What’s The Best Dog Tug Toy? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Playing with your dog is an important part of their training and wellbeing. Tug toys are a great way to strengthen the bond with your dog over an exciting game of fetch or tug of war. They are also excellent choices for recommended for dogs who love to play together.

So, what are the best tug toys for your pet? The best tug toys for dogs are durable and comfortable for both of you to hold on to.

Whether you’re looking for small or large tug toys for dogs, there are some excellent options currently available on the market. And now is the best time to buy because we are continually discovering new ways to play the game of tug with dogs.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog tug of war toys, here are our top choices.




Kong Rubber Tug Toys for dogs

1. Kong Rubber Tug Toy

SnugArooz Spike-O-Mite Rope & Ball tug toy

2. SnugArooz Spike-O-Mite Rope & Ball Toy

PetSafe Grip 'N Tug Pull Rope heavy-duty tug toy

3. PetSafe Grip 'N Tug Pull Rope Toy

Top 6 Best Tug Toy For Dogs

1. Kong Rubber Tug Toy

Kong Rubber Tug Toys for dogs

There are few companies that can match Kong when it comes to dog toys and pet accessories. Kong dog toys have been transforming playtime for dogs for many years now, and the Kong Tug Toy is not any different.

The great thing about this high-quality tug toy is its great design. It has one end for your pooch to pull and another end for the dog owner to hold on to.

A sturdy middle ensures the longevity of this tug of war toy. This is another key selling point of the Kong brand. It’s made of natural rubber material that even the most forceful dogs cannot destroy for a long period of time.

This toy is available in three different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your dog. This can also serve as a throw toy, since the rubber design will make it bounce, allowing your dog to enjoy a fun game of chase. It’s an innovative tug toy that will give you great value for money.



2. SnugArooz Spike-O-Mite Rope & Ball Toy

SnugArooz Spike-O-Mite Rope & Ball tug toy

If your pooch needs interactive playtime, then he will enjoy the SnugArooz Spike-O-Mite Rope & Ball toy! It’s perfect for both small and large dogs with strong jaws. Indestructible toys like the Spike-O-Mite are also perfect for aggressive chewers.

This dog rope and ball toy feature an exciting spiky ball and a huge loop, making it ideal for games of tug and fetch.

Spike-O-Mite also features a tightly braided rope, which is non-toxic for a safe and long-lasting playing experience. This rope dog toy is designed to offer a great game of fetch to keep your dog busy for hours.

The large loop will make the toy easy to pick up and throw whereas the fun spiky ball promotes chewing fun.

Featuring a tightly braided rope, the Spike-O-Mite encourages interactive fun and chewing. It is strong and tough enough for intensive games of fetch and tug. This tug dog toy also comes in an assortment of colors.



3. PetSafe Grip 'N Tug Pull Rope Toy

PetSafe Grip 'N Tug Pull Rope heavy-duty tug toy

This is one of the best rope toys as it is made by one of the most trusted brands in the world. You and your large dog can play for hours with the PetSafe Grip ‘N Tug Pull Rope Toy! This exciting heavy duty dog rope toy features a unique handle to ensure your hands are comfortable during playtime while making it easy to hold.

The long tug and braided fleece are soft yet strong enough to ensure rigorous games. It holds up to jerking, yanking, and pulling when playing a good game of tug of war, as well as a variety of other fun games.

Whenever the braided tug gets dirty, throw it in the washing machine to make it clean again. Playing with your dog with this tug of war toy has never been this easy and fun!

If your pooch is an aggressive chewer, it’s recommended to closely watch him during playtime. If the toy gets broken or damaged, simply replace the fleece tug.



4. GoughNuts Tug Pull Toy

GoughNuts Tug Pull tug toy


This is one of the most durable tug dog toys on the market today. This indestructible toy for dogs has a few major advantages.

Firstly, it is made by a trusted family-run company in the United States. The toy is made with powerful chewers in mind, so your dog won’t be able to destroy it for a long time. It is made from tough and high-quality rubber to help withstand constant chewing.

Despite being so tough and strong, this ring-style toy is gentle on your pet’s teeth. It is almost indestructible and should last long, even with regular tossing, pulling, and biting. This makes it the perfect tug toy and chew toy for large dogs or aggressive chewers such as Mastiffs and Pitbulls. It is a great choice for outdoor play to help keep your dog busy for hours.

GoughNuts Tug Pull Toy is also light in weight, so you can move around with it without adding excess weight. In fact, this tug toy can float on water, and hence, allows for you and your dog to have fun with it in more ways than one.

Despite being made from natural rubber materials, it is very durable because it doesn’t have any stuffing. This means it can’t be easily ripped apart by your pup’s strong teeth.

So, if you’re looking for a dog you that you can use to play the day away with your pet, but one that he will also enjoy alone, look no further than the GoughNuts Tug Pull Toy. It is a wonderful soft toy, which is attractive yet strong.



5. Spot Ethical Chunky Play Tug Toy

Spot Ethical Chunky Play tug toy

The Spot Ethical Chunky Play Tug Toy is designed to withstand some of the most rigorous play thanks to its textured surfaces and thick walls.

Moreover, they come in different styles such as a Tug, a Tripod, a Kettle Ball, a Football, a Squeaker, and a Bone. In fact, it is a compact package combining a fetch Toy, a tug toy, and a squeaker.

Despite having extra-thick walls, this toy is lightweight. Your dog will definitely love the texture surfaces of this toy, which will give him something to constantly chew on. The textured surface also makes it easy to handle, so your hand will be safe.

Your pet will also love the challenge of making this toy squeak, something that is quite hard considering the thickness of the toy.

According to customer reviews on Amazon.com, buyers also like the different styles that this toy comes in and how tough, yet bouncy it is.



6. SnugArooz Grab’N Wag Rope & Rubber Toy

SnugArooz Grab’N Wag Rope & Rubber tug toy

If you’re looking for a great tug rope that can endure the punishment of your dog’s sharp teeth, the SnugARooz Grab ‘N Wag is a great option. It does not wear away easily even after many hours of rigorous play.

Despite being a tough dog tug of war rope, it won’t hurt your dog’s teeth and gums provided it is used properly.

It’s designed to squeak and satisfy your furry friend’s heart. It is crafted to withstand exuberant biting and tugging. This makes it one of the best rope toys made with safe non-toxic material with high-quality construction.

This toy has a cute rainbow-colored mane with quality plush material and includes fun crinkles and squeakers. It is engineered to make playing with your dog fun.



play tug of war game with a tug toy and large dog for training tips

3 Benefits of Playing Tug-Of-War with Your Dog

There are several benefits of playing tug games with your dog. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why playing tug with your dog is so important:

1. Bonding With Your Dog

Tug toys are one of the most exciting experiences that you and your canine companion can have, and playing tug games with your dog can provide a great bonding experience that few other items can offer.

The best tug toys for dogs can also keep your dog busy when you’re not around and ease boredom.

2. Training Your Dog To Control Aggression

Contrary to want many dog owners might think, playing tug of war does not teach aggression in your pup. Tug toys are about excitement, control, obedience, and a fun bonding experience between you and your four-legged friend. For that reason, a pet parent can also use the best tug toy for dogs as a training reward instead of using treats.

A tug toy also provides a great opportunity to exercise control over your dog when he gets too excited. It trains him to stay calm even after excitement.

3. Getting Your Dog To Exercise

Playing tug of war with your dog allows both of you to move around and get the much-needed exercise. Proper exercise will benefit both pets and their owners.

Physical movement will help support a healthy weight, entertain your dog, and help to prevent serious health issues such as obesity and diabetes. [1] Dog tug toys also help with maintaining your pet’s dental hygiene.

what to make sure of in a tug toy for large dogs indestructible toys

Important Features To Consider

No matter what type of tug toys for dogs you purchase, there are a number of things you need to consider when making your decision.

High-Quality Materials

With the tugging, pulling, and chewing that you can expect when using a dog chew toy, the material should be strong enough to withstand it for some time. A tug toy with rope has to be tightly stitched so it doesn’t get ripped off during playtime. Moreover, the biting surface must be made of strong, chew-resistant material.

Tug toys are made from different materials, including natural cotton fabric, rubber, silicone, plastic, and linen, among others. The material you choose will depend on active your dog is pooch is and whether he tends to bite and chew on surfaces constantly.

For puppies and smaller pooches, you can choose any toy materials, but again it depends on how aggressive your pet is.

Good Size

Since dogs have different sizes, you need to consider this to ensure that the toy you choose will suit your dog’s size and strength.

Toys that are too large might not fit in your dog’s mouth, and those that are too small may pose a choking hazard, so make sure to choose the right size.

This is another situation where you may want to experiment, but choose smaller sizes for a little Shih Tzu, Dachshund, or Chihuahua, and large sizes for Labrador, Great Dane, German Shepherd, and other medium and large breeds.

play tug of war with tug toy or toys - dog toys indestructible like tug toy

Easy-To-Grip Shape

If you want your pet to enjoy playing with a tug toy, you need to choose the best tug of war dog toy that he can grip comfortably and safely.

Different kinds of dogs prefer different items, so you should experiment with different types of toys to choose the right one for your dog.


Even if you want to pet to enjoy playing with tug toys, you also want to ensure your own safety. That’s why you need to choose the best tug of war toy with comfy handles to avoid chaffing no matter how rough the game goes.

The handles are there as a safety feature only. A dog will enjoy playing with a tug toy irrespective of handles. So, whether you choose a tug toy with handles or not is a matter of personal preference.

It is a good idea to choose a tug toy with handles if you and your dog are playing tug of war for the first time.

But there are also many pet owners who prefer to remove the handles from their dog tug toys. Choosing indestructible dog toys with one or two handles will allow you to determine what works right for you and your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tug toys good for dogs?

Yes, tug toys are good for dogs if played properly. They can help improve your dog’s physical and mental discipline. They are also a great way to floss or clean your dog’s teeth while keeping their teeth away from your shoes and furniture.

Should you play tug of war with a puppy?

Yes, it’s okay to play tug of war with a puppy. However, you need to watch out for their teeth and gums during tug of war battles. Puppies still have their baby teeth that can be easily chipped.

How do you make tug toys for dogs?

You can make tug toys for dogs in a few simple steps. All you need for this dog tug toy is fleece and someone else to help hold it as you braid.

  • Lay your fleece on a table with each strand and position the strands one after the other.
  • Next, place they one top of each other, nicely.
  • Hold the fleece around six inches from the end and make a tight knot
  • Lay the fleece on a table with the knot on the farthermost side and start braiding as someone else holds the knot for you.
  • Separate your stands one after the other and cross the outer strand into the middle and then repeat the process until you have braided all of it. Stop braiding once you have around five inches remaining.
  • Finally, tie a tight knot once more.


Tug toys stimulate a dog’s physical and mental abilities. It is a great way to keep your dog occupied, much so for pups that love pulling and chewing things. If you’re looking for a great way to play with your dog, you can’t go wrong with any of the above dog toys that are indestructible.

Tug toys come in different shapes, sizes, and color options, but which one should you choose for your dog? Generally, we recommend buying the dog tug of war toy products from trusted manufacturers.

Among our recommendations, it is easy to fall in love with Kong toys, as they are widely considered to be the best. From our research, we recommend the Kong Rubber Tug Toy because it is the best tug toy on the market.

No matter what breed, age, or size your doggie is, it is an excellent product to teach your canine buddy the basics of tug of war games and it’s durable too. This toy stands the test of time and we highly recommend it. So, now you can go ahead and purchase with confidence.

Kong Rubber Tug Toys for dogs

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