What’s The Best Dog Water Bottle? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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When it comes to our dogs, we all want to give them the very best. Whether it’s backpacks or dog bowls, every dog owner wants to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for both their pups and themselves. 

One problem that you may experience when playing, hiking, or traveling with your dog is dehydration. 

Our dogs quickly get tired whenever they are thirsty or hungry, so it’s important to ensure your dog has access to food and fresh water to quench their thirst from time to time. That’s where the best water bottle for dogs comes in handy. These dog water bottles are not only safe but they also make your car trips more enjoyable. 

In order to buy the best dog water bottle for your four-legged pal, it’s important to consider factors such as capacity, portability, and durability. To help you make an informed decision, read our review of the top 6 best dog bowls and product details below.




Best Dog Water Bottle Feature Image

1. Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle

Water Bottle and Bowl Set

2. KONG H2O K9 UNIT Insulated Dog Water Bottle

Water Bottle and Bowl for Pup

3. Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle

Our 6 Best Dog Water Bottles

1. Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle

Best Dog Water Bottle Feature Image

The Highwave Auto Dog Mug is certainly one of the best portable dog water bottles. This travel mug for dogs allows you to keep your pet hydrated when you’re traveling together. 

The creative design allows you to deliver water via a simple squeezing system. This also a great way to protect your dog from the health risks that he might be exposed to while drinking water from public bowls. If you want to ensure your dog is drinking safe and clean water, then invest in the Highwave Auto Dog Mug.  It is cleaner, safer, and more sanitized.

The Velcro straps make it suitable for hiking since you can easily attach it to a backpack. 

This handheld auto mug for dogs is free from dangerous chemicals, including Bisphenol A. The Highwave Auto Dog Mug has made safety a priority. 

This bottle has a capacity of 20 oz. It is also air-tight, which ensures that there’s no spillage. Once you release the squeeze, any excess water flows back into the mug.



2. KONG H2O K9 UNIT Insulated Dog Water Bottle

Water Bottle and Bowl Set

A dog is a man’s best friend, and you should always give only the best to your best friend. This innovative bottle for dogs has a sleek yet elegant design to serve that purpose. 

The Kong H20 K9 bottle is one of the best selling dog travel bottles on the market – and for good reason. This mainly because of the superior insulation it provides. 

This self-insulating product is made of lightweight yet durable, food-grade stainless steel. It also features a phthalate, BPA, and BPS-free plastic lid. A food-grade silicone sleeve helps with maintaining the water temperature for a long period of time while making the device impact and sound resistant. 

Since both the lid and the bottle itself are recyclable, you can buy this device without worrying about its impact on the environment. 

At a reasonable capacity of 25 Oz, the Kong H20 K9 is perfect for most breeds of dogs. This self-insulating travel bottle will keep your dog’s water cold and fresh for at least four hours even during the hot summer days.



3. Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle

Water Bottle and Bowl for Pup

The Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle provides your dog with the correct amount of safe and clean water. This travel dog bowl water bottle for dogs is made from a quality, food-safe silicone material, and features a reversible flip-and-open dispenser that allows your pet to quench their thirst in an effective and hygienic manner. 

With its leaf-vein contemporary design, this bottle delivers clean and safe water to your four-legged pal. It is light in weight and has antibacterial properties, which makes it perfect for long trips with your canine friend. 

It is made of non-toxic, phthalate-free, BPA-free material, making it one of the most hygienic water bowls currently available on the market. It’s easy to use, as well.



4. LumoLeaf Water Bottle for Dogs

Useful Dog Water Bottle for Hiking

If you’re looking for an affordable travel bottle for your pet, then you can’t go wrong with the LumoLeaf Water Bottle. This product is ideal for hiking, traveling, and other adventures due to its portability. It had a transparent section on it that allows you to see how much water is left inside. 

It also features food-grade silicone edges that come in different colors, including red, gray, and green. 

With a capacity of up to 20 Oz, this bottle has a leak-tight cover to prevent water spills. After your trip, you can place it in the dishwasher to clean it. 



5. FurHaven 500ML Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle for Travel

The FurHaven 500ML Water Bottle has a flexible handheld design, which allows you to keep your pup hydrated at any time. All you need to do is to flip the bottle for the water to flow into the attached bowl.

This water bottle is also ideal for traveling. It’s compact and lightweight enough to easily fit in the flexible side pockets of any backpack. Moreover, you can attach it to any bag. 

This bottle comes in various colors, including black, blue, red, and pink. 

Dogs can pose some cleaning challenges, so FurHaven has made this bottle very easy to wash for your ultimate convenience. 



6. KONG H2O Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Keep Your Pooch Hydrated on Hikes

Kong is a trusted brand known for its durable pet products, and the Kong H20 Stainless Steel Water Bottle is no different. 

The lid doubles as a reliable serving bowl. All you need to do is to remove the lid from the water bottle, flip it over, and give fresh water to your pet. 

Additionally, it is insulated to maintain the temperature of your dog’s water for longer. This durable bottle comes in six different colors, giving dog owners a lot of options to consider.  

With a capacity of up to 25 Oz, this dog hiking water bottle is perfect for both medium and large-sized dogs. 



Stainless Steel Insulated Dog Water Bottle

Why You Need to Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Dehydration is a major health issue for any dog. If your dog is not drinking enough water, their body will start getting water from the cells, which consequently depletes the electrolytes.

This can result in the loss of muscles and muscle function. In severe cases, this can cause organ failure and even death. Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep your canine companion properly hydrated at all times. 

Why Use A Dog Water Bottle 

A water bottle for dogs is useful for several reasons:

Keep Your Dog Hydrated On Trips

To start with, the best dog water bottle bowl can keep your pet hydrated while on trips. You don’t always have access to fountains and other areas with fresh water when taking your pooch out on trips. 

This implies that your pet could overheat and suffer dehydration if you don’t constantly give him fresh water. With a quality dog water bowl, you’ll prevent this since you can provide your pet with water regardless of where you’re.

Make Sure Your Dog Drinks Safe Water

Another good reason to invest in a water container is to ensure your pup drinks safe water at all times. A bottle can prevent your pooch from getting disease-causing microorganisms from other pups [1].

Pets can transmit parasites and germs to one another by sharing drinking water. The best option can protect your pet because he will be the only one using the bottle.

Dog Bottle with Built-in Bowl

Important Features to Consider

The best water bottle must have some important features. The following are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a dog travel water bottle for your canine companion:


Water capacity is usually one of the most important features of the best travel water bottles. Portable water bottles have a small or medium capacity and hence, they are perfect for short or long trips. 

If you’re into longer trips such as running or walking in hot weather with your dog, it’s recommended to buy a slightly more expensive bottle with a reasonably large capacity. 

Water bottles with a smaller capacity are more suited to smaller breeds like poodles

Other water bottles with a holding capacity of around 20 to 25 Oz are suitable for taking pups on long walks and trips. This will ensure your pet is constantly hydrated.


The construction material of your desired bottle is another important consideration because it determines the reliability and durability of the bottle. 

All the pet travel water bottles we’ve discussed in this review are made of three quality materials: plastic, silicone, or steel.

Stainless steel is regarded as the best building material for dog water bottles because it is durable, chemically inert, and easy to clean.

Plastic pet travel water bottles listed here are also a good choice because they are phthalate, BPS, and BPA-free. Since pet travel water bottles are constantly exposed to sunlight, they should be BPA-free to prevent chemical leaching. 

Silicone is another food-safe and chemically inert material. It is lightweight and durable as well.

Give Your Dog Safe Drinking Water


Although an item might be small in size, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to carry around. Some of them could be heavy and difficult to transport around. You need to ensure that the best bottle you’re considering is easy to carry around. Make sure the bottle is lightweight to ensure it is easy to transport.

Ease of Cleaning

Dog water bottles are designed for regular use, so they are likely to get dirty and sometimes even smelly. To ensure safe and hygienic use, consider how easy they are to clean. 

Most dog water bottles listed in this review are dishwasher safe and easy to wash. However, you should read the label before placing them in a dishwasher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Dog Need to Frequently Drink Water?

Yes! Your dog needs to drink water frequently. However, the amount of water they need will vary depending on their size. A general guideline is that your dog should brink an ounce for every pound of their body weight each day. 

What If My Dog Does Not Want to Drink from the Bottle?

The key is patience. Puppies might be a bit wary at first, but sooner or later, they will get used to drinking from the bottle. 

How Many Times A Day Should I Give My Dog Water?

Instead of dwelling on how often you need to give your pup water, you should focus on ensuring that they always have access to fresh water. It’s particularly important to ensure they have water during hot weather. 

If giving them access to water is not an option, be sure to give them a drink around 3 times each day. This will ensure they don’t overdo it and suffer a stomach upset. 


There are numerous water bottles for dogs to choose from, but the clear winner is the Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Water Bottle. This is because of its awesome features and designs. You’ll definitely be pleased with how portable this bottle is particularly if you like using it after various outdoor activities.

Overall, consider the best dog water bottle dispenser that is leak-proof, durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It all boils down to getting value for your money without compromising on the safety and health of your pooch.

Best Dog Water Bottle Feature Image

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Highwave AutoDogMug Portable Dog Water Bottle