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What’s The Best Salmon Dog Food? Reviews & Buyer’s 2020 Guide

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Curious to know the best salmon dog foods for your pooch? The presence of high protein levels and fatty acids in fish make salmon a must-have in your dog’s diet. Salmon is ideal for dogs suffering from allergies and sensitive digestions. It also helps to improve your dog’s immunity, boost his overall energy, and make his coat smooth.

When dealing with sensitive pets such as dogs, it is crucial to check on the protein and mineral content. Meat, poultry, fish, and plant-based poultry all contain different protein concentrations. However, animal-based protein, more specifically, fish protein, is easier for your dog to digest and assimilate.

We understand that shopping for dog foods is not easy for most pet owners, so we have compiled this informative review on seven of the best salmon dog foods in the market. 

Read on to learn more about our top picks and the nutritional benefits of embarking your furry companion on a salmon diet. We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best salmon food, here are our top choices. 




American Journey Grain Free with Salmon and Sweet Potatoes Ingredients

1. American Journey Grain-Free Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe

  • Full of dog-friendly ingredients that rejuvenate your dog's coat
  • Flavored to leave a great taste in your pet's mouth
  • The deboned salmon has the required amino acids and protein concentration needed for leaner muscles
  • Contains chickpeas, sweet potatoes, dried kelp, blueberries, and carrots, which are designed to provide phytonutrients and beneficial fiber
  • Grain, corn, soy, and wheat-free, which makes it ideal for sensitive or allergic dogs
Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Natural with Real Salmon Tuna Adult Dry Dog Food

2. Purina ONE Smartblend True Instinct Natural with Real Salmon & Tuna

  • Nutrient-dense, dog-friendly formulas increase overall activity
  • Contains 30% protein
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids help improve your dog's immunity
  • Contains real Tuna and Salmon
  • Comes in different flavors
Canidae Limited Ingredient Grain Free

3. Canidae Grain-Free Pure Real Salmon & Sweet Potatoe Recipe

  • Boasts of 8 real high-quality foods that guarantee a balanced diet
  • Grain, wheat, corn, and soy-free
  • Zero artificial flavors and has no preservatives or colors
  • Combines salmon and wholesome veggies
  • High fatty acids and omega-3 concentration

Our 7 Best Salmon Dog Food

1. American Journey Grain-Free Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Grain Free with Salmon and Sweet Potatoes Ingredients

As a well-reputed dog food manufacturer, American Journey is always keen on producing well-balanced and nutritious dog foods. This salmon dog food contains amino acids that boost your dog’s overall energy.

This grain-free protein salmon product provides a means of overcoming food sensitivities. It contains ingredients such as chickpeas, sweet potatoes, dried kelp, blueberries, and carrots that guarantee high phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber levels for your pup. 

Additionally, to boost your dog’s eye and brain development, this food contains a high concentration of omega fatty acids and omega-3. The grain-free salmon recipe is widely considered to be among the best salmon recipes for dogs due to its rich nutrient concentration. 

Your furry companion will benefit from rich ingredients like flaxseed, chicken fat, dried kelp, chickpeas, plain beet pulp, olive oil, folic acid, and pea protein. The ingredients in this salmon dry dog food help to supplement vitamin B12, E, and A.


  • Gentle on dogs with sensitive tummies while it boosts their immune system
  • The fiber-rich pea proteins and calories in chickpeas boost your dog's energy
  • Help to maintain and develop dog muscles with high protein and amino acid nutrients
  • Contains flaxseed and salmon oil, which provide six fatty acids and omega-3 for coat protection
  • Packed with vegetables and nutritious fruits that balance the recipe, making it the intake ideal for doggie digestion and improved lifestyle


  • Contains plant protein in chickpeas, which might be hard to digest for some breeds

2. Purina One Smartblend True Instinct, Nutrient-Dense Formula With Real Salmon & Tuna

Purina ONE SmartBlend True Instinct Natural with Real Salmon Tuna Adult Dry Dog Food

Manufactured by Purina One, this salmon dog food is aimed towards improving your dog’s senses and natural instincts through a balanced diet. Every serving contains 30% protein that enhances the formation of muscles and joint strengthening for your dog.

Additionally, the presence of salmon ensures that your furry friend receives the desired Omega-3 and antioxidant levels for a shiny coating and boosted immunity. You can select the product in different flavors, which makes it highly convenient for your pup, especially when transitioning from different foods. There are no fillers, which reduces the chances of an allergic reaction.


  • Contains the required amino acid and mineral concentration
  • Comes packed with fatty acids that protect your pet's coat, leaving it radiant and healthy
  • Easy to digest for all dogs even those with sensitivities
  • Packed with B vitamins and ideal for breed dogs
  • Contains proteins that support muscle formation
  • The presence of glucosamine allows for the proper joint formation and improved immune system


  • Lacks probiotic supplement

3. Canidae Limited Ingredient Grain Free, Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Canidae Limited Ingredient Grain Free

Canidae is a household name when it comes to quality dog food manufacturers. This salmon based dog food contains limited ingredients that ensure smooth digestion for your best bud. It is an alternative food choice to turkey meals and improves overall protein absorption.

Salmon is the first ingredient, which provides your beloved companion the proteins required for proper muscle formation. The presence of wholesome veggies acts as a digestion aid and makes the recipe complete. Your dog gets a perfect combination of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, thiamine mononitrate [1], vitamin B3, calcium pantothenate, vitamin B2, and probiotics.

This salmon dry dog food is soy, wheat, corn, and grain-free, which makes it ideal for sensitive dogs. It also contains an intricate concentration of dog-friendly ingredients such as pea protein, pea fiber, chicory root, pea flour tomato pomace, and potato protein.


  • Balanced recipe due to the blend of meat and vegetables
  • Ideal for dogs with allergy issues and improves the immune system
  • Grain, wheat, corn, and soy-free, thus making it ideal for all types of dogs
  • No preservatives, colors or artificial flavors
  • The blend of antioxidants, probiotics, fatty acids, and omega-3 improves your dog's overall health
  • Ideal for first time dog owners


  • Plant-based fat source (canola oil)
  • The food is costly

4. Supreme Source Grain-Free Dog Food, Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Recipe

Supreme Source Grain Free Dog Food Salmon Meal Sweet Potatoes Ingredients

Supreme Source has been in the pet recipe and treats industry for over 40 years. As a result, their grain-free salmon dog food boasts of superior quality and contains zero allergens. 

Many pet parents consider this as the best salmon dog food. In addition to being grain-free, it contains salmon meal as the first ingredient. It also contains antioxidants and vitamins that boost immunity and provide protection to coatings, thus leading to healthy skin.

This dry dog food is made without any artificial colors or by-products. The blend of salmon meal and vegetables gives your dog the required strength to go about his daily activities. Moreover, the real fruits also boost his immunity, leaving your dog healthy and happy.


  • Supreme Source is a family-owned business that handpicks the components used in each of its products
  • Contains salmon meal that is rich in protein
  • Also contains sunflower oil and salmon oil to supplement the meat meal
  • The presence of vegetables and real fruits ensures that your dog has a balanced diet
  • 100% grain and flavor-free making it ideal for pets with sensitivities such as allergy


  • Can be hard to digest for specific dog breeds

5. AvoDerm Grain Free, Salmon & Vegetable Recipe

AvoDerm Grain Free Salmon and Vegetables Recipe

AvoDerm is known to use quality ingredients that provide optimum nutrition for your pooch. AvoDerm’s Natural Grain-Free Salmon Meal & Vegetables Formula contains a rich concentration of natural ingredients. The salmon dry dog food also boasts of an impressive omega-3 and Omega-6 acid ratio.

This dog food with salmon will improve your best friend’s skin due to the presence of avocado oil and other essential vitamins in the formula. The use of avocados ensures that your pup gets access to close to 20 phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This grain-free dog food has a fishy smell that will easily make it the best food for most dogs.


  • Uses quality ingredients sourced across different geographical regions like France and North America
  • The presence of avocado oil helps to replenish your pet's skin and coat, leaving them shiny
  • Contains premium meat protein and canola oil with the absence of wheat or corn
  • The avocados contain up to 20 phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • Has protein sources from meat and vegetables
  • Proper fatty acid ration to ensure your dog remains active and healthy throughout consumption
  • Easy to use for first time dog owners


  • Can be hard to digest for some breeds

6. Merrick Grain Free, Real Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

Merrick Grain Free Salmon Dog Food With Sweet Potatoes

Merrick needs little introduction when it comes to the production of quality and well-balanced foods as well as dog treats. The product contains deboned salmon, peas, apples, sweet potatoes and blueberries, calcium carbonate among other research-proven organic products.

This salmon grain free dog food comes packed with omega fatty acids and vitamin D concentration that give your pooch strong bones. The rich mineral and vitamin concentration as well as the protein sources ensure your dog benefits from the well-balanced pet food.

With deboned salmon as the primary ingredient, you can expect a healthy and active dog when using this salmon-based dog food regularly. It contains no grains as well as zero preservatives and artificial colors, ensuring your dog only consumes a healthy formula.


  • It contains a well-measured blend of deboned salmon and vegetables that ensures a perfectly-balanced diet
  • The grain-free formula has no additives, thus making it perfect for both sensitive and normal pooches
  • Boasts of a natural flavor
  • The high fatty acids and omega-3 concentration improve your pet's coating as he continues to age
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin in the dog food formula, which help in the stabilization of your pet's joints


  • Not ideal for young dogs as the nutrients can be hard to assimilate

7. Nature's Variety Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe With Real Salmon

Natures Variety Instinct Grain Free Recipe Original

As a well-renowned dog food company, Instinct believes that raw nutrition is the secret to a healthy, active pet. As such, its dry dog food contains the required vitamin C, omega-6 fatty acids, and animal proteins that cater to both pups and adult dogs, which allows for healthy skin and proper bone development.

The presence of natural omegas and vitamins increase the digestibility of the dog food. This dog food aims to detoxify your pooch’s digestive system with 72% real animal components and 28% fruits like cranberries and vegetables – making it a wholly balanced formula. 

Proteins from real meat sources, as opposed to meat by-products, help to keep your pet’s digestive system clean. Its no-grain recipe is friendly to the immune system, which makes it ideal for all dogs.


  • Contains wild-caught salmon as the main ingredient to support muscle formation
  • A wholly balanced formula with real animal nutrients, fruits, and vegetables
  • Ideal for pets with allergy issues, and is friendly to the skin and coat
  • Ideal kibble size with natural flavor
  • Has vitamin B12 supplement and several other animal proteins
  • Doesn't contain corn, wheat, grain, soy or any artificial by-product
  • The presence of natural probiotics, vitamins, and omegas improves your pet's overall joint health thus reducing the chances of arthritis


  • Nutrient assimilation can be hard for dogs with problematic digestive systems

Having examined some of the best salmon dog food brands that improve digestion, it’s time to discuss the important features and must-knows about Salmon dog formulas.

Whats your dogs best food made of mine contains salmon

Why Should You Choose Dog Food With Salmon?

A salmon based dry food diet is ideal for your dog. Not only does the fish flavor taste nice, but salmon dog food also contains numerous nutrients that help to improve your dog’s immunity while controlling allergies. As a lean and high-quality protein source, a grain free deboned salmon will ensure that your dog maintains his lean muscles.  

5 Benefits Of Salmon Dog Food

Salmon dog food has numerous benefits, as listed below:

1. High In Protein

Salmon contains the right amount of proteins required to keep your dog active, energetic, and healthy. Its delicious taste also makes it ideal for dogs with feeding troubles. Thus, with salmon in your pet’s grain-free dry diet, you can rest assured his joint health and muscle mass will develop as required.

2. Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid

Grain free salmon dog foods are ideal for dogs since they contain high concentrations of fatty acids and low amounts of saturated fats. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B5, and Omega 6 are instrumental to the general health of dogs. These vital fatty acids promote coat health as well as joint development throughout all the life stages of your pet.

Does salmon benefit dogs with food sensitivities make sure to pick the right brand for your pet food

3. Contains Amino Acids

Similar to humans, amino acids are crucial to the well-being of your best buddy. Salmon naturally comes packed with amino acids like histidine, leucine, methionine, and valine, which are essential for various body functions. Grain-free dry salmon based diets provide support for hormone synthesis, muscle repair, and improved immunity.

4. Low Mercury Concentration

Salmons contain extremely low levels of mercury compared to other types of fish. Considering that mercury is a harmful substance that can easily harm your pet, it is crucial to pay attention to mercury concentration before sourcing grain free dry food products from retailers.

5. Vitamins & Minerals

Salmon is rich in essential minerals and vitamins like D, B1, B3, B2 B5, B12, and B9. It also contains dog-friendly minerals such as magnesium, zinc, selenium, and potassium that help in the improvement of body functions.

Food made with salmon containing omega 6 as their main ingredient

Important Features to Consider

When buying the best dog food for your canine companion, it is important to consider the following factors:

Salmon vs. Salmon Meal

Salmon meal and salmon are completely different ingredients. Similar to white fish meal, the salmon meal contains incredibly high protein concentration (up to 300% more than salmon). 

When buying a salmon canned dog food, check on the ingredient list to know whether you are buying a real salmon formula or a salmon meal-based formula. Avoid buying dog foods made of chicken by-products or those with salmon flavoring

Other Source Of Ingredients

Always check the ingredient list to ensure you select ingredients that aren’t harmful to your dog. Good brands usually use 1 or 2 primary sources of proteins. The products discussed above contain salmon as the primary source of protein. Also, check on whether a particular food contains vegetables and fruits that make the meal balanced.

Additional Vitamins & Minerals

While proteins are integral to your dog’s growth and health, they should be carefully combined with healthy sources of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals in dog food products. 

Avoid wheat or corn-based calorie sources and instead opt for a salmon meal in dog food that contains potatoes and rice as carb-sources. Similar to adult dogs, puppies and senior dogs must consume the best dog foods to prevent avoidable complications.

Make sure to be careful when you pick the food for dogs to ensure no stomach issues

Ingredients To Avoid

Avoid food ingredients like corn, soy, or wheat-based ingredients as they offer empty calories. When used in excess, these salmon dry dog foods can lead to obesity and cardiac problems for your pet due to stored fat. 

You should also avoid artificial flavors, and preservatives, which best dog food products don’t contain as they can lead to food poisoning, allergies, and other health problems. Go for the animal protein found in fish meals and salmon food, which improves brain function while reducing the chances of heart disease.

Support your dogs health with the right selection of food

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better for dogs? Chicken or salmon?

Salmon would be a better choice for dogs in terms of nutrients. While chicken dog foods are also healthy for your dog, salmon based ingredients provide greater nutritional value for your canine friend’s body. They contain fat-soluble minerals and vitamins like A, B, D, E, and K, which are integral to your pet’s holistic growth.

Is too much salmon in food bad for dogs?

As a base, overfeeding your puppy or adult pet on any dry food (this includes salmon) is not advisable, especially if you don’t keep him active. We recommend creating a meal schedule and observing it to the latter for maximum health benefits. Also, check on his allergies and digestion to ensure you get the best product.

How often can I feed my dog salmon?

You can feed your dog salmon on a regular basis if the diet is balanced. This includes dry dog food made from real salmon that contains vegetables and fruits. Thus, if you’re wondering is salmon dog food good for dogs – yes, it is.


Now that we have examined seven of the best salmon dog food products in the market, you should be well placed to select one that perfectly suits your canine companion.

As a pet parent, it is advisable to consider their nutritional needs, health, age, breed, and allergies before settling for a particular salmon dog food.  You can also seek your vet’s recommendations before settling for a particular dog food brand.

Remember to select salmon dog food brands that contain salmon as well as high mineral and vitamin concentrations. A well-balanced salmon dog food formula will increase your dog’s energy levels, and most importantly, keep him happy and healthy.

American Journey Grain Free with Salmon and Sweet Potatoes Ingredients

Editor's Choice

American Journey Grain-Free Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe

  • Full of dog-friendly ingredients that rejuvenate your dog's coat
  • Flavored to leave a great taste in your pet's mouth
  • The deboned salmon has the required amino acids and protein concentration needed for leaner muscles
  • Contains chickpeas, sweet potatoes, dried kelp, blueberries, and carrots, which are designed to provide phytonutrients and beneficial fiber
  • Grain, corn, soy, and wheat-free, which makes it ideal for sensitive or allergic dogs