What’s The Best Elevated Dog Bed? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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An elevated dog bed is the trendy, modern solution to a lot of furry problems encountered by our pet canine pooch. It is quite the literal way of putting your pet on a pedestal and catering to their needs.

Not only is an elevated pet bed chew-proof, but it also helps keep our pooch warm on chilly nights by keeping it off cold floors. In addition to that, if your pet ever does feel warm, you can make use of the cooling feature on these elevated beds too. It is the perfect solution for older dogs who have aching joints as well as for younger pups who might suffer from arthritis in the oncoming future.

Allowing ample air circulation and helping in keeping the room clean by never permitting mold and mildew to settle, elevated dog beds are soon going to become more popular than their cushioned counterparts in the coming years.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best elevated dog beds, here are our top choices. 




A Good Elevated Dog Bed for Large Dogs

1. Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dogs beds Best Options

2. K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

A Good Bed for Your Dogs

3. K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed, Gray

Our 7 Best Elevated Dog Beds

1. Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

A Good Elevated Dog Bed for Large Dogs

Looking for the best-elevated dog bed? Well, your search ends here. This elevated dog cot is quite the steal at its price point. With Frisco’s Elevated Pet Bed, your pooch will be living the life of luxury in a dog bed fit for nothing short of royalty. 

Instead of lying down on hardwood or cement floors that can cause calluses and be uncomfortable, your pet will rest easy in its comfy snoozing spot on this bed surface. And because the bed sits inches above the floor, it’s easier for older pets to hop on or off.

It is relatively easy to assemble and can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor use. The fabric bed is porous enough to account for proper breathability but the material is still easy to clean with a simple damp cloth.

This is undoubtedly the best-raised bed design in the market and is especially good if you are eyeing a small elevated dog bed.



2. K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dogs beds Best Options

Possibly the most comfortable dog cot bed ever made, it pairs the classic pet cot design with an ultra-fluffy bolster that is perfect for your pup to nestle its head against.

The cot is 7 inches off the ground which should be low enough for most pups to get onto. Ease of assembly allows for transport and the frame accounts for indoor and outdoor usage. This cooling bed has a breathable mesh fabric center, which is its unique characteristic.

However, this raised dog bed does not have excellent chew resistance. The PVC fabric can only hold light to moderate chewing at best. Slip-resistance and non-marking rubber foot caps provide additional stability and keep the floors safe from unwanted dents and scratches.

K&H is a company of great repute in the best dog cot business with a whole assortment of premium products.



3. K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed

A Good Bed for Your Dogs

This product is yet another worthy inclusion in the list of the best-elevated dog beds. It is similar to its K&H Original Bolster counterpart, except that this one is more suited to dogs in their adult stages. Hence, the sizing options go up to an extra-large. This is the quintessential elevated dog bed for large breeds.

While other beds are either too long or too wide or have feet that stick out creating a potential tripping hazard, this pet cot curtails all those little details that nag you. If you have a large breed dog, their joints will thank you for this cot! It gives support in all the right places and lets them dangle their legs over the edge, or have their body weight droop into it like a hammock so it’s comfortable to them.

It is also only as chew-proof as its Original Bolster counteract, so no improvement is seen on that front. However, the mesh fabric is mold and mildew resistant and the frame is also heavy-duty, to accommodate the weight of large dogs.



4. FurHaven Elevated Reinforced Cot Dog Bed

Elevated Dogs Bed Pet Parents Will Love

These reinforced elevated dog beds stand more than six inches off the ground. The bed surface is made of woven mesh fabric that is low-impact and breathable. It provides improved joint support and ventilation for a relaxing experience for your pet.

The mesh fabric has resistance to harmful elements such as allergens, fleas, mites, mold, and mildew. This makes the dog bed ideal for use indoors and outdoors all year round making it an ideal elevated pet bed contender. Pets always present us with challenges when it comes to cleaning, which is why Furhaven used its many years of experience to ensure that their raised dog bed is easy to clean. 

Moreover, the edges and corners of this raised bed are protected by durable bias tape to help prevent damage.



5. Aspen Pet Elevated Bed

A Good Bed for Dog With Arthritis

This raised bed has crossbars screwed into the frame providing a greater degree of rigidity. The Aspen Pet Elevated Bed easily falls into the category of best-elevated dog beds. It has a navy blue tightly woven fabric mesh mattress that lies atop four black metal legs.

A commendable cooling pet bed, it is well adapted to outdoor use. However, since the company has already specified that this raised dog bed cannot bear a load greater than 60 pounds, it makes this outdoor elevated bed perfect for a little pup or pooch.

Raised dog beds like this are hard to come by within an affordable budget range, so grab one as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Rest assured, this is an investment that will be highly appreciated by your pup.



6. Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed

Easy Clean Bed for Your Dogs

Another worthy addition to the list of best-elevated dog beds. The primary purpose of a raised dog bed is to provide comfort and help our dog maintain an optimum body temperature. The Coolaroo Steel-Framed raised dog bed is one of the best-elevated pet bed options in the catalog given to us.

This elevated dog pet bed features a lightweight yet strong steel frame and is made with a unique, breathable fabric. Coolaroo Pet Beds are ideal for any dog regardless of age, breed, or weight. This is one of those raised dog beds that does not have rubber caps, but there are hard plastic inserts that go up into the hollow leg, and it covers the bottom so that it won’t scratch your floor.

A suspended platform provides added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints. Breathable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that helps eliminate hot spots is used in the construction of this elevated dog bed, useful for large dogs and pups alike.



7. Love's cabin Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Dog Beds Best Ones That Are Elevated

Love’s cabin is one of those pet beds that are made with a Teslin mesh fabric which increases airflow, provides joint support, and maximizes comfort. On top of being the proud owner of one of the best cooling beds in the industry, Love’s Cabin also focuses on being sustainable with their products and give their users a hassle-free experience.

One of Love’s cabin’s best features is that they provide immaculate customer service and guarantee a 30-day return/replacement policy to ensure top-notch customer satisfaction. A durable sleeping surface is also another one of these remarkable features as it supports your pets comfortably and resists rips from claws.



Choice Elevated Dog Bed Large Size

Benefits of Using an Elevated Dog Bed

1. Keeps Dog Cool  

This is one of the most crucial features to watch out for while purchasing elevated dog beds. The different types of these kinds of beds must ensure optimum amounts of air circulation, to enable the dogs to regulate their temperature during chilly nights and sunny days. The bed frame is ideally placed about 7-8 inches away from the floor [1].

2. Easy to Clean

While we do want our pets to be able to live their best lives, there simply is not enough time in the day to be cleaning their dog beds every few hours. These beds ideally should be made of a fabric that is relatively simple to clean with a damp cloth or scrub and does not require rigorous amounts of effort.

3. Relieves Pressure on Joints

Instead of having to shell out ginormous amounts of money to get your dog’s glucosamine supplements, a better investment would be getting elevated dog beds for your pets that ensure the same amount of support as orthopedic mattresses but at significantly lower costs.

4. Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Ideal elevated dog beds should also be portable so that they can be bundled up and transported with ease. You should never have to cancel going on a trip or a hike because of your dog, all of us deserve a chance to get to experience these little pleasures in life. 

Elevated Dog Bed with Steps for Easy Access

5. Easy on Your Pocket

These kinds of dog beds should be budget-friendly and not break the bank. All the options presented in this list give you a directory of options and are all available at reasonable prices.

Important Features to Consider

Fabric Breathability

Must be porous enough to allow air to pass through but not so thin that it would tear easily. A Teslin fabric and a PVC mesh both have excellent fabric breathability.


The frames of the dog beds have to be sturdy to ensure longevity and durability. When you invest 30-40$ on a bed for your furry pet, you do expect it to last for at least a couple of months without any issues.

Comfortable Dogs Beds That Are Elevated


The size of the various dog beds is directly dependent on the age and weight of your dog. A wide assortment of sizes are available now, ranging from a bed for a Chihuahua to a Great Dane.


The portability of the bed is an essential factor that has to be taken into consideration. On warm nights, you could shift the bed to your backyard and set up camp there, and transport it back inside the house in the morning, which would be a fun activity both for you and your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Get an Elevated Dog Bed?

If you have a pet dog or are planning to get one, an elevated dog bed is undoubtedly a smart investment right off the bat. Not only does it curb arthritis pain, but also provides the additional perk of temperature control. A sturdy frame and breathable fabric come together to create a perfect concoction, at a cheaper cost than an orthopedic bed.

Do I Need Blankets for Elevated Dog Beds?

A light blanket is a good option for smaller breeds of dogs as they tend to lose body heat quickly. Concerning older dogs, a blanket is unnecessary as you have already used a dog bed to elevate your dog off the cold floor. You can keep a spare blanket for a particularly cold night, but otherwise, a blanket is not needed because these beds are specifically built for temperature control.

Are Elevated Dog Beds Only For Senior Dogs?

No. An elevated dog bed is beneficial for little puppies to older dogs alike, although it may be more useful for senior dogs with pre-existing medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, etc.


As the demand for these beds has been rising exponentially, we have seen an uptick in the production of an elevated wooden dog bed and an elevated dog bed with stairs, which are to be the next models to be released in the dog elevated-bed line of goods.

We delved into dozens of elevated dog beds to find the highest-quality and most comfortable products, taking into account size, materials, Amazon ratings, portability, ease of cleaning, and other considerations. After all these factors were evaluated, the above directory containing the top 7 elevated dog beds of 2020 was compiled. Without a doubt, the Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog bed makes for an ideal choice owing to its exceptional durability, reasonable height, and natural air regulating features.

Elevated dog beds are generally a safe bet and are liked by most of our furry canine friends, but then again, there is no lock and key model that can account for a dog’s individual sleeping patterns and preferences. However, this type of a cooling bed is worth a shot.

A Good Elevated Dog Bed for Large Dogs

Editor's Choice

Frisco Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed