What Is The Best Venison Dog Food? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Venison is more than just an occasional treat for humans. It is also one of the best protein sources of food for dogs. Dogs may be sensitive or allergic to standard food protein bases like chicken, beef, or lamb, but rarely venison.

Venison is popularly sought after by dog owners, as a replacement for other meats. It is one of the leanest sources of protein and is very easy on the digestive system of dogs. Deer meat provides a different nutritional profile than traditional red meats that may be more beneficial or appealing to some dogs.

There are now numerous venison-based dry dog food options to choose from. Here is a list that comprises of the top 7 best venison dog food products. These mainly include dry dog food. For pet owners wanting to seek more information about the features of venison and how it would affect their beloved canine, scroll down to know more!

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best venison dog foods, here are our top choices.




natural balance limited ingredient dog food formulas with biotin

1. Natural Balance Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diets, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

taste of the wild with zinc and antioxidants for dog

2. Taste Of The Wild Pine Forest Grain-Free, With Venison & Legumes

Rachael ray no chicken meal by-product high price

3. Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK, Beef, Venison & Lamb Open Range Recipe

Top 7 Best Venison Dog Food

1. Natural Balance Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diets, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

natural balance limited ingredient dog food formulas with biotin

Natural Balance’s Formula is one of the best dog food with venison in the Limited Ingredient Diet food market. The ingredient list comprises of premium ingredients and a variety of essential nutrients, neatly wrapped up in a flavourful package. This venison meal offers a tasty grain-free and healthy alternative.

Venison is the only meat source in this food formula. Being the main source of protein, it is leaner and contains far less saturated fats than any other product that boasts about limited ingredients dog food diets. It has a minimum of 20% protein content. Hence this recipe supports a luxurious coat, strong muscles, and healthy skin.

The carbohydrates source of this venison dog food is sweet potatoes. The vegetable is a soluble fiber, so it is easily digested and aids in the maintenance of a healthy gut system.

Other vitamins and minerals include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, folic acid, biotin, manganese, calcium, and taurine. These complete the wholly nutritious blend, which is further devoid of any artificial colors and flavors.



2. Taste Of The Wild Pine Forest Grain-Free, With Venison & Legumes

taste of the wild with zinc and antioxidants for dog

This dog food formula has the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The primary sources of protein in this dog food come from the deer meat, lamb meal, peas, lentils, and garbanzo beans (chickpeas).

A base of good quality venison for dogs is followed by other types of whole foods for added lean nutrition. They also aid in supporting joints. The peas and lentils are used as a substitute for grains in the formula, but because of its natural constitution, it becomes a primary non-meat source of protein.

The combination of venison and lamb meal offers a full range of amino acids. These meats also contribute to the fat content of the venison formula. Sweet potatoes are another source of carbohydrates in this grain-free venison dog food, which goes easy on the guts of canines.

All of these ingredients ensure that your pet gets excellent digestible energy. The meal also provides natural antioxidant support from real fruits and vegetables, which include dried chicory root for prebiotic support.

The essential minerals like zinc proteinate, calcium iodate, and copper proteinate are chelated with amino acids that optimize their absorption. This well-balanced nutrition with a flavor of the wilderness would satisfy all the cravings of your furry friend.

It provides enough protein for your average dogs at home like a golden retriever. Made with natural ingredients that come from trusted and sustainable sources, it is a very suitable choice for a dog with digestion issues and food allergies.



3. Rachel Ray Nutrish PEAK, Beef, Venison & Lamb Open Range Recipe

Rachael ray no chicken meal by-product high price

Rachael Ray’s Natural Open Range dog food formula is the best option for dog owners looking for a protein-heavy diet for their pals. It is brimming with meaty-goodness by combining three flavorful animal compounds into one hearty meal.

The recipe is incredibly nutrient-dense and contains a minimum of 30% proteins from ‘red meat’ sources that comprise of farm-raised beef, venison, and lamb.

While these meats make up for the protein content, the fat content is derived from chicken fat and menhaden fishmeal, which provide the body with omega 6 fatty acids for a beautiful coat and skin. Dried peas provide vitamin A for the optimal function of muscles and nerves.

Sweet potatoes and potato protein fulfill the carbohydrate needs. Other compounds in the recipe profile include calcium, Vitamin E, iron, choline, manganese proteinate, folic acid, and many more. All of these are good sources of fatty acids that contribute to healthy skin and coat upkeep.

The composition is free of chicken meal and its by-products. There is also no presence of gluten, grains, fillers, preservatives, color, and flavors, thus making it a safe option for all ages and types.



4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free, With Wild Salmon, Venison & Halibut

blue buffalo wilderness recipes with glucosamine for dog

Your domesticated dog would be able to savor the diet consumed by Alaskan mountain wolves! This venison dog food mix is inspired by the Alaskan frontier’s meals, which heavily comprise of venison, and it imitates raw meat.

Other ingredients included are apples, spinach, blueberries, and pumpkin, and omega 6 fatty oils like salmon oil. This dog food has no traces of corn, wheat, soy, or poultry products or by-products.

The primary ingredients consist of deboned wild salmon, venison food, and halibut. Each kibble gives dogs a tasty meal that comprises of at least 30% of crude protein. These nutrients are responsible for the repair of tissues and muscle development.

It utilizes the formulation of an exclusive LifeSource Bits system. The nourishing venison formula also contains a precise blend of omega fatty acids, DHA, complex carbs, a vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin A supplement, and minerals such as thiamine mononitrate. All of them contribute to your dog’s healthy skin, vitality, strong bones, and teeth.



5. Nutro Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diet, Venison Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe

Nutro venison and potatoes dog food recipes

The NUTRO line of venison dog food is always made up of 10 primary ingredients such as venison, sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, canola oil, and alfalfa, along with vitamins and minerals like choline chloride and B vitamins. This is one of the dog food brands that offer variations for the large, regular, and small size of the kibble.

If your dog is sensitive to grains, soy, dairy, or wheat, then NUTRO is a good purchase. The safe and easily digestible formula is free of GMO ingredients, chicken by-product meals, allergens, and beef products. Its consumption brings about noticeable changes such as a shinier and healthier fur coat, nourished skin, and an optimally functioning immunity.

The number one primary ingredient in this dry dog food is venison, which promotes eye care and maintains a healthy metabolism. The clean recipes are professionally tailored for grown canines using non-GMO ingredients. By the way, this brand also specializes in cat food.



6. Crave Grain-Free For Adult, With High-Protein Lamb

crave no preservatives for dog

One of the primary ingredients of this venison dog food is real pasture-fed lamb, after which comes the venison content. These meat sources make up the primary protein ingredients of this dog food. It contains protein-rich vegetables, making it a protein-centric venison formula.

In all, venison makes up 34% of the total nutrients present, thus giving your dog a feeding experience similar to that of his wolf ancestors.

The carbs consist of peas, potatoes, and chickpeas. Chickpeas flour and whole peas are considered to be high-quality ingredients in dog food since they have a low glycemic index and are loaded with pea protein. They also provide the much-needed dietary fiber in the dog diet.

It is cooked and processed in the best USA facilities, using the finest ingredients from around the world. There is no content of poultry by-product meal, soy, corn. Neither does it have artificial colors and preservatives.



7. Zignature Grain-Free Limited Ingredient, Venison Formula

Zignature limited ingredient formula New Zealand with turkey

Zignature is one of the most popular venison meal brands available in retail. The only meat ingredient used is venison, and the other properties are added in with a range of quality ingredients. The venison is derived from farms based in New Zealand. It is curated through veterinarian recommendations and experts in pet food formulas.

The dog food manufacturers provide a natural flavor in this venison recipe. Some added compounds included in the feed are potassium chloride, sodium selenite, dicalcium phosphate, and antioxidants. The protein diet is designed for adult animals, and also contains omega 6 fatty acids that develop fur and skin health.



best food for dog with allergies - nutrition information on food allergies for dog owners

Nutritional Benefits Of Venison Dog Foods 

Are you wondering, “Is venison good for dogs?”. Venison-centric formulas [1] lack bad cholesterol and boast of quality proteins. They improve the condition of muscles and a mediocre quantity of venison also helps impact growth hormones. If you decide to feed your pet venison, chances are they will remain strong throughout various life stages.

Being one of the best protein sources, venison dog foods equip the immune system and offer a range of benefits that include the imparting of riboflavin, B vitamins, iron, niacin, and epic levels of omega 3 fatty acids.

Important Features To Consider


While there are venison-based dog food formulas available for puppies, it is more suitable for senior dogs. Young adult dogs who are sensitive to certain foods can find their solution in venison dog food, too.


Venison dog food for allergies is a great option. Allergic dog food may contain elements like grains or certain types of common meat that set off allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, low coat quality, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Taste Preferences

Dogs may be picky eaters, just like humans. They tend to have preferential taste buds, and picky eaters may navigate to only a specific type of dog food and meat. Such dogs mostly prefer venison.

levels and amount of vitamins, niacin in dog venison food product - needs for food allergies dogs

Sensitive Stomach 

Certain breed types have extremely sensitive stomachs, which may or may not set of allergies. For example, commercially sold meat like beef has a lot of saturated fat content, which may upset your pet’s tummy.

Behavioral Changes 

Dog food plays a vital role in controlling the dog’s emotions. A healthy and well-suited diet would keep them active, happy, and responsive. There may be a need to experiment with different dog food brands for your dog’s behavioral upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Venison a good protein source for dogs?

Yes, the addition of the ingredient venison to dog food gives a source of lean proteins and reduces the level of unhealthy fats, salt, calories, and helps fight allergens like tapioca.

These can lead to health issues like an ear infection, lack of moisture in skin and hair, gas-like conditions in the gut, and decreased reaction time, thus choosing venison as a protein source could rid away all these troubles.

Is Venison hot or cold meat?

Venison is hot meat. Please note that venison canned dog food, or the dry stuff, cannot be given to a highly sensitive eater. A life full of games and attention from people would demand heaty meat, and food contents rich in venison would be a better choice.

Will Venison hurt a dog?

No, Venison dog food will not harm your boy unless he is allergic to it, or has an extremely slow metabolism. It is one of the best sources of lean meat for animals.


Dog food with venison requires some research by the owner before making a purchase. There should be a careful review of the above-mentioned venison choices before picking the best bite for your pooch.

In our opinion this is, Natural Balance Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diets, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula. It could be of a higher cost, but immediate bodily-improvements are noticeable after the transition to this venison dog food.

natural balance limited ingredient dog food formulas with biotin

Editor's Choice

Natural Balance Grain-Free Limited Ingredient Diets, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula