What’s The Best Dog Jacket? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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A winter dog coat is a great investment if you are a pet owner who resides in cold regions. However, low temperatures aren’t the only reason owners purchase a winter coat.

Dogs benefit greatly from having a jacket, especially if they are senior dogs or sick dogs. Winter dog coats will also insulate your pet and keep him toasty.

Variables that matter when making your choice include style, if it is water-resistant, size, dog breeds, degree of use, and more. 

Choosing the best dog coats can be tough with so many factors to consider. This is why we put together this handy list to help you keep your pup cozy and warm this winter.




Winter Coat for Your Pet Pooch

1. Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated Dog Quilted Coat

Dog Winter Coat to Keep Your Pet Warm

2. Frisco Basic Dog & Cat Fleece Vest

Reflective Trim on Dog Winter Coat

3. 3 Dog Pet Supply Personalized Softshell Dog Jacket

Our 7 Best Dog Jackets

1. Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated Dog Quilted Coat

Winter Coat for Your Pet Pooch

This reversible, quilted jacket is designed to keep your dog warm in cold weather. Since it’s waterproof, you won’t have to worry about your pup getting wet in rain or snow.

The material is a Microtomic Ripstop material with a Polytech fill. This ensures that your pup is not only warm and dry but can move without constriction. 

The winter dog coat has piping that’s reflective so that you can go on any adventures without worrying about visibility. Additionally, the zipper is two-way, meaning that you can have access to his collar or harness underneath the jacket in case you need to attach a leash.



2. Frisco Basic Dog & Cat Fleece Vest

Dog Winter Coat to Keep Your Pet Warm

Dog owners are sure to love this fashionable and functional dog jacket made with high-quality polyester fleece lining. This simple lining is great if you only require a light layer for protection in winter.

Hook-and loop-fasteners ensure a secure fit, and the additional leash opening allows you to attach the leash without having to remove the coat.

Not only is the dog coat available in a variety of colors so that your dog can be as stylish as possible, but it also has adorable bone embroidery on the back.



3. 3 Dog Pet Supply Personalized Softshell Dog Jacket

Reflective Trim on Dog Winter Coat

Pet parents who reside in colder climates have a lot to benefit for their pooches through this softshell jacket. Be it stormy winds or relentless rainfall, the inner and outer materials come with foolproof protection from various weather conditions.

Want to personalize your dog’s jacket? Dream come true, right? Add a name tag, address tag, or any kind of personalization that fits your pet’s appearance.

Despite the inclusion of heavy-duty materials and added personalization factors, this dog jacket yet manages to retain the coziness required. More than all, the fabric is soft as butter and the added polyester erases all worries regarding cold weather.



4. Afp Lambswool Jacket

Best Jacket for Your Furry Pet

Best suited for extremely low temperatures, this dog winter coat serves as a great way to insulate your pup and protect it from feeling cold.

The velcro straps function as the perfect closure system, especially if your puppy has thick fur that can get caught in zippers. Velcro straps also ensure that the dog winter coats are easy to put on and take off, which is ideal if you have a temperamental pup.

With the high-waisted fit, this winter coat will not burden your dog in any manner and let it indulge in all your adventures freely.



5.Frisco Stretchy Dog & Cat Fleece Vest

Best Water Resistant Jacket for Dog

Another fleece dog winter coat, this product works for both dogs and cats! The versatile design lets your pet’s skin breathe while also keeping them cozy.

Moreover, the stretchy fabric makes sure there is no restriction of movement so that your pup can freely play and run. The jackets are easy to put on and take off due to their pull-over design, and additionally, they are also warm enough to function as light dog winter coats. 

Dog walkers will have no complaints of their dog having issues in winter with this soft, fleece jacket that promises to keep their pup cozy with its snug fit and superior quality fabrics.



6. Cp D 360 Jacket

Cold Weather Jacket for Puppies

One of the best dog jackets available, these insulated dog winter coats are extremely stylish. These come in three different designs and are the perfect choice due to their faux-down insulation and light fleece lining.

With multiple size options and a relaxed fit that helps your dog stay unencumbered, this jacket is ideal for those looking to strike a balance between style and functionality.

Additionally, this 100% polyester jacket has a pull-over style to make putting it on or taking it off quick and easy. It also offers an extra zippered neck and fleece protector. 



7. Huggle D Jacket

Winter Dog Coat to Keep Warm

Made of superior quality, genuine wool, and lined with soft fleece, this jacket is best suited for those pet owners who need a dog coat for harsh winters.

The jacket has coordinated web trimming and is available in plaid patterns. Furthermore, there is a hook and loop fastening system in place to make putting on and taking off the jacket simple and fast.

If you are someone who enjoys going on walks with your pet even in low temperatures, this is the pick for you.



Avoid Your Dog Getting Hypothermia

When Does a Dog Need a Jacket?

Many owners do not know all the reasons for the use of a jacket for dogs. Dogs can require a coat for a multitude of reasons: short or thin fur, illness, old age, and more. Read on to know more.

If a Dog is Thin

Thin dogs require dog jackets as they may not have enough fat to shield them from winter weather. A winter jacket can protect them from low temperatures and reduce discomfort.

If a Dog has Short/Thin Fur

Short-haired dogs do not have thick coats that can protect them from the cold. Hence, giving them a jacket can help keep them warm.

If a Dog is Sick

Sick or recovering dogs need to be kept warm so that they can recuperate well. Providing a dog jacket will help retain body heat as well [1].

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are often likely to develop health issues, therefore it is vital to make sure they are warm and comfortable. A dog vest can serve this purpose.

What to Consider When Choosing a Dog Jacket?

As a dog owner, before you pick jackets for dogs, you should take into account the different variables that can help you determine the best choice for you and your dog. Below, we have listed these variables.


Naturally, depending on where you live factors into choosing the best dog coat. For cool climates, fleece jackets work best. Whereas freezing climates demand multi-layered jackets.


Another important variable is the use of dog gear. Purchasing winter dog coats is necessary if you live in cold regions, but in warmer regions, a light jacket can work well.

How it’s Put On

For a long-haired dog breed, zippers do not work well as they can get caught on the fur. In this case, velcro straps or buckles are ideal methods of attachment.

Additional Features

A few other things you should keep in mind are how durable the coat is and the material used to make it. If you live in a metropolitan city, reflective straps are essential to keep your dog visible to cars.

Different Sizes of Jackets for Pups

Important Features To Consider

Before purchasing warm dog jackets, there are several things to keep in mind like fit, size, style, use, and more. In this section, we explore these aspects.


When picking a coat, choosing a size that can best fit your dog is vital. If it slips off while your dog is running or playing, it is too big for your pet. Ensure to take proper measurements before choosing your pet jacket.

Ease of Washing

The more often your dog wears its coat, the more washing you will have to do. For this reason, it is a good idea to look for machine washable coats for increased ease of washing.

Leash hole

A leash portal is a great addition to a coat, especially if you take your dog on walks often. It will make attaching a leash without having to take off the jacket much easier.


If your coat choice is for style, thickness does not factor in much. However, if you need it to protect your pup from the cold, stick the thicker coats that insulate better.


As mentioned previously, fleece works in an average cold climate and multiple layers are better in freezing temperatures.

Waterproof Fabric

In places that experience a lot of rain and snow, waterproof coats are ideal as they are multi-purpose. Not only do they have water resistance, but they also provide warmth.


Many coats have a hood style. This can be inconvenient for many dogs as it can restrict vision. Remember to make your choice based on whether your dog will be uncomfortable with a hood or not.

Keeps Your Dog From Getting Cold

Signs of Early Hypothermia in Dogs

If you suspect your dog is suffering from hypothermia, there are many signs and symptoms you can watch out for to catch it early and get help as soon as possible.


Prolonged exposure to low temperatures can cause your dog to shiver constantly. If your dog is shivering even after you are in warm surroundings, consult a vet.

Rapid Breathing

A dog will often breathe rapidly to bring up its body temperature after spending a long time in cold conditions. But in case your dog is breathing rapidly for too long, it might be hypothermia.

Fur and Skin are Cold

If you have just stepped in from the outdoors, your dog’s fur will naturally be cold to the touch. However, it should warm up soon. If it doesn’t, you should keep a close watch for other symptoms of hypothermia.

Trouble Walking

Hypothermic pups often face difficulties while walking. In case your dog is not walking comfortably even after warming up, it could be a warning sign of something more serious.

Various Jacket Sizes Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need jackets in winter?

Yes. Based on where you live, you should have coats for dogs handy. The style depends on how cold it gets. A simple puffer coat might be enough, while some dogs can require thicker materials for their jackets to keep them adequately warm.

Do dogs like wearing jackets?

Some dogs might hate wearing jackets, but they can still be trained with treats and rewards. Ideally, you should start training your dog to wear a coat while they are still a pup as this will give them more time to acclimatize to it.

Should dogs wear coats in the rain?

Yes. A rain jacket can keep your pooch shielded from getting wet in the rain. This is especially important if you live in areas with high precipitation levels.

Should you walk your dog in cold weather?

Yes. Since dogs require regular walks as exercise and stimulation, you will have to walk them in the cold weather too. Hence, get a coat to keep your pup warm when you go out for your daily walks.


Dog jackets are multifunctional items that all dog owners should possess. Not only are they fashionable, but they also have protective functions and are essential additions to your canine companion’s wardrobe.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn whatever you need to know to choose the best dog jackets to keep your pup warm and toasty throughout winters.

Winter Coat for Your Pet Pooch

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Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated Dog Quilted Coat