What’s the Best Dog Gate? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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All dog owners have to deal with their dogs running around the house. Even though this might not seem like that big enough of an issue, it can cause unwanted troubles for both the pet and the owner.  

Therefore, installing pet gates in the form of an indoor dog fence or retractable dog gate with door or without one can be a simple, yet effective, solution to this problem. While it will ensure your pup’s safety, it will also save your cherished furniture from getting chewed. 

To safely confine your escape artists, you can choose from various types of dog gates available in the market. But since every pet is unique, which pet gate you choose should depend on the size, energy, and needs of your dog.  

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog gates, here are our top choices. 




Dog Gate for Home Features

1. Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

In-Home Pets Gate Features

2. Frisco Extra Wide Auto-Close Pet Gate

Dog Gate with Door and Side Panels

3. MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate

Our 8 Best Dog Gates

1. Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door

Dog Gate for Home Features

This pet gate, standing 30 inches high, is ideal for all dog breeds. It has a durable, chew-proof, non-toxic, and stainless-steel composition which is safe for dogs. It is designed to fit doorways and halls up to 44 inches wide, with the help of two included 4-inch and 6-inch extensions.  

The dog gate works on a pressure mount system, which includes four wall cups to ensure convenient installation on walls as well, thus making it easy to install.

 Additionally, the door has a 10-by-7-inch pet door to allow your smaller pets to pass through. The dog gate has a practical walk-through door design too, with a lever-style handle and one-touch release safety lock.  

Altogether, this pet gate would be a great purchase, considering its sturdy, safe and practical design for dogs and humans alike.  



2. Frisco Extra Wide Auto-Close Pet Gate

In-Home Pets Gate Features

Frisco’s indoor dog gate has an all-steel design. It comes with 6.9-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch extensions that can cater to doorframes and hallways that are from 29 to 52 inches wide. More than all, the dog gate is sturdy and is 3o inches tall, making it perfect for large dogs.  

The pet gate will allow you to walk through easily with its one-touch release handle. Further, it works effectively by closing automatically. It also gets locked open when opened past 90 degrees. Although they are not tension gates, the dual safety lock mechanism ensures added safety and security. 

This pet gate is a great option to confine your pets, owing to its functionality and super-wide design. 



3. MyPet Paws Portable Pet Gate

Dog Gate with Door and Side Panels

MyPet Paws’ pet gate is made up of fine quality plastic. Based on a pressure-mounted system, it comes with rubber bumpers to protect your walls from getting damaged. It stands 23 inches tall and can easily fit into walls that are from 26 to 40 inches wide. 

This dog gate serves dual functions and can be used as a room divider too. It also features an E-Z style track system lock with an ergonomically designed handle. The lock is manageable for humans but is impossible for pets to unlock. 

All in all, this pet gate is most suited for small to medium-sized dogs. It is extremely effective and comes at a reasonable price as well. 



4. Regalo Easy Walk-Through Gate

Dog Gate with Rubber Feet

Standing 30 inches high, this pet gate will act as a decent obstacle for your pet. Its all-steel construction makes it a great pick. It works on a pressure mount system and will come along with a hardware kit for proper installation. This pet gate, or indoor dog gate, is ideal for walls that are between 29 and 34 inches, or between 35 to 38.5 inches wide.

Another merit of this gate is the walk-through design and the one-touch release safety lock.  It also weighs considerably less for its construction material. The gate is portable and stows flat, making it easier to transport.

Being ideal for all breeds and sizes of dogs, this pet gate would make a smart purchase.



5. Carlson Freestanding Wood Gate

Dog Gates Indoor Use with Rubber Feet

This pet gate, with a height of 20 inches, has a freestanding style. It is made up of hardwood with black accentuations. Also, it can be extended to fit openings of up to 76 inches and with the help of extensions, can be configured into various unusual and angled openings as well. 

The pet gate can work as both – a pressure mount and a freestanding wall mount. It also features a patented slide and a wide latch system to allow easy transportation. Moreover, the classic design also allows it to blend in with any kind of interior design.

Carlson’s  20-inch wood gate would be the perfect barrier for smaller dogs at a rational price.  



6. Pet Parade Pet Gate

Extra Tall Walk Through Dog Gate

Having a sturdy wood composition, this pet gate is freestanding and is best suited as a room divider. It can section off areas of your hall or living room, keeping your pet under your eyes at all times. The gate stands 24 inches tall and can span a maximum width of 79 inches.  

The gate does not require any wall attachments or assembly. It is also not bulky and can be folded. Further, the gate has a minimalistic design which makes it extremely pleasing in homes with wooden decor. Some users have also reported that the wood can be customized and painted as desired.

Overall, this product would be a great pick for small to medium-sized pets who do not jump as high. 



7. MyPet Extra Wide Wire Mesh Gate for Dogs

Extra Tall Dog Gate with Door for Home

This super-wide mesh gate is the perfect solution for you if you do not wish to drill your walls. Based on pressure mounts, this mesh gate simply needs to be expanded and locked in place. Further, the gate is composed of superior quality American wood and vinyl-coated mesh panels. 

The gate is 37 inches tall and can be used in openings from 29.5 up to 50 inches wide.  It also has two bottom bumpers to accommodate molding of up to 4 inches. All in all, it will act as a decent obstacle for dogs that cannot jump too high. 

This is a great recommendation for homes with old dogs who would not try to knock over the barrier. 



8. Hagen Dogit Pet Safety Gate with Pet Door

More People are Using Dog Gates at Home

Hagen Dogit’s pet safety gate stands 18 inches tall and 44 inches wide. The gate is most suited for installation in doorways and hallways. The gate uses easy to install pressure mounts to stick to the walls and prevents any unwanted damage. Additionally, the gate has a pet door which is beneficial for cats. 

Its low height is appropriate to confine dogs of smaller size and breeds, and at the same time, it allows the pet parents to step over it conveniently. Therefore, it reduces the chances of tripping and is safe for usage in homes with elderly people. 

Hence, this pet safety gate is ideal for homes with children too.



A Way to Keep Dog in one Place when Alone at Home

Why Do I Need A Dog Gate At Home? 

Even though restricting a dog with a pet gate may sound cruel, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a pet gate installed. Here are a few: 

Keeping Your Dog In A Certain Area While Alone

While you are away, your pet may get into places it’s not supposed to. For instance, rooms will electronic devices, the staircase, the laundry room, and the kitchen are not necessarily dog-friendly places. In those cases, these pet gates will prevent your dog from getting potentially hurt when they are not under any kind of supervision.  

Protect Home Areas From Dogs That Chew  

Dogs are inherently curious and it shows when they nibble on everything that catches their attention. Keeping them bound through a dog gate will preserve your prized possessions and at the same time, will reduce the chances of your pet chewing on something toxic.  

Dog Training

A dog gate will not just teach your dog its boundaries, it will also discipline them. It will help them familiarize themselves with the safe spaces in a home. The right pet gate will also allow them to develop a sense of understanding. They will be able to differentiate between places they can and cannot access in a house. Training a dog can tend to be a lot of work, but pet gates can make things easier for both you and your pets. 

Accustoming New Dogs Into Your Home

Settling into a whole new place and with a new family can be particularly hard for puppies. They will probably be nervous and unsure of their surroundings. Hence, limiting their area of access can bring security to them and make them feel a lot less overwhelmed. Dog gates will help them ease into the unknown environment and habituate to their new home little by little. 

Pets Gate with Features to Keep Dog in One Place

Types of Dog Gates  

To make the right choice of a dog gate for your pet, you will need to seriously consider all the options available. Dog gates, these days, come in a variety of styles and designs. The most common styles are Freestanding, Wall mounted, Pressure mounted, Foldable, Walk-through, etc.  

Here are their characteristics: 

Freestanding Pet Gate

As the name suggests, this type of dog gate can stand on its own without requiring any sort of mounting. For this reason, they can be relocated conveniently. These pet gates are also easy to use and do not require installation.  

They are even available in customized versions to fit different sizes. Otherwise, they need to be adjusted in the doorways or hallways. The best dog gates in a freestanding style may be available in many different materials, but the most common type is made up of folding wood panels.  

Another feature is that these pet gates have rubber feet on the bottom of the gate to maintain a sturdy barrier for the dogs. Not to forget, they generally do not come with a walk-through feature, which means you will have to step over it. 


Unlike the freestanding pet gate type, this type needs to be installed. They have both of their ends mounted, in some cases drilled, to the wall or the doorframe. Although they are available in materials like wood and mesh, metal wall-mounted dog gates are the best option, considering they are much more durable and ideal for chewers.  


Also called the “adjustable-tension” type, pressure-mounted dog gates are similar to the wall-mounted gate type. This door gate type can act as temporary pet gates as they are basically stuck to the wall, doorframe, or hallway with rubberized extensions.

This creates a strong and opposing tension throughout the gate, which is what keeps the gate stuck. These dog gates are also available in the walk-through design. 

Gate for Pets Inside People Home

Foldable Indoor Dog Gate 

Foldable, hinged, or convertible dog gates can stand on their own without mounts or supports. These come with three side panels that can be easily folded. Some with a larger number of panels can be linked to form dog playpens. These pet gates are portable and temporary. They are also easy to store, making them travel-friendly

Walk-through Pet Gate

These dog gates are innovative – they feature a door. This ‘door’ is meant for the pet owners to pass through, without having to step over it. Usually, this door has a lever-style handle, that can be lifted and you can walk through without having to step over it. This option can become a permanent addition to homes with multiple pets. 

These dog gates are definitely a bit more expensive than their counterparts, but these gates offer convenience. They are usually able to open both ways and some even come with an auto-lock facility. Yes, some pet gates have an auto-lock feature that keeps the door open when opened past 90 degrees.

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Important Features to Consider

While purchasing the best dog gate, it is essential to know certain features, the brand specifications, your dog’s needs, and ask yourself a few questions before making the final decision [1].

Materials Used

Pets gates are available in mainly two types of materials – wood and metal.

Wooden pet gates are usually lightweight and suit almost any interior design. However, you should prefer metal dog gates to wooden pet gates if your pet is large, energetic, or a chewer.

Metal gates are chew-proof and heavy-duty. Thus, they will do a better job at staying put and confining your dog.


Choosing a pet gate based on durability depends on whether you want a permanent dog gate or just a cheap and temporary solution. For the former case, some suitable options will be pressure-mounted, wall-mounted, or freestanding dog gates. Whereas, for the latter case, you could choose between a soft mesh gate or a baby gate.


Before going ahead to buy a dog gate, make sure that you have taken the measurements of the doorframe or the hallway where you are planning to install the dog gate. Taking measurements would ensure that you buy a dog gate that perfectly fits.

At the same time, considering the size of your dog is necessary as well. You would not want to end up with a dog gate that’s too short for your dog. Also, if you own a puppy, it might be a good idea to buy a dog gate that will still be able to cater when your puppy grows up.

Where Gate Will Be Used 

If you are looking to buy a dog gate for outdoor use, you should rather invest in a dog fence or a dog kennel. Additionally, make sure to buy one that would endure extreme weather conditions without getting too damaged to function.

On the contrary, if you require a pet gate for indoor use, you would like to consider where exactly it will be installed. Will it be in front of the stairs? Or in the doorway? Or would you rather have it section off an area of your hall?

You need to have an area in mind because most commercially available pet gates are designed particularly to fit certain areas.

Keep in mind, a room divider will not serve the same purpose as a wall-mounted pet gate.

Is The Pet Gate Child-friendly

You would also have to consider if the pet gate is child-friendly. Always make sure it has a design and a smooth surface that would be safe with kids around.

Ease Of Installation

Some pet gates just get stuck in a doorway with pressure mounts or rubberized extensions. There are gates that can stand on their own. While some others would require you to drill them into the wall to ensure enough security. Therefore, you must decide what kind would be more suitable for your dog.

More of the Best Dog Gates for Home with Rail

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should a dog gate be? 

Your choice should depend on the breed, the size of your pet, and how high they can jump. Standard dog gates are about 30 to 36 inches tall.  

Can Bichon Frise eat raw meat?

Yes, if you are sure that your dog will not be able to step over it or knock it down. It’s because baby gates may be acceptable but they are usually not big and strong enough to contain dogs.  

However, if you choose to feed your canine friend raw or cooked meat, it is advisable to accompany it with kibble from trusted food companies to allow for a balanced diet. Avoid too much chicken if your Bichon has a history of developing stones.

Why do bichons eyes stain?

It is highly recommended to get a dog gate for the stairs. It ensures safety for pups who cannot navigate the stairs, blocks their access to other floors, and is much more effective than confining your pet with leashes or crates. 


In conclusion, buying a dog gate is the perfect way to ensure your pup’s safety at home. It is one of the easiest ways to pet-proof your home. Not only would the best dog gate discipline your new pup, but it would also help them settle into a new environment.

Choosing the best option from a sea of similar products on the internet can be tiring. With this review and buyers’ guide, you will be equipped with all the information you require to judge and make the right decision. Whichever dog gate you pick, make sure it is befitting to your and your pet’s needs.

Although we would love a freestanding pet gate, our recommendation is to go with the Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate owing to the hoard of features it offers.

Dog Gate for Home Features

Editor's Choice

Carlson Pet Products Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet Door