What’s The Best Dog Harness For Large Dogs? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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It is always fun to have your giant dog be part of your day-to-day adventures, be it a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the beach. For both you and your large dog to have fun together, you should invest in the best dog harness for large dogs to ensure your pup’s comfort and safety.

Even if your big boy is not a puller, a harness can offer more comfort and security on their daily walks. [1] Although there is a wide selection of dog harnesses available out there, not all are ideal for large dogs. Some are too small, while others don’t have the strength to withstand the force that a giant dog can exert.

On the other hand, others don’t have all the important features of the best large dog harness. No matter your dog’s temperament and behavior, our buying guide should be of immense help to you.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog harnesses for large dogs, here are our top choices.




Kurgo Tru Fit Smart - best harness for large dogs

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness

MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness dog padded chest

2. MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness

EZYDOG QuickFit Harness

3. EZYDOG QuickFit Harness

Top 7 Best Dog Harness For Large Dogs

1. Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart - best harness for large dogs

The Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is our top pick for the best harness for large dogs (and their owners) – and for good reason! Its straps and buckles are durable, while a padded chest plate is added to increase comfort. Moreover, it features both front and back attachment points for enhanced flexibility and an instant solution to dog pulling. It is also very easy to take on and take off.

The Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness clearly stands out also because of its vest-shape that doesn’t constrict a pup’s neck like ordinary harnesses would when, for instance, you tug on the leash to divert your pup’s attention away from a tempting scent or a dashing squirrel.

Additionally, this product is made of long-lasting materials that do not tear easily against a dog’s sharp nails or irritate your dog’s skin from normal play and pulling. Its dual leash attachment points give you better control over your dog while out and about.

The Smart Harness fits pups weighing around 5 to 110 pounds and with chest circumferences of up to 44 inches. There is a wide variety of sizes to choose from, so most pet owners should find something to suit their pooches.

Plus, the Smart Harness has a lifetime warranty against any material flaws. However, there is a small fee to replace it in case your dog ends up chewing through the straps.



2. MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness

MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness dog padded chest

The MIM AllSafe Comfort Safety Harness is one of the most comfortable harnesses for large dogs currently available on the market. This best dog harness provides a safe and secure way for you and your furry passenger to enjoy your travels.

Its stylish design was built in Germany by a manufacturer with over eighteen years of experience in the production of crash-tested dog harnesses.

This harness has been designed and developed using only high-quality materials, including high-strength polyester fabric manufactured in collaboration with expert veterinarians. It has also been thoroughly tested in the field for any defects.

A broad chest plate and soft padding eliminate tension and keep your dog comfortable, safe and secure during your adventures, while the sturdy handles give the owner more control.

It also features high load layered steel connectors to enhance the protection of your dog even in extreme conditions in a road crash.



3. EZYDOG QuickFit Harness

EZYDOG QuickFit Harness

Another great harness for giant dogs is the EZYDOG QuickFit Harness. This sleek and durable harness is quite similar to a collar when it comes to usability. Since it is thin and light, it doesn’t exert any extra pressure on your dog’s skin.

EzyDog has developed this large dog harness for the best and quickest fit since it features a quick-snap buckle system, which allows dog owners to take it on and off much faster than low-cost harnesses.

As for material, the EZYDOG QuickFit is made of strong nylon, which is integrated with special neoprene padding. This sturdy design allows you to buckle up your dog with ease and control him in any way you want. Moreover, the neoprene padding included around the chest region helps to keep your dog comfortable and safe all day long.

It is designed in such a manner in which any exerted force is evenly distributed around the webbing to ensure that your dog is safe from possible injuries. It leaves enough space for your pet’s breathing. This also helps to keep your dog safe and alleviate any worries you may have.

Another great thing to note about this well made large dog harness is its reflective trim across the webbing, which ensures better visibility at night and in low visibility conditions. This helps to lower the risk of crashes and this, an excellent safety feature as well.



4. Canada Pooch Everything Harness

Canada Pooch Everything Harness

If you’re looking for the most comfortable harness for large dogs, you should check out the Canada Pooch Everything Harness. This best dog harness has a unique and stylish design that is perfect for dogs that enjoying walking but need to look good while doing it.

This sleek and lightweight product is made of polyester, making it a touch more comfortable and safe. Its highly adjustable straps and leash attachments ensure a great fit, while the soft back and chest sections help to prevent chaffing and possible discomfort or pain when running, jogging, or hunting.

The Canada Pooch Everything Harness includes both breathable and waterproof mesh choices to accommodate various activities.

With back and front leash attachment points and an inbuilt top handle, the Canada Pooch Everything Harness is ideal for a wide range of adventures and activities.



5. FurHaven Soft & Comfy Mesh Harness

Soft & Comfy Mesh Harness with d-ring

Another dog harness for big dogs is the Soft & Comfy Mesh Harness from FurHaven. This device helps to minimize pressure on your dog’s skin without pulling out their hair. This comfortable dog harness is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable.

It has a fully adjustable mesh that uses a lightweight mesh fabric with soft padding. It also features a quick-release buckle system and adjustable belly straps to provide a suitable fit that is quick and easy to adjust. With its D-ring hook, it is very easy and fast to attach.

Moreover, the presence of a paw emblem on its chest area helps to ensure that your dog will always look good during your outings. This excellent lightweight dog harness will help provides better control, making walking or hiking with your large dog a safe, pleasant, and fun experience.



6. FurHaven Easy-Comfort Pet Harness

Easy-Comfort Pet Harness for dog

This is yet another new dog harness from FurHaven that has earned rave reviews from users on the internet. The Easy-Comfort pet Harness offers an excellent alternative to traditional dog collars that tend to put a lot of unnecessary strain on a dog’s neck areas.

This product has been developed in the US and has been thoroughly tested to ensure it meets all the requirements for durability, emissions, and content. In addition, it has been tested and proven to be safe for dogs by independent, certified testing labs.

The Easy-Comfort Pet Harness features fully adjustable chest sizing and thick chest padding to help enhance comfort. With heavy-duty metal construction, this harness is sure to last long.

With its convenient attachment, the product can be easily attached to your car’s seatbelt to ensure the security of your dog while traveling. It comes in black color and can also be clipped to leads and leashes.



7. Tall Tails Braided Harness Multi

Tall Tails Braided Harness Multi

If you’re looking for a stylish dog harness that will match your dog’s unique personality, then the Tall Tails Braided Harness Multi is designed for you. A family-run company that began as Triboro Quilt & Mfg. Corp. in the year 1933, Tall Tails is known for its range of high-quality, durable, and highly affordable pet products.

Designed from multicolored braided nylon webbing, this large breed dog harness is integrated with a braided leash and the remarkable rope leash.

The smooth and durable nylon fabric material helps to ensure the comfort of your pet during your outdoor adventure. Harness convenience is of the utmost importance, so this Tall Tails product is designed for quick and safe buckle attachment.

The braided collar ensures comfort, movability, and breathability, reduces frustration on your part, and allows you and your pup to enjoy a peaceful walk on a regular basis.

Another great thing is the fact that this no pull dog harness comes in three different sizes, from S to XL, to suit dogs of various body shapes. Give your four-legged friend function and style with the revolutionary Tall Tails Braided Harness Multi.



best dog harnesses should have plenty of features with little problems

4 Size Guidelines For Harness For Large Dogs

When you’re looking for the best harness for large dogs, you will come across a wide variety of harnesses. Most of them will be labeled by sizes. However, these labels have little meaning on their own. One company’s ‘large’ might be another’s ‘extra-large’. Therefore, it is always important to follow the right size guidelines for the best large dog harnesses.

We recommend following the company’s sizing guidelines since different harnesses for dogs work in different ways.

Picking a no-pull harness that is too tight will only end up hurting your dog. A harness that hugs your pooch too loosely will only allow them to wiggle out and hence, will not serve its purpose. Therefore, it’s extremely important to choose the right fit for your best friend.

Almost all the best large dog harnesses available today use a combination of 4 different guidelines to determine the right size.

1. Weight

Although you should not use weight alone as a measure of the right harness size, it is an important factor to consider for some harnesses. The buckles, metal hardware, and stitching are used graded for pups of a certain size, so it’s important to ensure your dog’s size is within the range suggested by the manufacturer.

2. Length Of Torso

While the length of the torso is not a major consideration for many harnesses, some manufacturers recommend using the consideration along with the neck and chest circumference.

It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s directions for determining your dog’s length of torso since different manufacturers use different ways to determine the length of the torso.

3. Chest Circumference

Chest circumference is typically the most important factor to consider when choosing a no-pull harness. Don’t rely only on your pup’s weight when determining their harness size. Even a smaller dog can be remarkably deep-chested. Although a sleek Great Dane and a Newfoundland may have the same weight, they will most likely have different chest sizes.

To get an accurate measurement of your dog’s chest, make sure to fit your tape measure around the broadest section. Avoid measuring behind your pet’s arms; begin by measuring from the lowermost part of your pet’s dog’s chest/rib cage.

types of sizes with adjustment points to keep in mind before making a decision

4. Neck Circumference

In addition to a dog’s chest circumference, neck circumference is another important factor to consider when choosing a harness. However, not all manufacturers take neck circumference into account when determining the size range.

Simply measure your pet’s neck circumference, in the same manner, you measured their chest. This means you should fit the tape measure underneath the narrow section when they usually put on a collar. If you are not sure where to measure, go for the shoulders. The right place to measure should be right above the shoulders.

best harness for your dog should have d-rings or clip prevents trouble and issues

Important Features to Consider

Although no two no-pull dog harnesses for large dogs are made equal and different dog owners prefer certain features over others, the best should have the following features:

Secure Fit

A secure fit will help ensure your dog is safe and comfortable during your outings. However, a tight fit will cause pulling and will not serve the intended purpose. Therefore, every pet owner should take care to choose a comfortable fit for their dog.

A cushioned no pull dog harness will be a great fit for breeds like the German Shepherd or the Labrador but a bad harness choice for a small dog like the Yorkshire terrier or the Chihuahua. When shopping online, it’s impossible to try on the best dog harness, so have a good look at it and see if it is a good fit for your pooch.


The material used for making the harness is also an important factor to consider since the durability will depend mostly on the material used. The best dog harnesses are typically made of various materials such as leather, polyester, and nylon webbing.

It’s important to select a harness that is made from a strong material that will withstand the normal pulling pressure of your dog to ensure it lasts long. A good material also ensures more resistance against possible wear and tear of the product.

list of styles with padded chests that eliminate the problem of pulling in your dog

Easy To Take On And Off

Choose a harness for dogs that is easy to take on and off. For dogs that tend to stay in the hustle for long, choose a harness with a single push button. Simply push the button to put the harness off. It a great alternative to hooking up since the button is easier to use and more durable.


While some of the best large dog harness fit well without sponge padding, the majority of the best large breed dog harnesses have cushioning on the chest area and on the straps. This cushioning helps to evenly distribute the pressure and prevents the best dog harness from pulling out your dog’s fur or irritating his skin.


Why is reflectivity important in a harness for dogs? A harness with reflectivity is more effective at night and in extreme weather. You can see your dog from a far distance in the dark. A motorist can see that a dog is approaching him thanks to the reflectivity, so your canine friend will be safe from any crashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are harnesses good for big dogs?

Yes, harnesses are good for big dogs. Big dogs generally have a very strong pull because of their muscular body frame, protective nature, and natural enthusiasm. Using a harness can comfortably restrain your dogs until they learn self-control. Additionally, a walking harness can benefit your dog even after training in various situations where you’ll need to control him later on.

What is the best harness for a large dog that pulls?

The best harness for a large dog that pulls is one that features strong straps and leash rings. Big dogs are often very strong. Restraining a larger dog that has a habit of pulling is about creating a boundary.

You can only achieve this if you’re using a strong no-pull dog harness with strong straps and leash rings. Those ones allow dog lovers to enjoy peaceful walks with their pets. Make sure your no-pull dog harness also has padded supper as strong pulling can cause a lot of strain on the dog’s neck, ultimately injuring him.

Is a harness better than a collar?

Yes, a harness is always a better option than a dog collar. A dog harness allows your pet to move with more freedom. Dog collars may irritate a dog in different situations. Additionally, harnesses have several other advantages over collars.

For example, a harness has a handle to restrain your pet with ease, hence serving as a mobility aid as well. Untrained dogs also do better in a pet harness since it allows for some level of control without having to train them.


While any of the best harnesses discussed above can be a great choice for your canine friend, the Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness is undoubtedly the best harness for large dogs.

It has not only received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied dog owners, but it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has both back and front attachment points for improved versatility, and a padded chest for maximum comfortability. Moreover, it has a vest design that won’t constrict your pet’s neck like an ordinary harness would during outings.

It may not be the cheapest option out there, but its surely worth every penny. You could save a few bucks by choosing one of the other dog harnesses for big dogs discussed above, but it’s difficult to put a price on your pet’s safety and wellbeing, so it’s no wonder that so many owners are happy to buy it for their pets.

With the best harness for a dog, you and your dog will be safe and comfortable, and enjoy the dog-owner relationship you desire!

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart - best harness for large dogs

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Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness