What’s The Best Dog Toothbrush? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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Oral hygiene is not only important for us but also for our dogs. Whether it is to prevent plaque and tartar buildup or to avoid stinking breath, brushing your pet’s teeth is the most logical solution to a plethora of dental problems. And while many kinds of dog kibble help in dislodging the food particles stuck between their teeth, toothbrushes are a sure-fire way to keep them clean.

When you first start to brush your dog’s teeth, you’ll notice that they don’t like it. However, carefully working your way through a finger brush first, and then switching to one with soft bristles, will make your dog come round to brushing.

When it comes to buying a dog toothbrush, there is an abundance of options available in the market. To help you choose the right one, we have put together detailed reviews of the top 10 products in line with expert recommendations.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog toothbrushes, here are our top choices. 




Best for Dog s Teeth and Dog s Mouth

1. Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush for Dogs

Brushing Your Dog s Teeth Made Easy

2. H&H Pets Small Dog Toothbrush Set

Keep Your Dog s Teeth Clean

3. Virbac C.E.T. Dual Ended Dog Toothbrush

Our 10 Best Dog Toothbrush

1. Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush for Dogs

Best for Dog s Teeth and Dog s Mouth

This is one of the best dog toothbrushes in the market, due to its simplistic design which is also highly practical at the same time. The feature that stands out the most is the presence of a dual-head with different sized bristles on both ends. 

The bristles are fashioned to aid the removal of food debris and plaque. Also, the angle at which the ends are set makes it easy for you to access otherwise hard to reach corners of your pet’s mouth.

Furthermore, the bristles are of just the adequate hardness to not make your pet’s gums bleed, but still, give them a thorough cleaning. The ergonomic design is perfect to grip and to keep steady for pet owners who have fussy dogs.



2. H&H Pets Small Dog Toothbrush Set

Brushing Your Dog s Teeth Made Easy

H&H Pets is known for manufacturing pet-friendly products. This small dog & cat toothbrush set is no exception. With its mini brush head and short handle, it is ideal for dogs of extra small, small, and toy breeds.

The bristles are soft and polished for extra safety as well as comfort. Not only does this ensure a gentle brushing experience but also helps to remove plaque and tartar effectively.

The set comes in a choice of two packs of 4 and 8 brushes. Buying any pack will free you of the worry to order new brushes every few months. And with the packs reasonably priced, it is a value-for-money product.

Another plus point of the toothbrush set is that the brushes are available in two different colors. This helps avoid confusion if you have multiple pets.



3. Virbac C.E.T. Dual Ended Dog Toothbrush

Keep Your Dog s Teeth Clean

Virbac C.E.T. Dual Ended Dog Toothbrush is another dual-ended toothbrush similar to Vetoquinol Enzadent, the difference being the angle of the toothbrush heads. In the case of Virbac’s product, the two ends are placed at reverse angles to each other.

Both the ends are differently-sized to help clean the mouths of dogs and cats equally well. In addition to this, the bristles are very soft, giving your pet’s teeth and gums light yet in-depth cleaning.

Lastly, the brushes come in assorted colors. This is highly useful if you have multiple dogs. Simply choose different colors for each, and you won’t get confused about which brush belongs to which one of your dogs.



4. Tropiclean Dog Toothbrush Triple Flex

Toothbrush For Your Dog s Teeth

If you are looking for a toothbrush that can give your dog an all-surface cleaning in as short a time as possible, this is the best dog toothbrush for you. It is one of its kind due to a unique design. Featuring a triple-sided head, it helps to clean your pet’s entire mouth.

The handle is made out of BPA-free plastic covered with a rubber grip on the lower two-thirds of its body. This provides a strong grip while you brush your dog’s teeth. Apart from being durable, the neck of this toothbrush is also flexible at the same time.

Thus, Tropiclean Triple Flex Toothbrush is perfect for people who want complete dental care for their pets without having to spend a lot of time over it.



5. Vet's Best Enzymatic Toothbrush

Clean Your Dog s Teeth with Their Own Toothbrush

For dog owners who want an all-in-one oral care kit, this product is a suitable option. The package comprises an enzymatic toothpaste and a finger brush, along with a triple-headed toothbrush.

The toothbrush has three heads that need no more than a few swipes for cleaning the entire mouth of your pet. Each head has three bristles, making them adequate to fit inside both small and large mouths. Also, they are of the right size to reach around every single tooth.

Complementing the functionality of the toothbrush is the toothpaste. It has a special vet-recommended formulation consisting of natural ingredients that promote comprehensive oral health. Lastly, to complete the kit, there is a bonus finger toothbrush as well.



6. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Finger Brush

Various Dog Toothbrushes for Dog s Mouth

Pet owners who are starting the brushing routine with their pup or small dog might want a slightly smaller and more flexible dog toothbrush. Finger toothbrushes, such as this one by Nylabone, are apt for them.

Unlike a regular toothbrush, this finger brush has rubber bristles that are ultra-soft as well as supple. This makes cleaning your dog’s teeth for the first time far less daunting. More so, it will get your pup used to getting its teeth brushed regularly.

Another plus of finger brushes is that you can use them to massage the gum line of your pet. The soft surface of Nylabone’s finger brush is ideal for this purpose. This ensures that your pet has optimum gum as well as dental health.



7. Arm & Hammer for Pets Dog Dental Care

Best Way to Clean Your Pet s Teeth

This dog toothbrush and toothpaste kit by Arm & Hammer includes an enzymatic toothpaste, a finger toothbrush, and a toothbrush that has a dual-head. As such, it is one of the best dog toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet’s oral care.

The toothpaste is made of natural ingredients and is enhanced with baking soda, which helps combat dental health issues. Used along with either the finger toothbrush or the dual-head brush, this toothpaste is effective at preventing any disease of the teeth and gums. 

As a bonus, the two flavor options will make sure to keep your dog free of bad breath.

The dual-head brush cleans teeth of all sizes capably. To aid in scouring hard to reach teeth, the toothbrush has a handle of sufficient length. 

What’s more, using it simply with a water additive is also enough to get rid of food particles as well as plaque and tartar build-ups.



8. Fetch For Pets EZ Dog Toothbrush

Brush Your Dog s Teeth Daily With These

Another triple-headed toothbrush on our list, this one from the brand Triple Pet, has characteristic nylon bristles that are softer than plastic. If you have a small or skittish pet, the gentleness of these brush heads will help a great deal in calming them down.

To add to the functionality of the toothbrush, the makers have provided a flexible neck for the independent heads. In addition to this, the bristles are angled differently to help cover all surfaces of the dog’s dentition.



9. iCare Electric Dog Toothbrush

Multiple Heads to Clean Your Dog s Mouth

Yes, there are electric toothbrushes for dogs too. Running on batteries, this pet toothbrush by iCare employs ultrasonic vibrations to loosen plaque and tartar buildup.

The brush comes with three tooltips: two tartar scrapers and a silicone toothbrush head. The large scraper serves to remove the loosened tartar from large teeth, while the smaller one can be used on smaller teeth.

Furthermore, the pet toothbrush is equipped with LED lighting. This helps you visualize the inside of your dog s mouth better and assess their oral health. Add to that the silicone brush tip for gentle cleaning, and this becomes one of the best dog toothbrushes in the market.



10. Woobamboo Dog & Cat Toothbrush

Good Brush to Use on Your Dog s Mouth

Resembling a human toothbrush, this is a brush your dog will love even when the nylon bristles are worn out. The handle is made of eco-friendly bamboo, which can be used as a fun stick toy once the bristly dog toothbrush head loses its hair.

As for the structure of the brush, it is humped in the middle to provide a better grip. A natural and non-toxic wax coating from the top to the bottom of the handle ensures that it is pet-safe.

Additionally, this is a great option for pet owners who want their purchases to be environment-friendly. To make sure that the entire bundle is recyclable, all the packaging, as well as the contents, are biodegradable.



The Perfect Dog Toothbrush for Your Pooch

Different Types of Dog Toothbrushes

When buying a toothbrush for dogs, it is vital to know the various types available in the market. The three most common types of dog toothbrushes are:


Regular dog toothbrushes are similar to human toothbrushes in basic design. One point at which they differ is the hardness of the bristles. A dog toothbrush has much softer bristles to provide an injury-free and gentler oral care.

Also, the brush head of a toothbrush for dogs is set at an angle. This makes it easier to accommodate all shapes of canine teeth..


A dual-head toothbrush has two brush heads on either end, instead of just the one. The rest of the features are similar to that of a regular toothbrush. One head is typically smaller than the other and has fewer bristles. 

These differently-sized brush heads are used in cleaning large as well as small canine teeth, so you don’t have to buy separate brushes for the purpose.

Finger Brush

A dog finger toothbrush is similar to finger brushes designed for human babies. Constructed out of rubber, it has soft and flexible nubs for bristles. These are perfect for small dogs or for dogs who are new to brushing.

The glove-like structure goes over your finger and can then be used to remove plaque and tartar build-ups. Finger toothbrushes can be used with a water additive or with a dog toothpaste for more efficacious cleansing.

Benefits of Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing the teeth of dogs is necessary if you want to steer clear of any dental health problem for them in the long run. Remember, regular brushing and oral care provide the following benefits:

Prevents Bad Breath

A foul odor from the mouth is not only offensive to smell but is also a herald for future oral health issues. To prevent your pet’s mouth from stinking, it is pertinent to clean it using a good dog toothbrush and paste combo.

Make sure to never use human toothpaste, however, as it contains fluoride. As, since your pet cannot spit, swallowing fluoride can be harmful.

To Avoid Bad Breath, Brush Your Dog s Mouth

Removes Plaque Buildup

Plaque is a sticky film that gets continuously formed on dental surfaces. It contributes to foul breath aside from causing decaying of the teeth if allowed to build up.

Routinely brushing your dog’s teeth removes the built-up plaque before it can harden into tartar.

Prevents Periodontal Disease

When plaque and tartar are allowed to build up inside your dog’s mouth, it can lead to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.

Additionally, food particles stuck between their teeth invite bacterial growth. These bacteria in turn release harmful acids. These will eventually also cause decaying of the teeth [1].

All of this can be prevented by regular brushing.

Prevents Damage to Internal Organs

Lack of frequent cleaning causes your dog’s oral health to deteriorate. Subsequently, toxins from periodontal diseases spread via the bloodstream. This can damage their internal organs.

Brushing your dog’s teeth will protect against such damage.

The Best Way To Clean Your Dog s Mouth

Important Features to Consider

Several features need to be considered while buying dog toothbrushes. Most importantly, you should make your choice based on:

Dog Breed

Choosing the most suitable toothbrush for your dog will depend on its breed. Large breeds often have large-sized teeth as well as a relatively larger oral cavity as compared to small or toy breeds.

These differences in teeth size need to be managed by employing a larger or smaller toothbrush accordingly.

Brush Head Size

Along similar lines, brush head size is also a determining factor when it comes to selecting a pet toothbrush. Remember, a large brush head cleans large-sized teeth in larger dog breeds. Conversely, a small brush head will efficiently clean small teeth.

Treat Your Pet Right and Brush Their Teeth

Bristle Softness

The softness of the bristles is a make or break factor when it comes to choosing a pet toothbrush. Human toothbrushes, even those of babies, have comparatively stiffer bristles which can damage the gums of your pet. Ample care must therefore be taken in not only selecting the right toothbrush but also in the technique used while brushing.

Handle Length

The handle length of a dog toothbrush decides how far back inside the mouth it can reach, without being unobtrusive at the same time.

A toothbrush with a long handle can easily scrub hard to reach places. On the other hand, shorter handles are great for brushing the teeth of pups or dogs with small mouths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use A Toothbrush for Humans On My Dog?

Using a toothbrush for humans for brushing your dog’s teeth is not recommended. Human toothbrushes have hard bristles that can injure a dog’s gums. Since you cannot feel the exact pressure you apply while brushing your dog, you need specially designed toothbrushes with soft bristles for gentle application.

How Often Should I Brush My Dog’s Teeth?

Daily brushing is the best way to maintain your dog’s oral health. That said, if you cannot find the time to do so, or if you use dental chews, you can brush your dog’s teeth on alternate days.

When Should I Replace My Dog’s Toothbrush?

It depends on the frequency of brushing. If you brush your dog’s teeth daily, replace the toothbrush every two months. Weekly brushing may make the brush last for longer. However, it is advisable to not keep using the same one beyond four to six months.


Finding the right dog toothbrush and using it along with a quality dog toothpaste is key to providing adequate dental care to your favorite pet. Any oral health problem can be avoided with the use of a proper dog toothbrush.

The plethora of dog toothbrushes in the market can make selecting one a tough task. This review of the ten best toothbrushes for dogs along with the buying guide is sure to help you in your search.

Wondering what’s the best of all options? Undoubtedly, the Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush for dogs conquers the first spot due to its all-round specifics and performance, as truly stated by users.

Best for Dog s Teeth and Dog s Mouth

Editor's Choice

Vetoquinol Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush for Dogs