What’s The Best Dog Toy Storage Box? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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If you are a dog owner, you already know how amazing it feels to spoil these furry friends. It is extremely hard to resist the temptation to buy that extra squeaky ball or stuffed animal

Jokes aside, toys are a huge and essential part of any dog’s life. They support their brain stimulation and keep them healthy. 

However, it is important to have a proper place to keep these toys. If not, the huge hoard of toys you have for the love of your pets can easily take over the entire living area and create a hell of a clutter.

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best dog toy storage options currently available in the market. Read more to find some helpful tips and reviews regarding the same. 

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best food for bichons, here are our top choices. 




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1. Paw Prints Pets Supply Bin

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2. Bone Dry Striped Rectangle Dog Storage Bin

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3. Bone Dry Paw Lattice Print Round Dog Storage Bin

Our 7 Best Dog Toy Storage Box

1. Paw Prints Pet Supply Bin

Seach the best Dog Toy Boxes Reviews

If you are looking for an option that encompasses functionality and durability, this is the dog toy bin for the win. A dry-erase bone-shaped label helps you keep track of your pet’s furry possessions with the help of a marker or Sharpie. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can mix and match to create your own perfect concoction for a pet supply bin.   

The polypropylene plastic that the bin is made of, is highly resistant to water as well as mold or mildew. The material is so durable that it makes straightening out your pet’s necessities simple and keeps them all tidily in one place. 

The clean, matte black color exterior also blends in with the decor of the house without standing out as an eyesore. The ridges on the pet supply basket are an added bonus. They make the supply bin portable and easy to carry around. 

Wipe with a damp cloth and then re-wipe with a dry cloth to clean up all the dirt your pet dumps into his storage box.

With an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, this dog toy storage box is a must-buy for all those pet owners looking for storage options for pet supplies.



2. Bone Dry Striped Rectangle Dog Storage Bin

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Justifying the name, these storage baskets for dog toys have an amazing striped design that can enhance all kinds of home decor. The interior and exterior are made of polyester, a fabric that is extremely long-lasting and easy to wipe down.

With the handles on the sides, the bin can easily be carried. A notable feature of this product is its ability to collapse into a flat surface post-use. Since it can collapse, it takes up very little space and is thus easy to store. Though collapsible, it is still extremely functional in terms of space, when in use. 



3. Bone Dry Paw Lattice Print Round Dog Storage Bin

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This round shaped basket for dog toys is made of polyester which is extremely durable. It features handles on both sides for easy transportation of toys. The exterior features a pattern that is refreshing yet subtle and adds to the aesthetics of the house. With plenty of space inside the bin, it stores up to 20lbs, which can be utilized in multiple ways.

The brand behind this amazing product, Bone Dry, recognizes that pets are like family members to us. Besides offering a wide range of dog toy storage options, they also feature other pet products. This includes plush blankets, microfiber bath towels, non-slip food mats, skid-free pet bowls, and pet canisters for storage of treats and dry food. Basically, there is something for everything.



4. Bone Dry Pet Storage Collection Bone Shape Hyacinth Toy Basket

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Just as the name suggests, this toy basket is beautifully shaped like a dog bone. It has a dark espresso-like finish with a weave design making it a unique storage option as well as a classy addition to the interior decor. 

The basket is 100% polypropylene, which along with the weave design gives it an extremely long life. It comes with an attached lid and a carrying handle on the top. This handle is made of faux leather. There is also a latch fastened towards the front to secure the lid properly.



5. Geyecete Large Storage Boxes

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A Geyecete storage box is crafted with eco-friendly PP plate sheets. These sheets are extremely impact-resistant and non-toxic. It is because of the fine workmanship put into these boxes, that the stitched seams give it an extended life. The polyester handles on both sides are reinforced with rivets and also sewn into the main box to prevent them from ripping too easily.

The storage space can either be used as one large compartment or be divided into two individual compartments. This has been made possible with the assistance of a removable divider. Each of the two compartments have their own velcro lids. Additionally, it is foldable for easy storage and stands sturdy and upright when in use.



6. Harry Barker Cotton Rope Toy Storage Bin

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This dog toy storage bin is made from recycled yarns and wound with coiled cotton rope. All pet owners know how difficult it is to find sustainable and eco-friendly products in the pet industry.

The basket is available in bright red, clean white, baby blue, and muted pink colors. Embroidery thread color matches the selected collar’s trim. You can also customize the basket with your pooch’s name in the color of your choice.

Equipped with handles for everyday use, this cotton rope storage basket is quintessential. Moreover, it allows for proper ventilation and the canvas fabric absorbs extra moisture, keeping kibble fresh.  

Harry Barker has created a distinctive line of pet products that offer style, versatility, and quality craftsmanship, all at great and unmatched prices. 

If you are looking for baskets from a reputed company that are bound to last a lifetime, Harry Barker is a great choice.



7. Richell Elegant Wooden Pet Toy Box

Keep Your Dog Toys Safe from Children

Featuring an open design, these are dog toy storage options that make it simple for the dog to reach out and grab any toy it wants. Constructed of exquisitely stained wood,  it is equipped with a dark brown color and extensive durability.

To ensure maximum pet safety, the edges have been carved and rounded. The feet of the dog toy box is equipped with rubber to keep the box free from slipping when your excited dog is rummaging through its toys. 

Richell, the brand featuring this product, is USA-based and well known in the industry for superior quality pet supplies. For full customer satisfaction, the manufacturer also provides a 90-day warranty.



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Advantages of a Dog Toy Box

A dog toy box can be a lot more beneficial than people might think. Here, we have listed a few reasons and advantages as to how a dog toy box can help besides being a beautiful addition to your home.

Disciplining Your Dog

Toys can make the whole concept of discipline a lot more fun than it sounds. They can be used to train dogs in multiple ways. For example, it would be fun to make them learn how to recognize specific toys and bring them to you to play with. They can also be trained in keeping their toys back in the box to reduce the time you would have to spend cleaning up after. 

If the said toy box comes with a cover, it might also help in teaching the dog how to be patient. Thus, toys are a great way to inculcate discipline in dogs [1].

Keeping Your Home Neat

One of the most obvious benefits of a dog toy storage facility is a cleaner and tidier home. These boxes make it extremely easy to declutter the house of any pet supplies that may be lying around. 

They can store everything from dry food to leashes and much more in one place. This saves you a ton of time and mental stress as you won’t have to rummage through your entire place for hours to find a leash before a walk.

If you have too many toy boxes laying around, you can get an organizer for them. There are many dog toy box storage options available in the market as well.

Keeping your home neat also means keeping the bad odors out. Now, this can be difficult when your dog keeps drooling on its toys or keeps bringing mud and other dirt from outside with its toys. These stenches can easily spread throughout the entire house, making it stink. 

This is where a covered dog toy storage option can come to your rescue. It will effectively keep the smell from spreading, thus keeping the entire place stink-free.

Protecting Your Dog and Children

A dog toy storage is an essential element to consider if you have children or too many toys in the house.  Not every toy can be left alone with dogs. Few of them require your supervision to prevent any injuries subjected to the dog. 

A storage option gives you the control to only let them have those toys under your supervision. However, it is also important to carefully read the instructions on the toys before giving them to the dog. Ensure they are no loose parts that the pup might chew on and injure itself.

The ones that come with a top-cover add an extra layer of much-needed protection, especially if there are children present. It makes sure that your baby does not get its hand on something it shouldn’t and also guarantees its safety.

Keep Food Away From Your Dog's Playthings

Dog Toy Storage Options

It is not uncommon, especially for new dog owners, to think that choices are limited when choosing a storage box for your pooch’s playthings. However, there are various options to choose from in the market that will suit you and your pet’s needs perfectly. Be it a nice fabric one that will suit your home’s interior design or a tough and sturdy outdoor box that will withstand the elements, the right option is readily available to you.

Important Features to Consider

Material Used

Every material offers a different kind of advantage. However, it is important to choose a toy box with materials compatible for toys and the breed of the dog. Options available include storage boxes made out of materials like plastic, wood, and fabrics, among others. 

Wooden toy bins are the best in terms of longevity and strength. With enough practice, one might even be able to fix some screws here and there without any external help. Thus, making them easy to fix as well. These are best suitable for large dog breeds.

Toy bins made out of fabric are extremely light-weight and provide better control over storage and transport. If the dog chews a lot, one can opt for toy bins made of a chew-resistant cloth, like jute or canvas. However, if you plan to use them for storing treats or food, avoid choosing a cloth basket.

Plastic toy storage options are also amazing chew-resisters, provided they are structurally rigid. Remember to make sure that the plastic is non-toxic.

Size of the Box

The size of the dog toy box is one of the most important features to consider. It highly depends on three factors – availability of space, number of toys, and size of the pup. Measure the amount of space you would want to dedicate for the box to make sure it suits your needs. If there are lots of dog toys in your home, get a larger size. 

Consider getting a collapsable dog toy box in case there are high chances of it spending a lot of time in storage. 

Organize Your Pet's Playthings in a Basket


There is a high possibility that one might need to carry the toys around on frequent occasions. For a smoother transition every time, purchase a dog toy holder with a handle. Test the handles before making the purchase to see if they are hefty and strong enough to carry the weight of the toys.

With or Without a Lid

Unfortunately, this does not completely depend on your preferences. Purchasing a dog toy box with a lid is preferred for pups who can get overly excited to play with their toys. A lid is a great way to prevent them from getting their toys out all the time. Since certain toys should only be played with under your supervision, it can also help with sealing them off until you are around.

For owners who are more than willing to provide access to their pets whenever, a storage option without a lid will prove to be better. This option can also help with training the pup to recognize and bring a specific item.

Your Dog’s Size

For larger and heavier dogs, toy storage options that are weak and lack structural integrity might not be feasible. This is because when they pick their toys, they tend to rummage through the entire stack. A weak and flimsy basket might get crumpled under their weight. Thus, it is a better option to avoid fabric baskets.

On the other hand, smaller dogs will find it harder to sift through a rigid toy box. A flimsy box will provide them plenty of movement to easily allow them to look for their items.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Toy Box?

Dog toy boxes should be cleaned frequently to maintain hygiene. This can be done using some white vinegar, sponge, and water. Wipe down the toy box with this natural solution, and voila! In case there are multiple boxes, consider using an organizer as well. These products store all the boxes in one place thus preventing any fuss. 

Should I Keep My Dog Toy Basket Outside?

It completely depends on the usage of materials. There is a huge variety of dog toy boxes available in the market today. The ones made of fabric might not be able at an outdoor spot. However, the storage bins made of plastic or wood can be used anywhere, indoors as well as outdoors. 

How Do I Train My Dog to Use a Toy Box?

Start by placing some of its favorite dog treats in the box and provide the dog with a toy. Direct the pooch towards the toy box. Hopefully, it will drop the toy inside the box to chew on the treats. Once this happens, reinforce this behavior by using positive commands. To make the work easier, place the storage box in the same spot each time.


After reading through more than hundreds of products and reviews, these were a few of our recommendations for the best dog toy storage options. However, if you ask us where our faith lies, the answer would most definitely be the Paw Prints Fabric Toy Bin.

This dog toy basket has proven its durability and sturdiness time and again. The attractive dog bone-shaped metal handles are practical and yet a sight for sore eyes. It can help keep dog toys, leashes, collars, and many more pet supplies all in one place. All in all, it is something that puts the ‘fun’ in functional.

We hope our tips and reviews helped you with your search for the best dog toy storage option for your dog. Lastly, dogs are like family so make sure to buy the best for them as you would for your family.

Seach the best Dog Toy Boxes Reviews

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Paw Prints Pet Supply Bin