What’s the Best Dog Harness for Running? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Running is an exercise that we can do with our dogs to help us remain in good health. Having your beloved pet with you is always a good idea whether it is a light jog, trail, or longer adventures. In such cases, however, good quality gear and accessories are needed so as to avoid any unwanted damage or injuries to our puppies.

Would it not be amazing if you could go out running with your dogs without too much strain about their safety? Well, your search ends here.

Dog harnesses are devices that ensure the comfort and safety of your furry friends while running, all while looking stylish and aesthetically pleasing. To cut your work down further, here are some of our recommendations, tips and picks for the best dog harnesses for running that are currently available on the market.

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Best Dog Harnesses for running with Lightweight Mesh

1. 4Paws Tech Starlight Reflective Harness

Best Dog Harnesses for running with Lightweight Mesh

2. Canadian Canine Mesa Harness

Safe Harnesses for Your Dog with Chest and Belly Straps

3. PetSafe 3-In-1 Harness

Top 6 Best Dog Lift Harness

1. 4 Paws Tech StarLight Reflective Harness

Best Dog Harnesses for running with Lightweight Mesh

This harness for your dog features a well-built and hefty closure, with the adjustment capacity being so well designed that it fits according to the contouring of your dog’s body shape. The running harness is available in 2 lively colors – Teal Blue and Ruby Red- and is equipped with five rows of reflective nylon stitching making it more visible at night or in low-light situations.

Designed with running in mind, this harness helps keep your do comfortable and secure with a padded chest area so that any force exerted is equally dispersed. The provision of the heavy-duty D ring of the harness helps with easy leash attachment. This dog harness is also available at a very reasonable price and would fall within budget for most people.



2. Canadian Canine Mesa Harness

Best Dog Harnesses for running with Lightweight Mesh

This harness is designed for dogs who especially love exploring and sports like hiking, trekking, etc. One of the best dog harnesses for running features a padded handle which makes it easy for you to hold as you run. It also provides comfort to your dogs with its breathable air mesh material and inner padding.

Two attachment points – one at the front, near the chest, and the other one at the back – facilitated by metal D rings, help with reducing the threat of hurting your dog’s throat if it pulls on it. The harness offers four adjustment points ensuring a secure and snug fit while also keeping it easy to put on and take off. Provision of the reflective trim assists you and other runners to see your dog even in low-lighting situations.

Available in four vibrant colors, it not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is also exceptionally durable with a reasonable price. The design is engineered in such a manner, that the fur of your pet will not get tangled in it therefore preventing any potential injury.



3. PetSafe 3-In-1 Harness

Safe Harnesses for Your Dog with Chest and Belly Straps

This remarkably lightweight is one of the best harnesses for running. It has proven to be ideal for small dogs like chihuahuas and pugs, or dogs who do not like being put in a harness. Being this lightweight, it gives your dog all the freedom it may need. The metal D ring provided in the front provides you with a solution if your dog pulls too much and it is available in three beautiful colors.

Easy to adjust, the five adjustment points make sure that the PetSafe 3-In-1 Harness sits snugly on your running partner. It also comes with attachments and safety restraint options for when you would like to take your dogs out on rides in your four-wheeler, without worrying too much about the safety of your pup. For better visibility in the dark, the adjustable straps are made of reflective material.

All-in-all, it can easily be used as an everyday dog training harness with the provision of the standard back clip, but it also holds the capability of transitioning into a no-pull solution with the help of the v-ring design or the front clip. The versatility of this harness makes it an easy answer to the majority of your problems.



4. EZYDOG QuickFit Harness

How to Protect your Dog's Belly Areas While Running

This harness is designed to provide a secure fit for your dog’s body. The neoprene padding in the chest strap boosts the comfort level while providing strength and support even while running. Besides the neoprene lining, this dog running harness also incorporates water-resistant technology which makes it easy for your pet to go out and have fun without caring about the season.

Ideal for active dogs who exercise, it comes with quick one-click buckle clips quickly making it easy for dog owners to put on and adjust. The leash attachment ring features stainless steel, rustproof D ring which is also welded, thus carefully securing the leash. For better night-time visibility, the EZYDOG QuickFit Harness comes with reflective trim as well. This neoprene harness also features multiple adjustable straps with webbing made of nylon, ensuring a comfortable fit. The straps are also a bit wider which assists dogs with thicker coats because since the strap is wider, it stays flat against their fur and does not twist.

Available in different sizes and four attractive colors, you will not have any trouble finding the right fit for your pet. You can also add an ID clip for your dog’s identification tag.



5. Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness

Different Types of Chest Straps for Your Dogs

This running harness comes with two leash attachments made out of metal, with one located on the chest strap which helps with the no-pull feature. You can easily stop your dogs from pulling while you are out on walks, using the chest attachment clip, thus giving you better control for when your pet randomly starts running off in another direction. The other one is located at the back, best suited for activities like running, jogging, etc.

It also comes with four adjustable straps – two near the chest and two near the neck – which can be adjusted according to your dog’s body. Available with wide measurements of the neck girth and chest girth, it is ideally suitable for dog breeds that are larger in size.

With the reflective stitching along the entire running harness, Rabbitgoo No-Pull Harness ensures safety during day or night runs. It is made out of nylon which is a highly durable and comfortable material, and the breathable padding lets you keep your dog cool. It is available in a variety of over eight color options, found on amazon.com.



6. MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness

The Perfect Running Harness for Dog

This premium quality harness has been reviewed to be one of the safest harnesses out there. Crash tested according to government standards; it ensures full security of your furry companion while also being suitable for any kind of car and easy to attach to the seat so you can take your beloved dog on car rides.

The MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness features a one-of-a-kind, patented stab-lock style fastener that will not open under high-pressure situations and can withstand large amounts of stress without breakage. The small size has been tested to withstand a minimum weight of 2,205lb / 1,000kg, while the medium, large and extra-large can withstand a minimum of 4,410lb / 2,000kg.

The classy appearance of this dog harness was developed by a German company with many years of experience, with the construction established with the help of veterinarians, purely out of high-end materials only. The AustriAlpin Cobra Quick Release technology, which has also been patented, makes it very easy to put on and remove the dog harness.

It is made of high quality, tear-resistant polyester fabric with leash connections and clasps made out of stainless steel. The padding provided is incredibly soft and prevents chafing and irritation to the dog’s skin. Highly adjustable, it is an ideal choice for many people as it is also washable, keeps your pet in place, and provides extra protection for emergencies by the addition of the reflective strips.



Harness with Girth Straps that Fit Neck and Chest

Important Features to Consider

Shopping for the best dog harness for running that also provides your dog with the highest level of comfort and security can be a pretty tiring job, especially if you are a new dog owner. Since it is crucial to consider certain indispensable features before making the final decision or any purchases, apart from the dog running harness reviews mentioned above, this section explores anything and everything you need to know in order for you to make the perfect purchase.

Reflective Strips

Reflective strips or reflective stitching on the dog harness is a vital part, especially if you like going outdoors for night walks or runs. It helps the oncoming traffic to easily spot your dog while also ensuring it stays in your line of sight. Some of the best dog harnesses for running on the market come with reflective stitching or seams but if you need an easy solution, you can always stick reflective tape on the harness you already own as this has proven to be an effective substitute. Dog harnesses with LED lights can also come in handy.

Dog harnesses or collars that come with LED lights rely on batteries and getting recharged from time to time. Some dog LED collars and harnesses have a battery life to last for hours on end before they need to charge. These can prove to be a great alternative to the standard reflective trims as they are very flashy and therefore can attract attention very easily.


To make sure your dog is comfortable and secure in its harness should be your top-most concern. The right harness should not slide on your dog’s body as it can irritate the dog. It should come with light padding to prevent chafing and friction, and made of comfortable material like nylon, to keep your dog cool while running. A comfortable harness will also make sure your dog does not chew on it thus increasing its durability.

We would recommend getting a harness with comfortable padding, especially around the neck, chest and belly areas. Breathable and airy mesh would also add another bonus element for your pet.

There are also hands-free harnesses available on the market that make runs easier for you too. These hands-free options allow you to run without holding the dog leash in your hand. These leashes are usually tied around your waist, comfortable enough for you to run without interruptions. However, these leashes are made a bit longer to accommodate a safe distance between your pet and yourself.

Front Range Harness Top Pick for Running Partners


Every dog breed is different in terms of size and shape, so to ensure a snug fit on your dog’s body it is important to get a running dog harness with multiple points of adjustment. Keep in mind that the running harness should not be too tight as it can lead to irritation for the dog and breathing problems as well. 

The best dog harness for runners would come with multiple straps for adjustments. These straps make it easier for you to adjust the harness to fit the particular dog’s size and shape. Some of the best harnesses for dogs have straps made out of nylon webbing, that are easy to shorten or lengthen with extra adjustment space provided, along with durable and long-lasting buckles.


The best food for Bichon Frise dog will contain essential vitamins and minerals. As such, you should check on the type of minerals and vitamins present in your selected Bichon Frise food. Your pup will need pet food with fresh vegetables to boost his essential vitamins and minerals concentration, which play a massive role in improving skin condition and making the coat shiny. A harness should be able to resist and last through all the tension and strains of outdoor activities. This can be possible only if the harness is made from durable materials like nylon or polyester, which have the ability to last. Another bonus can be if the harness has a second inner lining, is double stitched or if it is chew resistant. 

Handles can be made out of soft leather. The leash attachments should ideally be made out of metal, and the straps should be sturdy and resilient, enough to withstand the tension caused due to running.

Bungee Leash Sponge Padding Harness

Accurate Sizing

Size is important to find the harness that will fit your dog perfectly. If your dog harness is too loose, it proposes the threat of an easy escape with lesser control and if it ends up being too tight, it can restrict their motion, lead to irritation and discomfort [1].

Accurate measurements must be taken of your dog’s neck, chest, and belly area before referring to the sizing chart available on the manufacturer’s website for precise sizing options. It is usually recommended to get a size up if your recorded measurements lie between two sizes. However, the design of the harness should not be disregarded in this case, as it can indirectly reflect on the size. All in all, the best harness for your dog should fit like a glove.

Front and Back Leash Attachment

Front leash attachments in a harness for a dog are a vital component, especially for dogs that are prone to pulling a lot. This attachment successfully disperses the amount of force exerted on the dog’s neck if it is a puller and prevents a painful situation, especially around his neck. It is placed on the strap in a way that it ends up in the middle of the chest plate of your dog. It is also ideal if your pet can get distracted easily. However, the no-pull features in harnesses can cause friction in your pup’s armpits if the size is incorrect.

Back leash attachments are ideal for running, walking, or jogging and are usually a lot more durable. They are placed strategically between the shoulder blades and provide control but not as much as the front leashes. Some of the best dog running harnesses available today also feature multiple leash attachment points. 

Running Harnesses Dogs that Fit Perfectly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run with a prong collar on your dog?

No, prong collars (or a leash and dog collar in general) can cause the dog to choke or experience pain and discomfort while on a run. It is usually advised to use a high-quality dog harness for running as they come with back leash attachments which are easier for you to control and ideal for runs and jogs.

How tight should a dog harness be?

A dog harness should not be so tight that it constricts movement and causes soreness, or so loose that the dog slips out. If you are new to this, follow the “Two-finger rule” which is to slide two of your fingers between your dog and the harness, if successful, this proves a comfortable and snug fit. 

Is running with a dog good?

Yes, running with your dog is a good idea as it helps both of you with fitness. However, keep in mind to not overwork your dog by running for longer distances right off the bat. Start off by running a smaller distance and slowly build up to a longer one.


A great dog harness made for running should ideally have all the qualities mentioned above. Be sure to make the right purchase and invest your money in the best running harness for dogs to ensure durability. The price might look like a lot at the moment, but this investment would definitely be a long-term investment.

There is a huge array of brands online and offline with a number of factors for consideration, but something to be mindful of would be what your dog specifically needs.

Among others, our best pick is the 4 Paws Tech StarLight Reflective Harness due to the boosted visibility it provides during the night time along with a sturdy closure, comfortable padding, snug fit, and plenty of color options.

Take your time, do your research, find the benefits, each downside, and details of as many harnesses for running as you can, but make sure to make the right bet for the love of your canine companions.

Best Dog Harnesses for running with Lightweight Mesh

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4Paws Tech Starlight Reflective Harness