What’s The Best Elevated Dog Bowl? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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A comfortable and satisfying meal-time experience is key to aiding proper digestion and growth for your pets. And just as it is paramount to select the right dog food for your canine friend, it is equally important to choose the perfect food bowl to serve it in.

While pups and small dogs can easily eat out of dishes placed on the ground, it becomes tougher for larger, older, or arthritic dogs [1]. Stooping down to eat places a great strain on their neck and shoulders. Over a long time, this can lead to stiff and sore joints and can translate into huge vet bills for you.

Elevated dog bowls help in this regard. They promote proper posture in your dog while it feeds, and as a bonus, they reduce unwanted spillage and mess. This is why it is extremely vital to choose the right raised dog bowl for your canine friend.

We have put together a list of the 10 best elevated dog bowls across categories to help you choose the one that suits your dog’s needs. Before going into detailed descriptions about each, though, here are the key features of the top three products on our list.




More Pet Parents are Using Elevated Dog Bowls

1. Neater Pets Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls

A More Useful Elevated Dog Bowl with Storage

2. OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated Dog Bowls Make it More Easier for Dogs to Eat

3. Frisco Marble Design Double Elevated Dog Bowls

Our 10 Best Elevated Dog Bowls

1. Neater Pets Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls

More Pet Parents are Using Elevated Dog Bowls

Pet parents know how troublesome it can be to clean the mess after their dogs are done with their meals. Neater Pets’ Elevated Dog Bowls will help you solve that problem. It has two vessels, one each for food and water. Designed with protective surrounding walls, it holds in all the spills that your messy eater makes.

What’s more, it keeps the spilled food and water separate. This is achieved through a sloped and grated holder that keeps the food bits while filtering the water to a lower chamber. This chamber is deep enough to hold an entire days’ worth of spilled water.

Another handy feature is the difference in bowl sizes. To discourage your pet from overeating, the food bowl is smaller than the water bowl. With these features, the Neater Pets Feeder bags a deserving spot in the list of the best elevated dog bowls.



2. OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog Bowl


A More Useful Elevated Dog Bowl with StorageAs the name suggests, OurPets Comfort Elevated Dog Bowl aims at giving your dog the utmost comfort while it feeds. Crafted ergonomically, its raised water and food bowls work to promote healthy eating habits.

To ensure that your pet gets a constant supply of water when it gets thirsty, the water dish has a notch on its side. Simply fit an upturned bottle in place and sit back while the bowl refills on its own.

The elevated bowl comes in two sizes. The smaller 8-inch height model has a 4-cup food storage capacity while the 12-inch version has a 5.5-cup capacity. Thus, it is ideal for small as well as large dogs.



3. Frisco Marble Design Double Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated Dog Bowls Make it More Easier for Dogs to Eat

Frisco’s Marble Design Dog Bowls are not only beautiful but also highly functional. The tasteful design features a serene marble top with cutouts where two stainless steel bowls are lodged. This top, in turn,  sits on sturdy legs.

The bowls are removable, so whenever you want a quick wash, you can pop them off and put them into the top rack of a dishwasher. Even the marble top is hand-washable. This makes for easy overall cleaning. The stand has a comfortable height which reduces neck strain. For older and arthritic dogs, this comes as a boon and allows them to eat in a natural posture.

If you want a stylish pet feeder for your dog, you can go for this raised dog bowl from Frisco.



4. Emfogo Dog Bowls Elevated

More Elevated Dog Bowl Items Available

If you want a raised dog stand to last through your dog’s different life stages, Emfogo’s product is right for you. Its raised frame has three ridges that hold the tray at three different height levels. The lowest level is suitable for a pup or small dog, the middle for medium-sized, and the topmost for adult dogs or large breeds.

Design-wise, the wooden structure looks appealing while also being simple-to-assemble and use. Its trapezoid shape is engineered to be stable and durable at the same time. To add to this, the side-panels have cut-out handles to make them easy to carry.

The removable bowls are easy to clean and of high-grade quality, built to last for a long time. To sum up, Emfogo Dog Bowls Elevated is a viable choice in the search for the best elevated dog bowl feeder.



5. Frisco Elevated Collapsible Travel Bowl

More Older Dogs Have A Hard Time Reaching Low Bowls

Frisco offers a feasible solution for dog owners who are always on the look-out for more portable options for their pet pooches. Coming with an exceptional 100% customer satisfaction rating, the Frisco Elevated Collapsible Travel Bowl is second to none. 

Equipped with a silicone mat and foldable legs, the bowl suits the needs of senior arthritic dogs to the T. The material is durable and lasts easily for a few years without any dents or scratches. 

The removable bowls ensure thorough and deep cleaning without the possibility of food kibble getting stuck in any crevice. Compatible with both dry and wet food, these pet bowls can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

The foldable legs tuck under the silicone mat to give a clean, tidy look while also preventing chances of spillage. 



6. Doskocil Aspen Elevated Feeder Bowls

Dogs Have a More Easier Time Using Elevated BowlsThis pet feeder bags a position on our list as it allows people to make a one-time investment in their dog’s feeding station. It has removable legs which can be fitted according to the required height. As such, it is one of the best elevated dog bowls to accompany your pet through various stages of growth.

The food and water bowls are detachable and, along with the stand, are easy to wash. Something else that makes the unit a good buy is its lightweight frame which results in carrying ease.

In essence, if you want an elevated bowl set that is sleek and promotes your dog’s well-being, Doskocil’s dog feeder bowl is a good bet.



7. Bergan Elevated Feeder

Having a More Accessible Bowl is Good for Old Dogs

Bergan Elevated Feeder provides the ultimate convenience for you and your dog. With removable legs, the pet bowl is height-adjustable and the plastic stand is light and easy to carry. At the same time, it has a wide stance which makes it tip-resistant despite the lightweight structure.

The raised dog bowl comes with two 1.5 quart or 6-cup dishes that carry sufficient amounts of food as well as water even for large breeds like Great Danes. And when you want to wash it, the finger indentations on the top make removing the bowls a very simple task.

Add to the mix its metallic colored design, and it becomes a very stylish and functional elevated bowl to buy for your pet.



8. Frisco Elevated Dog Diner

Give Your Dog a More Convenient Time with Elevated Bowl

This elevated feeding station provides a relaxed eating experience to your dog, all thanks to its convenient height. It is appropriately tall for medium and large breeds. The storage capacity is around 64 ounces per bowl, which makes it deep enough to carry an ample amount of food in the food dish for large dogs.

To prevent spillage and mess, the dishes fit snugly into the top and there are lips to contain any food bits that escape. Apart from this, there is a raised rim around the feeding station to make it spill-proof.

Engineered to be sturdy, it has wide legs that are stable enough to endure any excited kicks from your dog. Plus, there are rubber feet on the bottom of the legs, so that it doesn’t slip around easily. The refinement and effectiveness of the design make this product a solid candidate for the best elevated bowl title.



9. Hagen Dogit Elevated Dish

Elevated Bowls Give More Easier Access to Food

If you have a pup or a small dog, you might find it convenient to serve them their small portions of food or water in a single elevated dog bowl. Additionally, if space is a constraint at your home, this elevated dish from Hagen is something you should consider.

The insert is made of vet-recommended stainless steel and is removable for cleaning. Due to this, it is resistant to bacterial build-up inside the dish. As for the stability of the structure, it is heavy enough to resist unnecessary movement while your dog feeds.



10. Frisco Slanted Stainless Steel Bowl

Here are More Reasons to Use an Elevated Dog Bowl

To prevent your dog from developing bloat or any sort of joint problems, getting a raised dog bowl is a must. However, some dogs still find it difficult to feed out of flat-topped feeders, due to the small amount of neck straining involved.

There is a way to improve on the comfort of such feeding stations, however, and that is creating feeders with a slanted design. Frisco’s product, is thus, an ideal choice for pet owners.

Its elevated single dog bowl stand is tilted at 15-degrees to collect food towards one side. This reduces neck pain as your pet does not need to extend its neck a lot.

With its elegant looking design and efficiently slanted top, this modern elevated dog bowl stand is perfect for owners of old and arthritic dogs.



Large Dogs Would Benefit More from Using Elevated Bowls

Benefits of an Elevated Dog Bowl

Because your dog doesn’t have to change its natural posture at mealtime, elevated bowls help in better digestion and prevent bloat from occurring. Aside from this, some more benefits of elevated bowls are listed below:

1. Easier Access to Bowls  

For larger and older dogs, reaching for dishes placed on the ground becomes a tedious task. Not only does this make meals cumbersome, but also induces a great strain on their necks over the long term.

With appropriately elevated bowls, however, they get easier access to their food as well as water.

2. Avoid Spilling of Food

Keeping pet food bowls on the ground results in an unsightly mess which is a chore no dog owner looks forward to. Elevated bowls are designed to reduce spills. Some items have tall rims or walls around the dish trays to contain flying bits of food and splashes of water while your excited pup digs in.

3. Good for Dogs with Arthritis

Old and arthritic dogs have joint pain as a norm. Thus, extending their already tough-to-move limbs and necks is something that can be very disconcerting. For this reason, they might prefer to lie down while eating or drinking. While this relieves some of their joint pain, it results in digestive problems as a downside. More seriously, it can cause bloat which is a bane for the canine population.

Experts recommend getting an elevated food storage unit as a way to sort this problem. The height of the raised food stand allows your dog to stay upright as it feeds. This in turn keeps their bodies and internal organs relaxed, reducing the chance to get indigestion or bloat.

Dogs with Neck Pain Would Prefer Elevated Dogs Bowls

Important Features to Consider

While buying raised bowls for your dog, it is pertinent to consider the following features:


As a highly playful and active breed, your Bichon Frise will thrive on a well-balanced protein diet for lean muscle formation. The best Bichon Frise puppy food should use high-graded protein obtained from quality protein to promote optimum pup growth. For instance, real chicken and salmon are great sources of proteins.

Number of Bowls

Depending on your and your dog’s needs, you can opt for raised stations featuring either a single dish or two dishes. Single dish designs suit those with limited space at home. On the other hand, double dish holders are good for owners who do not have space or storage constraints and like to serve food & water to their dogs at the same time.


The stability of the food station is important if you have over-enthusiastic dogs who like to play around or kick at their dishes. Wide-legged stands offer greater stability as compared to ones with legs placed closer together. Also, steel or wrought iron frames are generally more stable than plastic frames.

Ease of Cleaning

Another feature that you should look for in dishes across categories is their ease of cleaning. Plastic dishes can be harder to clean and are more prone to mold. In contrast, stainless steel is easier to wash and is also resistant to bacterial build-up. Ceramic containers, on the other hand, are easy to get spotlessly clean but require careful handling.

Raised Bowls Help Prevent Your Dog from Bloat


Feeding stations are made of a wide variety of materials. Each offers a unique advantage. Plastic and melamine frames are lightweight and easy to carry while those of steel or wrought iron are sturdier but heavier.

Plastic frames are additionally available in a wider range of hues and you can select any to suit the color scheme at your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Raised Dog Bowls Better?

Raised Dog Bowls are better than flat-on-the-floor dishes as they give dogs the comfort of being in their normal postures during feeding. They are said to be beneficial for your pet’s digestion and also keep serious conditions such as bloat at bay.

What is the Correct Height for Elevated Dog Bowls?

The adequate height for a dog feeder is one that keeps neck stretching at a minimum.  For best results, you should look for a diner that stands about four to six inches below your dog’s shoulder.

Is Bloating Dangerous for Dogs?

Bloating, or gastric torsion is a dangerous medical condition that usually requires immediate surgery. Bloat occurs when a dog’s stomach twists around its axis to cause it to be filled with food, fluid, and gases.


Getting your dog an elevated feeding station is a great way to show your consideration towards its happiness and comfort.

Although all the items mentioned here are great in their own right, Neater Pets Feeder bags the top spot and not without reason. Its spill-proof design and separate water-holding compartment make it a highly functional elevated dog bowl with awesome storage capabilities.

However, whichever product you want to go for, this list of the 10 best elevated dog bowls is sure to help you in your search.

More Pet Parents are Using Elevated Dog Bowls

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