Can Cats Have Salami

Published: 20 Apr 2024
Kathy R. Conner
Kathy R. Conner
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In 2019, the fascination with cats took over the internet, especially in the form of memes. This was evident when a 2017 article responding to the query “Can My Cat Eat Salami?” on Google went viral, assuring readers that feeding cats a small amount of salami now and then is acceptable as a rare indulgence.

Although we find this cat meme cute, it’s always good to fact check. As responsible pet owners, we owe it to our furry feline friends to give them not only what we think they will like but also safe food to eat. We may think that since cat food and salami are both meats, it is safe for them to eat and be tempted to give them a little when we have some ourselves.

So the question still remains, “Can cats eat salami?” or “Is salami safe for cats?” Read on to learn more about whether you can give your cat salami, how salami affects your cat’s health, and its place in your pet’s diet.

When Is Salami is Okay for Cats to Eat?

If you’re one of those cat owners who are asking, “Can cats eat salami?” Then you should know that cats are known to be carnivores, which means that the major part of their diet should come from meat. 

Usually, salami is made of pork, which might not be healthy for your cat and become a staple in their diet.  Salami isn’t technically cat food.  Therefore, cats shouldn’t have it often. However, it’s generally safe for them to eat salami in small amounts. 

Hypothetically, though, if you can’t find some salami that contains almost no other additional spices or ingredients, or that’s very low in sodium, then it could be okay to offer a little piece of salami to your cat. 

Yet, take note that most of the commercial salami available in the market is not going to be beneficial for cats. 

Cats Can Have Little Salami Servings Occasionally

When Is Salami Bad for Cats?

Typically, too much salami is going to have a negative effect on your cat because of the mixture of high sodium content, fat, and the regular addition of garlic in the salami making process [1]. 

Although cats have a decent tolerance to extra salt, increased salt intake along with fat can lead to weight gain and would require your cat to drink a lot of water than usual, or worst, your cat may experience digestive system issues. 

In addition, the presence of garlic in salami according to experts is toxic to cats and could result in a potential visit to the emergency vet. Salami contains all of those ingredients, which means that cat owners can unintentionally make their cats sick.

Giving Cats Little a Salami is Okay

Alternatives to Salami You Can Give Your Cat

If you can’t find any good salami that is not too salty or does not contain the ingredients mentioned above, you can opt for these cat-friendly meats as alternatives:


Cooked chicken without any seasoning, skin, or salt in a small amount can be a great addition to your cat’s diet while providing the protein they need.


Similar to chicken, the turkey should be served plain, unseasoned, skinless, and boneless in a small amount.


An occasional taste of cooked boneless beef can be an okay treat for your cat.

Take note that all the meats mentioned in this list should be adequately cooked well. Be mindful that raw meats or undercooked meat of animals can cause salmonella or trichinellosis. Any seasoning or spices should be avoided in all cases.

Don’t forget to remove any skin from the outside of the turkey and chicken. It might seem bland for your cat to eat plain meat, but that is the best method to be served to a cat.

Reasons Why You Can Feed Cats Salami

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Eating Salami Kill Cats?

No, eating salami will not kill cats. While it was stated that salami contains garlic that is toxic for cats, but this does not mean eating salami is fatal for cats. Salami is not the healthiest and it’s not deadly to cats either.

Excessive intake of salami could impact your pet’s health negatively down the line, but death is not an immediate repercussion that you need to be concerned about.

How Much Salami Can A Cat Have?

For the most part, if your cat begs for a little salami, then it’s okay to have him enjoy a few nibbles every now and then. But it’s definitely not a human food that could be offered to your cat on a regular basis.

Generally, it’s best to double-check with your vet before offering any “people food” like salami to your pet and start with small amounts to check how your feline friend tolerates it.

What Meat Is Poisonous To Cats?

Most meat is safe for cats, but be sure to avoid giving your pet spoiled meat because it can make them sick. Felines are obligated carnivores, so most meats are safe for them to eat but only in a slight amount.

Try to go for meats that do not contain salts and are not seasoned. Plain meat may be bland, but it’s the best option for your cat. Again, avoid feeding your pet with spoiled meat. As a general principle: if you can’t eat it, your cat shouldn’t eat it either.


An occasional taste of salami as a treat or a snack is okay for cats.

However, when you think about it, most of the foods that we eat as a snack aren’t that great for our diets, so keep this in mind when sharing a piece of salami to offer to your cat.

Prolonged consumption or excessive amounts of salami can lead to problems due to high sodium content. As tempting, it might be to feed your cat salami, it’s safer to stick to cat treats. In the end, it might be wise to avoid willingly giving your cat salami.

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