As pet owners, feed your dog with the best quality dog food products – ones that impart nutritional components your pet is deficient in.

Depending on your dog’s case in terms of changing bodily features, a doctor will help you get a sense of which nutrient shortage is causing the issue of eating poop.

Mother Dogs Eating Poop

The Danger Of Dogs Eating Cat Poop

If your dog eats cat poop then the probability of transmission of germs and parasites is severely high. No matter your dog’s daily meals, this can change their intestinal functioning. Once they get used to it, they would begin to consider it a meal! Keep them away from litter boxes and regularly check their mouth for poop stains or bad smells.

People can suffer from a disease transfer via their dogs due to them eating the feces of cats. [1] The excessive dose of parasites could bring about bathroom difficulties for your dog too.

There are cases when large quantities can cause an influx of fat. Apart from irregular stools, puppies can suffer from several digestive roadblocks throughout their lives.

Four Dangers For Dogs And Owners

Ways To Prevent Your Dogs From Eating Cat Poop

Now that you’re aware of the reason behind ‘why do dogs eat cat poop’, here are some tips to treat this unhygienic habit:

  • Hide the litter box: Keep the litter box at a height your dog can’t reach. Even better, there are a number of litter boxes that come with small meshed gates, i.e. a cat door, that only cats can enter. Dog owners who also have cats visiting their backyard should consider this option for their litter box.
  • Stool deterrents: One of the best ways to prevent dogs from feasting on cat litter is to place a bit of chili sauce or pepper powder in the litter box. Additionally, some stool deterring sprays also induce a fresh-breath smell on the litter box of cats.
  • Nutritional demands: Help your dog value his overall health and nutritional demands. This is the best way to stop your dog from this habit. Your mission should be to pay attention and take an active part in altering your dog’s diet through every stage of life.
  • Bring more activity options: All expert veterinarians will suggest making your dog do more exercise. Teach him some tricks by setting dog loops on your property. This burns up your dog’s extra energy and wards off boredom. Set a type of weekly fitness exam to keep the energy levels high.
  • Reduce stress: Give your dog permission to be as free as you deem healthy. The truth is that a pup feels claustrophobic before dog owners even know it. In fact, many pets can’t deal with the distress of being packed up in one place. Keep some healthy mid-day treats for your pets on hand to help tackle this situation.

Orders To Prevent Poop-Eating Habit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of cat poop?

Cat poop can be disposed of in flushable poo bags, as compost for your garden grass, as a fertilizer, or into a general waste bin. Take care that your pets cannot access the feces in any way. It would be best to use the one main dustbin in your back alley.

How often should cat litter be changed?

Cat litter should be changed one to two times a week. Depending on how often clumping occurs, you can even clear the box every alternate day. If you have canine pets, consider cleaning it daily to avoid poop-eating incidents.

When should you bring your dog to see a veterinarian for eating cat poop?

Pet dogs should be taken to the vet when they are constantly looking for cat poop. If your pets are still stressed despite all the tips you have tried or have problems with urine color, dietary concerns, or general bathroom habits, a vet could help diagnose the issue.


Shelter the cat poop from dogs. Look for a stool smell deterrent product. Seclude the litter box. Or best, consult a vet and run some tests for your peace of mind. It may not harm dogs in the short-term, but surely will in the long-term. Luckily, all hope is not lost. By making a few simple changes, it’ll be an easier fix than others.