What Is The Best Low Residue Dog Food? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Does your dog have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? Do you have dogs that poop a lot? If your dog suffers from digestive issues and stomach sensitivities, you need to choose a low residue diet with varieties of ingredients.

Low fiber dog food comes with exceptional digestibility. Dog food products offering a low fiber diet with quality ingredients can be easily broken down in the intestines. Thus your dog won’t be excreting excessive stools all over your property.

In this guide, you will learn what is low residue dog food and its benefits. Even better, there is a low fiber dog food list that mentions the 5 best low fiber dog foods in the pet food industry.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best low residue dog food, here are our top choices. 




TruDog Turkey High Protein Content

1. TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey

Zignature Limited Ingredient Catfish Formula dry food

2. Zignature Limited Ingredient Catfish Formula

Farmina N&D Pumpkin For Medium & Maxi Dry food

3. Farmina N&D Pumpkin For Medium & Maxi Adult Dogs

Top 5 Best Low Residue Food For Dogs

1. TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey

TruDog Turkey High Protein Content

TruDog uses a range of turkey parts such as ground turkey, turkey heart, turkey liver, and turkey bone. The plenty of macronutrients will boost the immunity of dogs with highly sensitive tummies. The cherry on the top is the herring oil. This oil puts a stop to the majority of inflammation issues and reduces incidences of gastric discomfort or swollen joints.

The improvement of dental hygiene is one thing and the development of shiny and thick coats is another. After consuming this dried raw superfood your dog will experience lesser troubles from irritants. Illnesses such as pancreatitis and colitis will have a lower probability of arising too.

This raw food diet intensifies the capabilities of a canine’s immune system, be it a puppy, an lt, or a senior who has lived through several life stages!



2. Zignature Limited Ingredient Catfish Formula

Zignature Limited Ingredient Catfish Formula dry food

The manufacturers have ensured that this formula contains no fillers, soy, additives, or colors. Instead, this formula has made use of catfish as its primary ingredient. This helps dogs with protein, in addition to crucial oils, to maintain stable bodily functioning.

When you read the info on the labels, you will notice the generous addition of amino acids. Unlike other brands, this product caters to the requirements of dogs suffering from an intense case of arthritis or hip dysplasia. Nothing beats the special source of fat in this formula. It helps to absorb all the essential nutrients and share it with your dog’s body.



3. Farmina N&D Pumpkin For Medium & Maxi Adult Dogs

Farmina N&D Pumpkin For Medium & Maxi Dry food

How about dog food with low fiber and yet healthy amounts of meats, veggies, eggs, and other supplements? The variety of digestible ingredients also let your pooch enjoy the taste while fending off the arrival of alternative health issues.

If your dog poops in large quantities and the dog poop shows a lack of shape, there could be growing diseases. Foods like these improve your dog’s digestion activity along with other stomach-related functionalities.

Animal parts like that of wild boar give out animal protein, making this low in fiber and top quality dog food as high as 95 percentage in protein levels. Incorporating such meals in your dog’s diet could lead to a lower infection rate. Above all, your pet wouldn’t need to adapt to drastic lifestyle changes, which at times could be hard.



4. Dr. Tim's Grain-Free Kinesis Formula For Adult & Senior Dogs

Dr. Tim's Kinesis Formula For Adult & Senior Dogs

If you’re looking for a low residue diet for your dog, this dry dog food is grain-free formulated that uses tapioca and potatoes. What better than omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids coming from herring fish and their oils? Everything from your dog’s teeth, feces smell, digestion tract, and pooping habits will face significant improvement.

The presence of high-quality probiotics will strengthen your dog’s bodily systems, especially the digestive system. Whether your dogs are small or seniors, such dry dog food characteristics make sure that your friend maintains a stable weight and defends allergies.

Dr. Tim has carried out ample research and analysis to create a dog food package loaded with desirable features. Almost any vet would give this brand as a recommendation.



5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe With Rabbit Adult Grain-Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe With Rabbit Adult

One of the best low residue dog food brands could easily be Blue Buffalo. The carbs and fiber levels are enough to maintain a great volume of energy through all life stages. Your canine pet will receive essential nutrients, and thus, you can put the least effort into regulating his digestion cycle.

Grains, soy ingredients, and poultry by-products are absent. Instead, there are meat meals such as beef and fish meal. In fact, this protein source enables your dog to experience fewer signs of health issues and greater reasons to pay attention to their physique.

Your dog is ensured nutritional adequacy to make sure that they are left feeling great due to the efficient working of their bodily functions. Experts have time and again given evidence regarding how such a low residue diet for dogs causes lesser harm than medicine.



Low fiber level food with high protein for dog’s diet

What Is A Low Residue Dog Food?

A low residue dog food is a low fiber dog food that doesn’t cause the slightest of digestive issues. Due to healthy fats, carbohydrates, and the low in fiber ratio, your dog will naturally excrete less poop.

Pet foods with grains like corn wheat are comparatively harder to digest and lead to a clogged stomach. This is the number one reason for smelly poop. Even if you make your pet drink ample water, but they don’t lead a grain-free diet, they could lead a low-quality lifestyle.

If your pet is vomiting, has diarrhea problems, and struggles with IBD [1], then the most probable cause would be your dog’s diet. Look for the best low residue dog foods with vegetables, medicinal ingredients, fruit, and more.

However, the effect of a grain-free low residue dog food diet could develop into reasons leading to heart disease. Take consent from a vet regarding what sources of food, specific formula, and minerals should you feed your dog.

Analysis Of Product Options That Your Dog Needs

Who Should Take Low Residue Dog Food?

Dogs who are pooping too much need low residue dog food. If they have a problem of pooping in high frequencies, irrespective of their age and general nature, chances are they are consuming too much fiber.

List down every ingredient in your dog food products and check out data on which of these have a role to play in digestibility. The number of foods causing stomach issues could be replaced with adequate and relevant nutrition.

If your dog eats soybeans, lentils, corn, wheat, and fatty foods, he will poop more. Whereas, if your dog eats proteins like eggs, vegetables, chicken, peanut butter, white rice, bananas, or watermelon, it could be a low residue course.

In short, if your dog’s body calls for multiple waste-removal incidents, you need to alter the type of diet and kind of nutrition you are feeding the dog. Also, kick out ingredients with wheat, corn, excess fiber, and unhealthy poultry.

Product Tips To Help You Lay Out Your Options

Benefits Of A Low Residue Dog Food

Each benefit of a low residue dry dog food diet leads to an improvement in your pet’s poop-related condition. Rather than giving your dog tomatoes, juices, and cooking customized dishes, simply look for recipes that will result in better gut health.

  • Change in colon health: Reduces swelling and the risk of further colon infections in several ways. The USDA, FDA, and even AAFCO guidelines have accepted this statistic.
  • Clears flatulence: Another purpose of these foods is their contribution to getting rid of bad gas. Unless your pet has a problem with lamb, duck, turkey, or chicken formulas in specific, the gas issue shouldn’t arrive.
  • Improve pancreatic conditions: Breaks down other ingredients like regulates sugar and keeps diabetes at bay.

Pet lovers should also ensure their dogs get some amount of fermentation products in the form of probiotics.

Product Options For Dogs To Poop Lesser

Important Features To Consider

Remember, to reduce excess waste removal, your dog’s body must be fed the right nutrients. The use of a formula with additives and unwarranted ingredients can worsen the condition. Study the pet food label for a lot of information regarding the type of ingredients used.


Low residue dog foods naturally come with lesser amounts of fiber. Look for peanut butter, chicken fat, and brown rice. Look for soluble fibers to increase moisture content in your dog’s poop. 

Depending on the brand and your dog’s dietary requirements, the fiber content and type required can vary. Keep in mind to check the label and look for any symptoms when different kinds of fiber are fed.


Proteins are extremely important for dogs who excrete too much of waste. If your pet is allergic to a diet with chicken or beef, try feeding them kangaroo, bison, duck, or venison ingredients. Even a small amount of these foods boasts a large amount of protein.

Look at the nutrient information and choose a product from brands with protein-dominant ingredients as the first one on the list.


Depending on the activity situation and the difference in breeds, the fat factor varies. Thus it is best to feed your pet a moderate fat content for energy purposes. Too much fat could worsen digestive issues as fat is harder to break down as compared to protein. Make sure the nutritional integrity of the fat content is assured by choosing foods with healthier fats.

Product Recipe For The Needs Of Dog’s Diet


Look for brewers rice, tapioca, and a type of carbohydrate that is easily digestible. Even sweet potatoes would work when trying to treat digestion hurdles. Being a dog owner, you could also feed your pet melon with a goal to give them digestion capabilities such as humans possess.

Remember, modern-day dogs aren’t as rugged as their ancestors. You need to task yourself with studying a range of low residue dog foods before choosing one.


Irrespective of whether you feed your pup low residue puppy food or foods with ingredients such as green beans, tapioca starch, chicken broth, oatmeal, and potatoes, the more you feed them, the more they’ll poop. Keep in mind, choosing a highly concentrated kibble would be a good idea. This choice would help in naturally eating less.

Ingredients To Avoid

If you’re scrolling through diets labeled as low residue dog food, it would best to avoid ingredients such as corn, soybeans, lentils, fatty foods, and wheat. It would be a matter of a couple of meals that your dog would need to poop more often.

Instead, change these ingredients and use something that will help support your dog’s already-sensitive digestive tract. Check out some grain-free products offered by Nature’s Recipe, Purina and, Hill’s Science Diet. They, too, have some of the best dog food for pups who need low residue diets.

Dog Recipes For Dogs Who Poop A Lot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sweet Potato a low residue food?

No, sweet potato is not a low residue food. Instead, it has high dietary fiber content, and excess of it could lead to more than usual pooping occurrences. Although including sweet potatoes in moderation in your dog’s diet has positive effects on their digestive system. Besides, the ‘sweet’ flavor appeals to them.

What meat is easiest to digest for dogs?

Meats such as chicken, beef, and lamb are quite easy for dogs to digest. They have a digestibility rate of 92%. On the other hand, organ meats such as heart, liver, and kidney come with a digestibility rate of 90%.

What kind of dog food is best for dogs with digestive problems?

Eggs are ideally the best dog food for pups with digestive problems. However, you could cook the chicken along with brown rice and some raw veggies too. Also, consider including fruits such as bananas and melons.


Even a loss of appetite and episodes of extreme fatigue, followed by excessive pooping, could be an indication of stomach problems.

Either way, permanently shifting to low-residue dog food is also a brilliant idea as it imparts the required amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, easily digestible fibers, and most importantly, proteins. We suggest making the switch to TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey for your dog!

TruDog Turkey High Protein Content

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TruDog Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, Turkey