What’s The Best Dog Lift Harness? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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Seeing your pets go through difficulties to get up from their lying position or seeing them experiencing pain while climbing stairs can be heartbreaking. Pets love long walks and running amok but due to certain conditions like age or injuries, their movements need extra support. In cases like this, the harness comes to their aid.

They are also extremely helpful while hiking and during rehabilitation after medical procedures. The harness can also be used to help lift the dog into the vehicle. The best dog harnesses are built to help the pets as well as the owner during occasional lifting.

With the data available to us and based on the product reviews on Amazon, this buying guide has been put together to help you folks in choosing the right harness for you and your dog. Here are our recommendations on the top lifting harnesses for your canine friend:




Help Your Dog Up and Down Stairs with this Harness

1. Outward Hound PupBoost Lift Harness

The Right Size Harness for Your Pet's Weight

2. PetSafe Solvit CareLift Lifting Aid Harness

Avoid Strain When Going Up Stairs at Home

3. PET FRIENDZ Veterinarian Approved Support Harness

Top 5 Best Dog Lift Harness

1. Outward Hound PupBoost Lift Harness

Help Your Dog Up and Down Stairs with this HarnessLetting your dog safely enter and travel in a car needs a lot of preparation. Outward Hound has designed a lift harness for dogs that makes it easy to lift them into cars. The dog lift harness wraps around the dog’s body, providing the necessary comfort to support the weight of even large dogs.  This high-quality dog support is fit for medium and large size breed dogs. The dog lift harness has adjustable straps to customize the chest circumference from thirty to thirty-six inches.

The dog sling has a padded torso cover to support the dog’s body while you lift your dog into the vehicle. The padding on the back and bottom further enhances the comfort provided. Also, the hook and lock style makes it easy for the dog to step in and out of the dog sling.  This also allows owners to easily help their pets go up a flight of stairs or enter a high vehicle.

It is not suitable for smaller pups nor is it ideal as a walking harness, as it strains the pet owners’ back. The brand offers a complete money-back guarantee in case of any customer dissatisfaction. The product comes with an easy-to-read user manual that contains detailed instructions. Moreover, the dog lift harness is easy to clean and can be machine washed.  This is the best dog lift harness for older and arthritic dogs to get around safely without much help. 



2. PetSafe Solvit CareLift Lifting Aid Harness

The Right Size Harness for Your Pet's Weight

PetSafe’s Solvit CareLift lifting harness for dogs is a versatile dog handle harness made from strong and durable materials that help older and differently-abled dogs as well as canines that are recovering from surgery. The dog lift harness supports the abdomen and hips with the belly band while being lifted. This way the dog’s weight is evenly distributed and the pressure is taken off from one particular point. 

The harness provides support to both the front legs and the rear part in case of weakness in both. The lifting harness can be used as a rear lift harness, front- only, or as a whole-body support sling. There is a specialized protector panel provided for male dogs which can be removed for female dogs. This resolves the issues with urination that the male dogs face.  Additionally, the padded leg loops are machine washable and the rest of the parts are easy to clean as well. 

The most noticeable feature of the lift harness is that it helps the dog in getting around, even climb the stairs without help. The CareLift makes it easy to use with the rubberized handles, leash to lift, and adjustable shoulder strap. It is available in only one color pattern (blue and black) but it comes in three different sizes. The split harness is available for all the canines from 7lb to 30 lb, regardless of the dog breed.



3. PET FRIENDZ Veterinarian Approved Support Harness

Avoid Strain When Going Up Stairs at Home

Being a harness with a handle for lifting and walking, this is certainly an easy favorite. Coming as a sling completely covering around your dog’s body with support handles, Pet Friendz offers a good product that is not as expensive as its competitors. The key feature of this lift harness is the extra front support provided to the dog’s chest to prevent slipping. This factor is extremely important when the canine is descending the stairs or getting down from the couch.  

Better fit and stability is assured by the new and improved buckle adjustment system. This support sling need not be kept away from water, nor does it take much time to dry owing to the increased permeability of the material. It is one of the best dog lift harnesses as it can be worn for longer periods. This may change according to the dog breeds, weather, and physical activities engaged in. Nonetheless, most of the users find it suited for prolonged use. Always be sure to check for irritation points and blisters though.

It doubles as a walking harness since it is a dog harness with handles that do not cause back pain to the pet owners. The harness comes in three different sizes, even for extremely large dogs but consider your ability to lift your dog since this is mainly a dog harness for lifting. The manufacturer offers a solid warranty and customer service in situations involving dissatisfaction. Your purchase will also come with the added benefit of a free de-shredding glove.  



4. Lepark Veterinarian Approved Lift Harness

A Useful Harness Even for Breeds with Large Sizes

Lepark’s dog sling harness is an ideal solution for dogs with mobility issues due to joint injuries, hip issues, or arthritis.  The mobility harness allows the pooch to move around freely and the soft material makes it convenient for the dog. It is a heavy-duty gear, appropriate for large dogs, suitable for dogs weighing up to 15lb to 45lb. Keep in mind, product reviews show that extra large dog breeds like Saint Bernard and Mastiffs do not find this dog support sling suitable. 

This dog rear lift harness has improved from the traditional model. The lift harness lowers the risk of developing back pain in both the pet owner and the pet. This harness can be worn for longer periods and is ideal for dogs who need assistance during potty, or the dog with ailments after surgeries and injuries. Moreover, the lift sling has a well-padded gripping region that makes dog lifting more comfortable. 

This is one of the best dog lift harness as it is easy to transport and clean, and does not get damaged in storage. The lift harness is machine washable but it is not advised to let it dry in the washing machine. Air-drying is the best way to get rid of the moisture in the breathable mesh. While being one of the best dog lift harnesses, it has also been able to support dogs of the smaller breeds. Remember, this support sling is not as expensive as others in the market, even with its added benefit and dual functions of walking and lift harness.  



5. Max And Neo Dog Lift Support and Rehab Harness

Varied Harness Sizes to Match Your Dog's Weight

This dog carrying harness serves many purposes, from being a hind support sling to being a rehabilitation harness and a walking harness with handles.  Crafted from heavy-duty nylon fabric for support and durability, the brand offers dog lift harnesses that support the spine, hips, and other major joints while moving around. The neoprene padding on the handles makes it easy for the pet owners to get a good grip while full-body lifting the dog into vehicles.

For a comfortable fitting, the harness has included adjustable straps and an overlapping velcro. As a result, this harness is easy to wear as well. The construction of the sturdy handles of the harness is at an optimal strap length to prevent tripping while walking in the house, nor do these handles induce hand cramps in the owner or walker while using it. These harnesses are can be left on for longer on female dogs. For males to be comfortable, something soft should be placed between the underside of the belly and the harness.  

The product comes in a variety of sizes, starting from medium and going up to large and extra-large. Another exceptional feature is the night safety thread stitching for added visibility. Speaking of cleanliness, the harness is easy to clean up since it is machine washable.  Moreover, the brand is noted for its contributions to dog rescue. Thus each purchase means that necessary dog supplies are donated to rescue dogs across the USA.  



Cute Pitbull In Green Harness

5 Reasons For Dog Lifting Harness

There are many benefits to using a dog lift harness apart from getting in and out of the car and posturing aid. The device helps pets with chronic pain or injury. Different types of support harnesses help with different health problems faced by the pets. These are five important reasons to purchase a dog lift harness for your pet:

1. Hip Dysplasia 

Resulting in pain and reduced mobility, hip dysplasia occurs as a result of cartilage wearing down. When the bone to bone contact increases due to the breakdown of cartilage in shallow sockets or underdeveloped joints, it results in friction and inflammation. This situation is called osteoarthritis and severely affects the physical well-being of the dog. 

Sling lift harnesses give support to the aching body parts in such cases. A dog support harness helps the dog to move around, climb stairs, and access vehicles without causing irritation. 

2. Arthritis

When the canine has indulged in excess movement during the younger years or if they possess unhealthy bones from birth, chances are that they develop diseases like arthritis more often than not. This is an autoimmune disease resulting in inflamed joints and aching of the ligament which means that the canine needs help to move around. 

Patients of this disease feel extreme pain while getting up and bending their inflamed joints which slowly leads to reduced mobility. This condition gets worse over time, and a dog lift harness is the best choice. For dogs with issues like this, the dog lift harness takes the dog’s weight off the aching bones. In addition, the medication reduces the pain during flare-ups, but the mobility is still limited. Sling lift harnesses are the best options to provide full-body support, comfort, and assistance to your canine best friend who has arthritis.

3. Old Age

With age, dogs lose their strength, and their muscles begin to atrophy. Aging dogs may also have many other ailments. Many activities become easily tiring and most of them revolve around laying on the floor to avoid exertion.  With all the love pets deserve, they need proper care during trying times like this.

For dogs like this, a harness to brace their chest, hips, abdomen, and shoulders makes it far easier for them to walk. Usually, a vest harness is precisely what a graying dog needs. A properly fitted harness will make it safer to assist your dog in getting up and going around with minimal pain. 

4. Traumatic Injury

Anything from a sprained knee to broken hips can result in reduced stability and support harnesses help your dog with it. Traumatic injuries lead to an experience of intense pain for the short term. Taking weight off the injured part is critical to healing. 

A dog harness with handle for lifting aids the healing process by taking the pressure off the injured parts. Going out for walks and regular potty sessions are necessary even with the injury, otherwise, it may result in urinary tract infections.  The best-suited harness types vary with the conditions and the location of the injury.  

A Harness Suitable for Medium Large Dogs5. Recent Surgery

Without a doubt, healing after surgery will inhibit the mobility of the pet. As described by the vet, regular movement is good for the dog. While exercising the necessary precautions, a dog support harness would help your dog to move around without aggravating the site of surgery. 

A dog lift harness, by facilitating movement, helps prevent secondary problems from developing. Engaging in unsupervised activity can result in straining the muscles or bleeding, harnesses make sure to avoid such problems. The post-operation instructions should be read and followed carefully as it is in the dog’s best interest. 

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Important Features to Consider

Design, fit, girth adjustment, and leash attachment points are some factors to consider before purchasing. To ensure that you pick the best dog lift harness for your dog, here are a few features to be taken into consideration beforehand:

Proper Size

Nothing irritates both the dog and the owner as much as an ill-fitting harness. When the dog keeps slipping out of the dog lift harness, they are at a higher risk of injury. Due to sizing issues, if the edges of the harness dig into the shoulder or the fur gets matted under the harness, the dogs start giving trouble to the owner. 

The manufacturer’s guide on measurements has to be given a closer look before making purchases. Test the harness indoors before to ensure their quality before taking them out.  This is the case whether for small, medium, and large dogs. There are also recommended weight limits to each size harness which should also be considered when choosing one for your pet.

Comfortable Materials

Another one of the most important features to consider is the comfort provided by the material used. Any fabric that has moderate flexibility and comfortability will work in a sling for dogs but the best products are the ones that use high-quality lightweight materials, for example, nylon, polyester, or cotton. 

Check for information on materials that are machine washable and easy to dry. Soft lining or padding along the interior of the harnesses with nylon or fleece lining also adds to the comfort offered to the dogs. Remember to look for products with a harness handle that has adequate length and comfortability so that the owner’s hand is safe.  

Multiple Positive Review on Amazon.com


Harnesses with adjustable straps are an essential accessory all pet owners must-have. The capacity to accommodate varying girth measurements is an important facility in harnesses for growing dogs. Look for harnesses that have sufficient space to alter and fit the dog without being suffocating. Read the contents on the brand packaging to know more about the device and how to work with it.

A harness with adequate buckle closures and snap-clip to fit the pet well is a great convenience. This feature becomes of use mostly for large and extra-large breeds. The number of leash attachment points and the adjustability of the leash are other features to keep an eye out for. 

Ergonomic Design

While searching for sleek exterior designs in harness, get a harness that can support your dogs’ weight. The best harness has the ability to evenly distribute the pup’s weight and allows the owner to hold them at suitable heights while lifting. At the same time, these features should not put undue stress on the muscles or on the joint injuries. Adjustable attachment points and straps included in the design make sure of this. Hence, before placing the order, be sure to look at the reviews on the design as well. 

Harnesses that brace the front part like a chest harness or shoulder harness care for the neck or spine issues in small dogs. They also help with the balance problems faced by dogs as it is common for dogs to develop problems in their rear part. Alternatively, rear support style harnesses are suited in this case. 

Proper care and maintenance of the harness lead to longer life and durability. Also, the protection and comfort offered by the products remain with careful handling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a dog’s hind legs to collapse?

The collapse or weakness in the hind legs of the dog might be one of the signs of an underlying disorder. This sudden loss of the ability to use the back limbs properly is called Degenerative Myelopathy. Disc Disease, Fibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE), neuritis, spinal cord hemorrhage, or a tumor might be the reason behind the sudden collapse of the back legs. With good care, most dogs make a full recovery from this condition. 

Is it bad to keep a harness on a dog all the time?

It is not advised to leave a harness on all the time. Occasionally remove the harness to let the body breathe and make sure that the hair is not matted. Leaving the harness on is good for training and reinforcement but freeing the dog from its harness once every few hours will help with the full-body blood circulation as well. At times there are chances for tripping in the handles or leash attachment if the harness is kept on for long.  

How can I help my old dog with weak back legs?

To support a senior dog’s weight with weakening back legs, exercise and nutrition are highly crucial. Adjust the dietary and physical training schedules for such dogs. Assisted mobility by making use of dog lift support harness allows the senior pooch to get around the place. Slings for dogs also help in carrying aging dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis. The dog sling also takes the pressure away from the midsection of the body.   


The best dog lift harness is crafted from comfortable fabrics and should have enough lining and padding for comfortability and security. It should be able to bear the load of the dog being lifted without hurting the dog as well as the owner. Another important feature is that it should be machine washable. Most importantly, the ease of transport and store the product endear it to the users.

With everything above in mind, the top pick for the best dog support and lift harness is the Outward Hound PupBoost Lift Harness. Entirely comfortable and fit for large breeds, the harness’ best feature is the well-padded piece that covers the entire torso, giving special protection to the rib cage and the hip joint.

Besides, another reason that makes the Outward Hound PupBoost Lift Harness the top pick is its moderate price range and that the harness can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Our top choice does not have to be the best option for you, search for the product suiting your needs. It is essential that you give a lot of thought to the harness purchased for the dog. These devices make life easy for everyone, so consult the vets and make informed choices so that the dog enjoys their freedom of motion while being contained for safety.

The best dog parent is the one who takes the security and well-being of their canine friends into consideration so they can have their pets doing activities that pets love.

Help Your Dog Up and Down Stairs with this Harness

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Outward Hound PupBoost Lift Harness