What’s The Best Grain Free Cat Food? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require nutrients that can be derived solely from animal tissue or meat. Cat owners know that cats generally need a diet comprising 30-40% protein. Moreover, there are three types of cat food- wet food or canned food, semi-moist food, and dry food or kibble.

There are several cat food brands on the market, and seeing so many options can be quite overwhelming. There is all-natural, grain-free, high-protein, freeze-dried, free-range, and many more.

Grain-free foods may be the best choice, as many cats suffer from grain allergies to corn, wheat, rice, and others. They are made of natural ingredients and contain proteins like poultry so that your cat’s diet can resemble what your cat would eat in the wild.

So which grain-free pet food is the best for your feline? Or rather what is the best grain-free cat food for your lovelies?




Cat Food Delivery Service for Grain Free Cat Food

1. American Journey All Life Stages Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food for Your Furry Friend

2. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Choice Ingredient Grain Free Diet Cat Food

3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Our 10 Best Grain-Free Cat Food

1. American Journey All Life Stages Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Cat Food Delivery Service for Grain Free Cat Food

American Journey, an exclusive pet food brand, produces some of the best grain-free cat food available. It is healthier and more cost-effective than most brands and has a majority of positive reviews. The caloric content of every ingredient collectively is 395 kcal per cup and it has a moisture content of only 10%.

This kibble comes filled with high-quality animal protein and essential amino acids like taurine for all your cat’s dietary requirements.  It is the best complete and balanced meal for cats whether they are kittens or adult cats. With a high protein content of 40%, American Journey cat food packs all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you would want to feed your cat. 



2. Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Grain Free Cat Food for Your Furry Friend

Taste of the Wild dry food contains 0 grains and is enhanced with easily digestible animal proteins, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and peas. It has a protein content of 40%, 10% of moisture content, and 390 kcal per cup. It contains naturally-occurring specifics of the best grain-free ingredients for your cat’s diet. Especially added vitamins, chelated minerals, folic acid, and antioxidants.  

Not only is it made of high-quality venison and salmon to tempt your cat and help it build strong and lean musculature, but it also supplies your cat with all the nutrients it needs from its diet. This kibble is ideal for an active, adult cat.



3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Choice Ingredient Grain Free Diet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo cat food has a complete and balanced recipe that provides all the nutrients required by an adult cat.  It is a well-known cat food brand with pricing that is affordable. It is grain and gluten-free too, besides being regulated by American Feed Control Officials.

This food contains sweet potatoes to meet your cat’s carbohydrate needs and healthy fats to keep your cat at a proper weight. At 435 kcal per cup, this cat food is best suited for adult cats. It also has a fiber content of 4.0% to aid and improve digestion. 

The formulation has a 40% protein level from the high-quality protein of deboned chicken. No artificial preservatives or flavors are used in the manufacturing of this product either!



4. Horizon Legacy Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food

Grain Free Recipe and Ingredients for Cats

Horizon Legacy is another complete and balanced pet food. What makes it a good grain-free cat food is that it is formulated with antioxidants like cranberries and pineapple. It is naturally preserved with no artificial colors or flavors. It contains high-quality protein turkey. Salmon and chicken fat are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids to supplement your cat’s diet and promote muscular development.

This cat food is also rich in vital amino acids for optimal immune response and coat health. Additionally, it also has fresh fruits and vegetables including carrots, broccoli, and bok choy for additional nutrients. For information purposes, one must know, it has a calorie content of 475 kcal per cup and a moisture content of 10%.



5. Sheba Perfect Portions Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

Complete Ingredients to Meet Cat Calories

Sheba is one of the best cat food brands for grain-free wet cat food. There are no grains, gluten, corn, wheat, or soy, so it is ideal for cat owners who are concerned with allergies or digestibility for their pets.

Each tray comes with two fresh meals for your cat. Most Sheba cat food is manufactured in the United States. Remember, Sheba products are meat-heavy with minimal starches, plant protein, and other plant ingredients as they generally manufacture wet food. 

Being one of the best grain-free cat food, it is available in portions of premium paté, garden medleys, or cuts in gravy. Moreover, it has flavors such as savory chicken, roasted turkey, and tender beef – each tray containing around 45 calories.



6. Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Primitive Feline Cat Food

All the Important Ingredients for a Healthy Cat Diet

This is a high protein cat food containing turkey meal and chicken meal. It contains pea starch to maintain the kibble shape, whereas chicken fat is the primary animal fat source in this cat food. Any ingredient that acts as an animal fat source is preferable as they are rich in fatty acids.

Carrots and apples are added for high antioxidant and nutrient value. It is meat-rich and contains a series of added vitamins and minerals like vitamin E and vitamin A in the ingredient list. In fact, pea and pea starch substitute the usual corn and soy to supplement your cat’s grain-free diet. 

It has approximately 395 kcal per cup!



7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Choice Ingredients Used for High Quality Cat Food

This cat food is again from the company Blue Buffalo, which is a popular cat food manufacturer. This recipe is formulated to best suit a kitten’s nutritional needs. The ingredient list comprises taurine for retinal and cardiac health, fatty acids DHA and ARA to promote development, and Blue Buffalo’s special LifeSource Bits- a blend of antioxidants, minerals, and essential nutrients for your cat.

This dry cat food comes packed with real chicken as the protein source, potatoes, chicken meal, and chicken fat. It is enriched with nutrients and has no poultry by-products. Each cup is about 457 kcal per cup and this plus the above features easily makes it a candidate for the best grain-free cat food on our list.



8. Wellness Complete Health Kitten Formula Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

High Quality Protein Ingredients for Your Cat

This grain-free wet cat food is packed with high-quality protein content due to the chicken, chicken liver, and chicken broth present in its ingredients. Since it is a wet cat food, broth in the cans helps with urinary health in kittens. It is made with zero artificial additives, colors, or flavors. 

Fish oils provide a healthy source of fatty acids while taurine promotes growth and development. 

It contains no grain-based carbohydrates and has a balanced nutritional content. Manufactured in the USA, this cat food comes in packs of twenty-four cans. Added diet supplements like folic acid, biotin, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and riboflavin can help keep your pet healthy and happy.



9. Tiki Cat After Dark Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Grain Free Wet Cat Food Ingredients

This is a grain-free wet cat food that is high-protein and low-carb to help increase energy, support the immune system and overall health. Its biologically-appropriate nutrient list simulates the natural diet of cats. Chelated minerals and vitamins are also added to maintain a balanced diet.

High-moisture recipes with up to 82% of moisture help maintain good urinary and digestive health. It comes in flavors like chicken and beef, chicken and pork, chicken and duck, chicken and lamb, and many more. 

Vitamins B1, B3, B6, B12, and C are only a few of the series of vitamins in this wet food. The calories per can range from 57 kcal to 68 kcal.



10. Wellness Core Grain Free Indoor Cat Food

Where to Get the Calories in Your Cat's Diet

Deboned chicken and chicken meal are the primary sources of protein in this dry food specially formulated for indoor and adult cats, making it a high protein cat food. It is nutrient-dense and contains no by-products or filler ingredients. It also has a good amount of vital vitamins and minerals to meet your cat’s nutritional needs.

L-Carnitine helps cats burn body fat and high natural fiber content maintains a healthy weight. It contains no eggs so it can be fed to cats with egg allergies. 

Flaxseed along with glucosamine and chondroitin support joint function and provide essential fatty acids. Each cup is about 445 kcal.



Cats Need Omega 3 Fatty Acids

What is Grain-Free Cat Food?

Grain-free cat foods are those cat foods that contain no grains like rice, corn, wheat, barley, or oats on their ingredient list. These grains are usually used as filler ingredients in cat foods. They may also be used to keep the kibble shapely. 

Why Feed Your Cat Grain-Free Cat Food?

The reason to avoid cat food with grains is that grains are generally low in protein and high in carbohydrates, and therefore are not very nutritious for cats.

Their Natural Diet

A grain-free diet is also similar to what your cat would naturally eat in the wild.


A nutritionally balanced grain-free diet that is high in protein can be a good choice for most cats, especially those having grain allergies. Many options are also gluten-free for cats with gluten intolerance.

Complete and Balanced Cat Diet Food

Improves Digestion

The perks of a grain-free cat food directly link to a healthy digestion schedule. Owing to the absence of filler ingredients, you can expect your cat to poop in a timely, clean, and more controllable manner.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Grain-free foods have been linked with a lowered risk of diabetes among cats. It also lessens the chance of certain illnesses linked to their organs – allergies included.

What is an Ideal Diet for Cats?

An ideal diet for cats is a diet that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, low in fat, and contains the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for feline health.

Grain Free Content in Cat Food

Important Features to Consider

Choosing grain-free cat food must be done after accounting for the following elements:


Good grain-free foods should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Look for ingredients depicting such characteristics. Ideally, the first few ingredients should comprise sources of animal protein like chicken, turkey, salmon, or chicken meal.


There are a large number of recipes and flavors present on the market for grain-free cat foods.

It comes down to choosing what your cat likes and what you think is best for its health.


Grain-free foods tend to be on the pricier side compared to recipes formulated with grain, but they are not too expensive. General pricing is average and some brands are more than affordable. Depending on what your cat requires, you can easily find a variant suited to your price range.

Best Grain Free Diet for Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

Is grain-free cat food good for urinary health?

Yes. Many cat foods with no grains are high in moisture content which aids the urinary system and keeps your pet hydrated.

Can cats digest grains?

Cats cannot digest whole grains but they can digest grains in dry or wet cat food. However, it is definitely unhealthy to a certain extent.

Are there disadvantages to grain-free cat food?

There has not been lengthy research on grain-free foods and their effects on cats, however, grain-free foods tend to be higher in fat and on the expensive side compared to other cat foods. Some may even be high in carbohydrate content which can be harmful in the long term.


There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the right cat food. The things you need to consider are what your cat likes and how the food benefits your pet’s health, whether it is dry or wet food.

Judging the pros and cons of each product can help you assess what’s best for your cat. The products mentioned on this list aim to strike a balance between nutrition, affordability, and quality of food. We suggest going ahead with the American Journey All Life Stages Turkey & Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food owing to its nutritionally-rich parameters and result-oriented formulation.

Cat Food Delivery Service for Grain Free Cat Food

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American Journey All Life Stages Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food