What’s The Best Escape Proof Dog Harness? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Ever had that moment of confusion where the leash in the hand felt so much lighter in the middle of a walk? Before your dog escapes harness confines with ease and leaves you to deal with the aftermath, invest in the best escape-proof harness for the dog and the wellbeing of your mind. 

Easier on the neck than collars, well-fitted harnesses allow your dog complete freedom of movement and also flexibility. They also ensure that the control of the pets remains in the hand of the pet parent in all situations. With the safety, security, comfortability, and physical activities of your dog in mind, here are the top picks of dog harnesses  based on extensive research and product reviews on Amazon:




One of the Best Harnesses for Mihachi Secure

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness

One Harness That Dogs Will Not Break Free From

2. Canadian Canine Anchor Harness

Secure Your Dog When You Go On Walks

3. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Patch Harness

Our 7 Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness

One of the Best Harnesses for Dogs

Tru Fit smart harness is one of the easiest harnesses to put on. The escape-proof design of the harness and the high quality of the materials used secure the dog from slipping out. With buckles made from welded stainless steel, the risk of breakage or rusting is out of the question. The manufacturer has incorporated the Nesting Buckle System, which is used by hikers, to lock down the pet during drives and ensure the pup’s safety. Equipped with multiple adjustment points, the harness is a secure fit, even on dominant working dogs. 

For comfort and added protection, the chest area is padded and this reduces the stress placed on the ribs while walking. It is crash tested up to 75 pounds and the harness is made such that the inner organs remain protected in crashes. It includes a seatbelt loop that can be used in any vehicle and this feature makes it one of the best escape-proof dog harnesses that can be used while going on drives. It can also be converted into a walking harness by attaching a leash.  

Available in various sizes optimized for different dog breeds, the brand ensures a snug fit with the help of its four buckle points. To provide better visibility in low light situations, the harness has reflective material stitched in.  A handle on the back, across the shoulder blades, allows for better control in emergency situations. Additionally, the carabiner that comes with the harness is also very sturdy.  Most importantly, the product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. 



2. Canadian Canine Anchor Harness

One Harness That Dogs Will Not Break Free From

Specially tailored to suit hiking dogs, the Canadian Canine Anchor harness is an escape-free dog harness that has a compact design and gives solid control over the pup while trekking. The lightweight construction of the harness gives the canine companions a chance to explore the outdoors with ease. With multiple points of adjustment for a custom fit and the nylon adjustment buckle, the brand guarantees a snug fit.  

The two quick-release buckles provided on the sides make the harness easy to wear and remove. To help in directional steering while walking, the durable chest straps come in handy. At the same time, the belly strap supports the weight of the dog as well as make the harness escape-proof by exerting pressure when pulled. Available in multiple colors, the reflective material used in the making of the harness allows for nighttime visibility. 

For better control, the dog leash can be attached to the provided leash ring. This feature also comes to aid while maneuvering through uneven terrains or grounds with obstacles. For ease of use, the entire harness can be removed and stored easily while moving through off-leash areas.  



3. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Patch Harness

Secure Your Dog When You Go On Walks

Crafted with the toughest components to withstand the harshest of conditions, the 1050D nylon used in the making of the harness is water-proof. With its four adjustable points, the device fits perfectly onto the dog without the edges digging into the skin. It has two leash attachment points and the one in the chest area is beneficial in training pullers. The design of the harness offers more coverage space for better control. 

To clip the Icefang tactical harness into place, there are two metal buckles on the side. These are tested to take 1,000 pounds worth of weight. It comes equipped with Velcro strips where the contact details of the pet owner can be displayed. The rear metal V-ring also helps in behavior training for the canine. One downside seen in the design of the harness is that it lacks reflective stitching, although that can be customized after purchase.

The multiple points of attachment on the harness allow the dog to carry some of the load while walking. There is also a handle at the base of the neck that gives more control to the owners while navigating. Available in several military colors, the Icefang tactical dog harness comes in sizes for even giants like German Shepherds.  



4. MIM AllSafe Harness

One Way to Make Sure That Your Dog Doesn't Break Free

With a track record of safety for 17 years, the AllSafe harness is an escape-free dog harness that attaches easily to any vehicle seatbelt. The brand makes use of soft high-quality nylon that makes even the greatest escape artist of a dog feel comfortable in the harness. The highly durable stainless steel connector found at the rear of the device makes this a secure harness, even during an accident. 

Easily transitioning from a car harness to a walking one, the leash attachment points at the back ensures that the leash does not tangle with the legs. This is one of the most secure dog harness available to dog owners as it serves dual purposes. Soft padding along with the neoprene material on the chest piece provides plenty of comfort. Also, the chest padding takes off the excess pressure on the chest. To easily notice the canine friend in emergencies, there is reflective trim stitched on to the harness. 

This harness can control your dog in constrained spaces and keeps them from distracting the pet owner while driving. The padded handle that comes with the product has great tensile strength that can withstand heavy pulling. Available in a lot of size options, the dog owners only need to thoroughly look at the sizing guide to find the right harness fit. 



5. Gooby Escape-Free Harness


One Product That Offers Use with Various Dog BreedsMade from neoprene which makes it flexible, the harness molds to your dog’s body and helps to keep your dog from imitating Houdini while walking. To reduce the space available to the dog to wiggle free and escape, the design makes the harness tighten along the back when the gear is pulled at. The escape harness fits small dogs and by evenly distributing the weight, it does not strain the neck. This reduces the risk of choking. 

Designed as a solution to wriggly puppies, this escape-proof dog harness is easy to put on and remove. To increase the comfort for your pup, the chest and the shoulders are padded with compressed foam. With the help of weather-proof neoprene fabric, the harness makes an effort to provide insulation to the pooch. Since the area around the chest is firm, the harness stays in place even without the leash. Additionally, the leash ring and hexagonal attachments are made from lightweight and strong  POM plastic.

The padded straps ensure that the pup feels little to no discomfort, even while struggling to escape. To get the most out of the no-pull dog harness, make sure that the measurements are taken properly before purchase. Also, the escape-proof harness has to be tightened to help keep the canine escape artist in place. The Gooby Escape-Free harness is very easy to clean and also comes in a variety of colors.  



6. Easy-Comfort Harness

Dogs Harness That Can Be Used Even for Extra Small Dogs

While looking for a secure dog harness, many pet owners end up purchasing complicated dog harnesses. How to put on or remove the escape-proof harness becomes a challenge these owners have to face. Easy-Comfort produces the best dog harnesses for the dog parents facing this situation. With easily adjustable buckles and straps, the durable harness keeps the body of the dog comfortable. 

The heavy-duty metal hardware used in the design makes sure that the pooch is kept safe while walking as well as driving. Provided with thick padding on the chest, the safety of the pup is not compromised in collisions. At the same time, the padding provides extra comfort. To accommodate a wide range of sizes, the chest sizing of the harness is adjustable. 

This no-escape dog harness is a great alternative to collars that strain and damage the necks of the dogs. While traveling, the harness can be easily attached to the vehicle’s seatbelt with the loops provided. This feature can also be used to attach leashes and leads. Even though the dog harness is available only in black color, the cost of the product makes it attractive to owners.   



7. Tall Tails Braided Harness

Vest Harness For Your Favorite Breed Dogs

Tall Tails aims to please both the pets and the owners with its simple step-in design. The braided thread-like style is preferred by many people. Giving a snug fit for canine friends of three different sizes, this escape-proof dog harness can give the trickiest of the escapers a run for their money. 

Unlike a lot of escape-proof dog harnesses, Tall Tails has braided nylon that is soft on the skin and prevents discomfort during a tussle. It has a strong and durable buckle attachment that clips on easily and is simple to use. This high-quality harness is suited for dogs who get easily heated in padded dog harnesses. 

The product is equally useful at home and during an adventure outside. The padded handle that comes with the product is durable and does not hurt the owner’s hands. Suitable for all breeds, the lack of a belly strap to protect the underside of the pooch is a minor drawback, especially for growing puppies. With a leash or a lead that easily clips on to the front, the harness makes way for spontaneous fun walks. Paired with the Tall Tails braided leash or the rope leash, the pooch gets a smart and put-together look.



Belly Support with Leg Loops For Pups

3 Types Of Escape Proof Dog Harness

While picking a harness for your dog, you may be confused by the options available to you. This decision can depend on factors such as the breed, prior training, lifestyle, and any problems the pooch may have. There are different types of escape-proof dog harnesses and it is crucial to try each variety to find the perfect fit and leash attachment points. 

1. Back-Clip Harness

Most pooches find it easy to walk in these harnesses, and the owners find it easy to handle. It is equipped with D ring attachments at the back to clip on the leash attachment. These harnesses are the best option for well-trained dogs and for smaller dog breeds who are unlikely to pull. ‘A back-clip harness is easy to adjust to and is beneficial to dogs who have delicate throats. Another quality of this walking equipment is that it does not let the leash to tangle with the legs. Though the harness does not discourage pulling, instances of pulling will result in the pet owner being dragged along. 

2. Front-Clip Harness

Ideal for pooches who tend to pull, front-clip harnesses allow the leash to be clipped on to the middle of the chest. This feature is sought out by trainers, for canines with behavior issues. The attachment point on the chest gives the owner all the control and allows for steering the dog in the desired direction. Even though this sort of harness gives sufficient control to the owner, dogs with severe behavior issues, like aggression, need additional control tools, like a head halter.  In these harnesses, the leash may get easily tangled with the front legs if it is held loosely. 

3. Tightening Harness

This type of harness is used to condition the pet that is determined to pull. Upon pulling, the harness tightens around the body and discourages the dog from pulling. There are many variations of this, but the safest one is the model that induces non-pain-inducing pressure when pulled. These are generally easy to put on and walk-in. A downside to using this type of harness is that sometimes the canines do not stop pulling but rather learn to not pull in this type of harness.  Some tightening harnesses lead the dogs to associate the strain and pain negatively with the owner and surroundings, this is not an ideal condition. This kind of harness can be used as a lifelong management tool and can be used instead of a walking collar.

Mihachi Secure Dog Walking Gear

Important Features to Consider

If you have tried and tested various escape-proof harnesses and the dog still thwarted your best attempts, then you might have been giving importance to the wrong aspects. The best no-escape dog harness should pack durability, comfortability, ideal strap placement, and behavior management at a reasonable price point. Here are some important features to consider before you make yet another purchase at the pet store:


Make sure to buy an escape-proof dog harness that uses durable fabrics of the best quality. Cheap materials can be chewed through more easily. Hence, the harness will wear down faster. Also, a harness made from low-quality materials is not going to stand up to the tests of Houdini hounds.  

A fabric that avoids the risk of irritation or allergies should always be preferred over fashion. Look for a harness made from leather, high-quality faux leather, nylon webbing, or some other strong and pliable material. Reflective material in the harness is a must for the safety of the pooch. Be sure to pick materials that do not heat up quickly under the sun.


If the harness is not comfortable enough, without a doubt the dog will chew through the fabric to make its escape. Pick options that have foam padding in the sensitive areas of the body for your pooch. Certain products may meet all the criteria regarding the safety and security of the pup but they may induce pain in the neck, back, or chest areas. While choosing harnesses, pick the ones that suit the weather and the activities the dog engages in. 


Sizing is an aspect that should not be overlooked when it comes to escape-proof harnesses. The right fit of the harness means less space inside the harness for the dog, especially small dogs, to wiggle around and slip out. Multiple adjustment points enable making the straps fit snug around the pup’s frame and give the owners an advantage over the escape artists. Remember to carefully look through the company’s measurement details before selection. 


To get better control over the animals during walks, strong handles are essential. A padded handle will help you keep your dog in your control when a squirrel or some cats surprise your dog on the sidewalk. Moreover, the handle helps in securing the pet when they try to strain and break free from the escape-proof dog harness. 

Leash Walking Your Japanese Chin

Attachment Points

According to dog trainers, the places where the leash is attached plays an important part in their training. While training, if it is attached in the front, it can help in reducing the pulling tendencies of the dog. If the leash is attached at the back, then chances are the dog might be able to pull you along but this way the dog feels less burden. In addition, choose an escape-proof dog harness that has metal attachments and secure them well before walks.


To protect the dogs’ chests and shoulders from the problem of friction, padding is a necessity. The best harness for your dog should include an adequate amount of padding in the right place. The lack of this cushioning means that when the pup tugs to break free from the harness, their sensitive areas face damage. This feature enhances the experience of comfort and safety as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my dog from backing off his harness?

Making use of desensitization conditioning is the best way to stop the dog from repeating the same behavior. Also, make sure that the dog harness has the right fit and is made from comfortable materials so that it does not cause discomfort. Some dogs do not have positive memories associated with the use of a restrictive device like a dog harness which also makes them want to escape.   

Are front clip harnesses bad for dogs?

For the pooches who are brachycephalic or short-nosed, front harnesses are not the best idea as they give undue pressure on the throat region [1]. This applies to dogs with issues with the trachea as well. Front style harnesses are designed to give more control to the owner than the dog. Different types of harnesses suit different dog breeds, so be sure to take that into consideration before making a purchase. 

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or a collar?

If the dog frequently slips out of the harness, then it is wise to use both while walking them. Especially if the dog is large or powerful, attaching the collar to the harness with the help of a strong carabiner will ensure that the pet owner has control over the dog.  


Using an escape-proof dog harness has many benefits. Apart from keeping the dog in control while on walks, it also helps in reinforcing desired responses, ensures the safety of the dog, protects them from danger during a collision, and so much more. Always consider the suggestions given by others when it comes to the safety of your pup and yourself.

Search for the right options fitting both the dogs and their masters. Considering all this, our top pick for the best escape-proof dog harness is the Kurgo TruFit Smart Harness. With its escape-proof design, durable metal attachments, and comfortable material, Kurgo has made efforts to deliver the best escape-proof dog harness.

One of the Best Harnesses for Mihachi Secure

Editor's Choice

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness