What’s The Best Dog Food For Tear Stains? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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While tear stains aren’t harmful to your pup, these unpleasant lines are often indicative of underlying issues. It could be an ear infection, corneal ulcerations, poor diet, PH imbalance, reaction to a medication, among other health-related reasons.

Whatever the reason for tear stains appearing, as a pet parent, you’ll naturally want to get to the bottom and clear those lines as quickly as possible. And the best way to deal with tear stains is to change your pet’s diet and ensure he is on a balanced, dog-friendly diet.

So, if you’re wondering what is the best dog food for tear stains, you couldn’t be in a better place. Read on as we review the top 5 best dog foods for preventing tear stains on dogs. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best food for tear stains, here are our top choices. 




Pet Plate Barkin Beef

1. Pet Plate, Barkin’ Beef Recipe

Wellness Complete Health Adult, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Diet

2. Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Dog Food, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe

D.F.T.E.O Dehydrated Beggin' For Beef Food

3. Dogs for the Earth Organic Dehydrated Beggin' For Beef

Our Top 5 Best Dog Food for Tear Stains

1. Pet Plate, Barkin’ Beef Recipe

Pet Plate Barkin Beef

Not only the beef ingredients but even the safflower and salmon oil are key contributors to ensure a wholesome nutritious meal. Be it hair loss, dull coat, or symptoms of inflammation due to tear stains, each kibble in this Barkin’ Beef recipe has resources to cure the majority of health issues.

Are the recurring seizures worrying you? Is their reduced activity level a cause of concern? Fret not! The fruits, vegetables, and supplements will have a significant impact on their health sensitivities, while also making it one of the best dry dog food recipes in the market.

An improvement in their eating habits will be noticeable when you observe that each bowl is cleaned to the brim upon meal completion. Their appearance will also receive a spark due to a natural drop in stress levels and a spike in digestion capabilities.



2. Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Dog Food, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Recipe

Wellness Complete Health Adult, Whitefish & Sweet Potato Diet

For tear stain prevention and clearance, this product from Wellness has achieved outstanding results since its inception. It uses a single protein, the adult whitefish in its formula while also integrating sweet potatoes to help ease digestion for sensitive dogs.

The formula used in this high-quality dog food ensures that their digestive system functions at a normal level. Sweet potatoes, for instance, is a great alternative to the common filler materials normally found in dog food products, thus keeping your canine companion satiated for longer.

By consuming the nutrients present in this food, your dog will obtain a high level of Omega Fatty Acids, which are crucial in maintaining clear skin and a healthy coat. 

As the main source of protein, Whitefish is easily digestible, and the fish flavor will always leave your dog yearning for more. This wellness food is ideal for those with poor feeding habits and sensitive tummies.



3. Dogs for the Earth Organic Dehydrated Beggin' For Beef

D.F.T.E.O Dehydrated Beggin' For Beef Food

Dogs for the Earth has a reputation for producing dog-friendly dehydrated treats and foods. Their Beggin’ for Beef food boast of a superior combination of veggies and fruits. The organic beef is exclusively sourced from a trusted American cattle farm, White Oak pastures, which has a reputation for organic meat processing.  

 This formula is gluten, grain, corn, and soy-free, which helps to eliminate allergens and other sources of irritation that get your dog to tear. It is also 100% organic, a feature that reduces your canine companion’s exposure to toxins and chemicals linked to tear staining.  

Compared to other dry dog foods, this grain-free formula by Dogs for the Earth is unique due to its fairly large patties or cookies. If you want the patties to be kibble-sized, you can easily break them apart, thus making it easy for your dog to consume.  



4. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Adult Dog Food, Turkey & Potato Recipe

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult, Turkey & Potato Diet

The Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain by Blue Buffalo uses real turkey as the first ingredient and the primary source of animal protein. The inclusion of peas, potatoes, and pumpkins help to support gentle digestion, thus reducing the chances of tear marks forming on your pup or adult dog.

This limited ingredient formula doesn’t contain chicken, corn, beef, eggs, soy, or dairy, making it a perfect food for them if they have a sensitive tummy. The inclusion of essential carbohydrates and proteins ensures that your pet meets his energy threshold and can lead a healthy life.

 Blue Buffalo is known for its exclusive LifeSource Bits, which is a blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that helps build your pet’s immune system while also helping him to achieve his various life stage requirements.

The LifeSource Bits also promote your dog’s oxidative balance. Flaxseed and fish oil provide essential Omega 3 and 6 acids, which improve their coating and skin.



5. Hill's Science Diet For Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult, Chicken Recipe

Hill's Science Diet For Sensitive Stomach & Skin Adult, Chicken Diet (Food For Food Allergies)

This dry food by Hill’s is meant for dogs with sensitive stomach and irritable skin. It comes with a chicken and barley flavor and is ideal for all breeds and all sizes. You’ll love this dry dog food, more so if your pup or dog has tear lines that you want to eliminate.

Moreover, the presence of prebiotic fiber helps to support a balanced acidity in the gut microbiome. Its unique 100% organic formula targets smooth ingestion, meaning tear stains will no longer emerge on your best friend.

The presence of Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E help your pup develop healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Hill’s is an experienced brand in the dog industry and is committed to more than just producing pet food. 

The company is research-focused and is keen to ensure that all its ingredients and facilities meet the required safety and sanitary conditions.



What should pet parents do for such staining on their pet

4 Reasons That Cause Tear Staining in Dogs

At some point in their life, dogs may develop those red-brownish, highly distracting tear stains beneath their eyes and around his cute muzzle. Tear staining on dogs is often caused by the following factors:

1. Health Issues

A tear stain in dogs tends to occur when they are unhealthy or struggling with a particular medical condition. For instance, if your pal has an infection, then the corresponding eye is likely to shed more tears than normal.

Irregularities in your dog such as enlarged tear glands or even smaller than usual tear ducts openings can lead to tear stains.

Also, your pup is likely to develop tear stains if he is dealing with conjunctivitis [1], a painful inflammation in the tear duct openings that usually results in pus, mucous, or discharge.

Inverted eyelids, also called entropion, leads to irritation whereby eyelashes rub against their eye. Generally, they will develop tear stains when dealing with a particular health condition, especially involving the eye and ears.

2. Poor Dietary Intake

Low quality pet foods could be the cause of tear stains for your poodle. Grain-free, high-quality foods work best with them. Giving them foods with wheat, corn, and grains as the main meals can lead to allergic reactions and difficulties in digestion – which results in excessive tearing, among other health problems.

As such, it is advisable to practice caution when selecting their type of foods to ensure you buy foods containing a perfect balance.

Consider buying the best dog food to prevent tear stains from trusted and certified manufacturers, especially those with a solid reputation and relevant experience in dry dog food. Moreover, you should also consider breed and age as some breeds such as Bichons Frises are more prone to such conditions than others.

Tips For Pet Parents - Such stains could cause yeast infections if not treated properly

3. Environment

Exposure to irritants can also lead to an eye stain. Smoke, allergens, and dust can irritate your pup’s eye drainage, leading to increased tear production. Avoid exposing your dog to excessive smoke and dust, especially at the puppy stage.

4. Genetic

Some dogs have hereditary conditions such as ingrown eyelashes and excessively large or small tear glands. These genetic conditions can lead to excessive tearing and consequently, dog tears stains.

Therefore, as a pet owner, it is important to learn more about your dog’s breed and the various challenges associated with the breed or pup at different life stages.

Pet parents and their little pal

Important Features to Consider

Primary Protein Source

Always check for the primary protein before buying dog foods. Some proteins are hard to digest, especially those with additives. As such, settling for a single protein source, more so real meat such as fish or beef will ensure that your dog doesn’t struggle with digestion and dog tear staining as a result.


Corn, wheat, soy, and food additives are ingredients that do more harm than good to your dog. You should check on whether your preferred dog food is soy, corn, wheat, and gluten-free to reduce the chances of tear stain formation and prevent potential health complications.

Which breed commonly has such condition

Ease of digestion

Carbs such as sweet potatoes are easy to digest and stomach-friendly, even for those that struggle with digestive problems. To prevent ear stain formation, always select products with ingredients such as meat and vegetables that ease digestion.


Any additives, whether the color of flavor will compromise on the quality of the product. Your canine companion requires the purest form of food for easy digestion, especially when dealing with extra sensitive breeds. Therefore, always go for the best dog food for no tear stains that is 100% organic.

The appearance of such staining may discomfort your pet

Ingredients to Avoid 

Corn and wheat

Corn and wheat are difficult to digest carb sources that’ll end up making your pet obese. The difficulty in digestion increases tearing, which consequently leads to tear stains.

Food dyes

Food dyes, flavors, and other preservatives add zero value to your dog’s diet, and as a result, you should avoid dog foods that come packed with artificial flavors and additives.

Meat By-products

Consider buying products made from human grade ingredients as opposed to settling for by-products, especially fake beef, chicken, and fish. Your dog will struggle to digest such products and might even end up unwell due to complications to the digestive system.

One of the types of nutrition to eliminate such symptoms

3 Tips To Prevent Dog Tear Stain 

1. Check on the Quality of Dog Food

Always go for high-quality, grain-free dog foods that come packed with vitamin E and essential amino acids. The better the food, the smoother it’ll be for your dog’s digestive system. 

Ensuring that you get high-quality protein and carbohydrate sources will help to make mealtime a lot more enjoyable for your canine companion.

2. Practice Daily Grooming

Face grooming your pup, adult, or senior dog will help keep those tear stains away. You can use saline eyewash solutions for canines or even opt for Terra Septic drops as tear stain removers and regulate the functioning of the tear glands. 

You can also wash your dog’s muzzle hair using cleaning products such as dog shampoo (dry or waterless) and a wet cloth. Placing 3% hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel or a cotton ball and combing dry after can help reduce the appearance of tear stains as well.

3. Regular Vet Visits

Visiting your veterinary doctor can help unearth and treat underlying medical conditions before they lead to tear stains. Remember, your dog will tear excessively when in discomfort. So, a trip to the vet immediately you notice an eye discharge will come in handy in preventing tear stain formation.

Information for owners with pet

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog tear stains normal?

Yes, dogs’ tear stains are normal as they tend to occur from time to time. However, when they develop such issue, chances are something is not right, and you should take immediate action to rectify the underlying problem.

Are tear stains bad for dogs?

Yes, tear stains are bad for dogs as they are a sign of discomfort, which, more often than not, leads to pain. As such, you need to consult with your vet immediately your dog begins developing these stains to determine the root of the problem.  

Does tap water cause tear stains in dogs?

Yes, to a certain extend, tap water can contribute to the formation of tear staining in your dog if it has high mineral content. Similar to how low-quality dry dog food can lead to tear stains, so too can low quality water. Consider giving your dog fresh, well-distilled water as opposed to tap.

What home remedy can I use to clean my dog’s tear staining?

The recommended home remedy to clean your dog’s tear stains is adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar to your pup’s water daily. You can also mix hydrogen peroxide and milk of magnesia in equal parts, then add cornstarch to the mixture to make a paste. 

Rub the paste gently on the stained area and leave it for four to five hours before washing it off. Always be sure to handle their eyes area with extra gentleness to avoid sprinkling mixtures and solutions to his eyes.


Dog tear stains take away the cute stare from your pups’ angel eyes, making him look sad and, at times, neglected. Luckily, once you understand the root cause of the stain, you can take the necessary measures to prevent and eliminate the tear stains.

One of the best ways to prevent tear stains is by changing your dog’s diet by giving him a balanced, high-quality dry dog food from a trusted brand. I recommend Pet Plate, Barkin’ Beef Recipe that is sure to meet all of your dog’s needs.

Having discussed some of the leading brands in the market, it’s now your turn to make the decision and choose the product that best fits your pup. Remember to consider factors such as breed, your dog’s age, and his dietary needs as you choose the best dog food for tear stains.

Pet Plate Barkin Beef

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Pet Plate, Barkin’ Beef Recipe