What’s The Best Dog Food For Poodles? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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Poodles are easy to train and are observant dogs. They react quickly and bark when something new is noticed in the room. Although not aggressive, chances are a poodle will work extra hard to dominate its territory. A dog lover can utilize a Poodle’s intelligence by using a training schedule. Their versatility makes them adept in a variation of tricks.

In the day, Poodles love to walk and exert energy. This behavior calls for activity and increased mobility requirements. Although at night, Poodles love to cuddle with humans. As they age, they have a tendency to demand less attention and become calmer.

Standard poodles (prone to bloating) need about two cups of quality dog food a day to meet their nutritional needs. Pet parents may struggle to design a high quality balanced diet due to their picky eating habits. Miniature and toy poodles in their adulthood need about 3 meals per day.

High protein levels, vitamins, omega fatty acids, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables, and a lifestyle with high energy levels will surely contribute to a bunch of health benefits for your Poodle. 

We have curated a list of reviews that guide you towards the best dog food for Poodles. If you’re in a hurry, here are our top choices. 




Hill's Science Diet Age 7+ Small Bites Dry Dog Food - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe (For Protein)

1. Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe

Eukanuba Activ Advantage Small Bites Dry Dog Food For Adult Diet (Protein)

2. Eukanuba Activ Advantage Small Bites For Adult Dogs

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Diet Dry Dog Food For Adult Poodle Over 10 Months Old

3. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition For Adult Poodle Over 10 Months Old

Our 7 Best Food For Poodles

1. Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Age 7+ Small Bites Dry Dog Food - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe (For Protein)

The best dog food for standard poodles must include a mixture of high protein, vitamins minerals, carbohydrates, and must also abide by their calorie requirements. Hill’s Science is a top pick brand in this regard due to the compact kibble size that is packed with ingredients to maintain your pooch’s levels of energy.

There is no form of flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives. You can be sure that no hidden ingredient will negatively impact your dog’s metabolism. Pets older than five or six will benefit the most from this product due to the presence of added bacteria, vitamin C, and vitamin A. 

Hill’s Science also ensures that quality standards are met on all their dog food products. Thus, the majority of veterinarians’ recommendations revolve around this brand.



2. Eukanuba Activ Advantage Small Bites For Adult Dogs

Eukanuba Activ Advantage Small Bites Dry Dog Food For Adult Diet (Protein)

The top six ingredients include varied sources of chicken, along with chicken by-product meal and ground grains. Thus this Poodle puppy food imparts sufficient animal protein and also has an alternative protein source. 

Even better, this product portrays a patented 3D DentaDefense formula that keeps the mouths of dogs free from health issues. Dog breeds above the age of one year and weight of 54 lbs will benefit the most due to internal nutrient absorption.

Does your Poodle struggle with digestive system problems? The added prebiotics allows for a hassle-free feeding schedule that cleanses the digestion tract and liver of toxic substances. 

Glucosamine and chondroitin contribute to strengthening the muscles of your Poodle. The best part is just the right amount of carbohydrates and fats are mixed for a day-long consistent activity level.



3. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition For Adult Poodle Over 10 Months Old

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Diet Dry Dog Food For Adult Poodle Over 10 Months Old

Royal Canin has a solid reputation for making high-quality food for dogs of all breeds. This product could be used as a miniature or toy Poodle food. The fact that Poodles have a long lifespan, means they require a diet that suits their well-being, nourishment, and food sensitivities. 

This product boasts of tocopherols and other varieties of supplements to help your pooch’s bodily systems. The core element of your Poodle’s personality is her fur and coat condition. 

Omega 3 fatty acids in ingredients will clear the wrinkles from your dog’s skin. Even the texture and color of her coat will radiate with prominence, irrespective of not performing exercises, or consuming antibiotics. Royal Canin has designed the kibbles such that canines can easily pick it up, whether they have bloat or not.



4. Wellness Core Grain Free Original - Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe

Wellness Core Grain Free Original Diet Dry Dog Food - Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe (Protein)

Poodle adults have a lot of benefits to gain from this formulation of turkey meal, chicken meal, potatoes, peas, salmon oil, kale, and several diverse ingredients. The palatability of this food will improve bone and cartilage health, reaction time, and will also positively influence every hormone in the body.

Carrots, spinach, sweet potato, and additional probiotics will improve digestion issues. These formulas taste so good because of the apples and blueberries that you have a simple way to provide nutrients that help with age, weight, and height. 

If you’re looking for a dog food brand with natural flavors and 0% fillers or meat by-products, then Wellness Core deserves a shot. The animal protein goes a long way throughout all life stages to provide the required protein content.



5. Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws For Adult Dogs, Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe

Hill’s Science Diet Small Paws For Adult Dogs, Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe (Protein)

A meats meal and rice dish would be one of the greatest options for Poodles of all sizes. Proteins are in bulk to ensure that a range of breeds meets their daily energy requirement. 

The manufacturers have laid immense importance on digestion being at par to avoid bloat. Calcium is available in proportions that will fuel the health of bones and the Poodle’s delicate body structure.

Is your pup struggling with malnutrition? This blend of vital elements will allow the intestines to absorb every bit of vitamins and minerals in the dry dog food. 

If healthy skin, ear infections, and stomach issues are a problem – then make sure you feed your pooch 2 cups a day. This nutritious mixture of varied ingredients could be amongst the top poodle food recommendations.



6. Canidae Multi-Protein Formula For Dogs Of All Life Stages - Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals

Canidae Multi-Protein Formula For Dogs Of All Life Stages - Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Fish Meals

What’s better than a blend of lamb meal, turkey meal, menhaden fish meal, and chicken meal? That too with no fillers such as wheat, corn, or soy. This assortment of ingredients could be the best dog food for a Poodle and even other breeds. 

The formulation of nutrients has been gathered from trusted sources that have verified their opinions from animal nutritionists. Oatmeal, cranberries, fish protein, and choline will distribute optimal amounts of omega-3 fatty acids for the active dogs to keep up with their species. 

Whether you got puppies or budding pups, this is an ideal choice to impart extra care on the mind and overall energy of your dog.



7. Merrick Grain Free Adult Food For All Breeds, Real Texas Beed & Sweet Potato Recipe

Merrick Grain Free Adult Food For All Breeds, Real Texas Beed & Sweet Potatoes (Protein)

Merrick is offering pet owners a pet food of high standards that comprises of beef, lamb, sweet potatoes, peas, and salmon sources. This leads to a nutrient-rich formula for dogs who need pet food with protein-focused ingredient diets. 

The peas and salmon themselves act as a reliable source of proteins to boost the muscle resilience of your Poodle. In addition, the presence of blueberries means that a list of problems related to maintenance and lack of adrenaline are kept under control.

Lesser gluten and zero additives assure your Poodle will face almost no bad stomach experiences. Allergies will also be significantly reduced due to the poultry-free and grain-free formula. This could be hands down one of the best Poodle dog food due to the plenty of nutrients imparted by the fruits and vegetables.



Consideration of foods for Poodles

6 Dietary Considerations & Common Health Problems In A Poodle

1. Addison’s Disease

Addison’s disease, also known as Hypoadrenocorticism, primarily reduces adrenaline production and also kills a Poodle’s appetite. Signs of infections begin to develop in the stomachs of dogs. 

Several negative things such as weight loss, faulty mealtime, lethargic reactions, and a difference in their eating habits can signify Addison’s disease. This disease is more common in female pups and must be treated in its early stages or can lead to death.

2. Sebaceous Adenitis

Sebaceous Adenitis is a skin issue that can arise in a standard poodle, irrespective of her eating the best food for standard poodles. It leads to inflammation of the skin and can also lead to hair loss and oily layers on their epidermis layer. 

Feeding your canine foods rich in fatty acids, quinoa, and fish like mackerel, whitefish, herring, redfish, will help to improve the skin. Treatment calls for a change in diets, based on what stage the infection has grown to. A daily dose of topical fatty acid lotions can be of great value to fight this disease.

3. Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

This problem comes with the risk of bloating and reduced possibility of exercise. Under most circumstances, a Poodle is diagnosed with Gastric Dilatation Volvulus due to the intake of unregulated ingredients. 

Excessive gas and fluid formation causes cardiac discomfort and alters the support that electrolytes otherwise provide. In the end, you need to choose products that abide by the terms demanded of your miniatures health.

4. Hypothyroidism

If your Poodle is seeming to look weaker, missing her feeding schedule, losing her sharp instinct, and developing a lazy attitude, there might be a possibility of thyroid gland problems. Basically, anything skin and weight-related is a thumb rule for diagnosing hypothyroidism.

One thing is for sure, it would be a good idea to search for a vet who has a career as a thyroid specialist, and get your dog the best food for hypothyroidism. The answers you get from such doctors would help in understanding the reactions of this condition within your Poodle’s body.

Check out manufacturing brands that have healthy foods for Poodles

5. Bladder Stones

Lack of water, genetic disposition, and bacteria are the root causes of bladder stones. Consider feeding your Poodle extra water to get rid of the kidney stones. 

A formula with vegetables, healthy grain, carbon dioxide, and ammonium will help disintegrate kidney stones. Based on the type and size of these stones, extra attention must be put into the kind of exercise and food.

6. Hip Dysplasia

Lesser proteins, too many carbohydrates, and calories, along with a mediocre physical state can lead to Hip Dysplasia. Sadly, this condition is diagnosed plenty of times within this breed. 

Pups will face hip dislocation and this can turn to be a case of arthritis. You need to guide your pups with movements that will minimally impact this condition.

Pets also face an increased risk of fractures and fail to achieve steady balance while walking. In fact, their balance will be so disrupted, they can begin to walk like a duck.

Feeding meat protein that comes from foods for Poodles

Important Features To Consider


The best dog food for Poodle should majorly consist of proteins. This nutrient is the prime building block to intensify the rate of which the body repairs its tissues. Feed your Poodle plenty of ingredients like beef, turkey, lamb, fish, and other meats.

If the Poodle puppy food brand that you are using has brown rice then double-check that it is not amongst the top five to seven ingredients. This is because you want more proteins than carbs.


Reasonable healthy fat content is one of the top sources of energy along with the ability to make meals have a diverse taste. The best dog food Poodle should have must comprise of a 10 to 15 percent fat content.

Sufficient fatty acids per day assure that your Poodle looks in the best of health. Your goal should be to provide ideal ingredients such as safflower oil, flaxseed oil, cottonseed oil, or formula with a blend of all such oils.

Photo of A Poodle Adult

Carbohydrates & Fiber

Sweet potatoes and peas would be ideal in your pet food formula. These are sources of carbs and fibers that are absorbed slowly by their system. Slower the absorption, the longer they last, and more effective they are.

Avoid carbohydrates like soy and corn under all circumstances. These grains will provide only a short surge in energy and then leave your Poodle lying around panting. Fat Poodles especially must not be given simple carbs as it proves to be harder for them to digest.

Other Minerals & Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are needed to cover-up for the nutrition that the normal formula cannot provide. Such minerals can benefit the metabolism rate, vision problems, hip dysplasia, etc. in all kinds of Poodle puppies.

Vitamin B12 would be one source you must prioritize to include as it helps in improving the growth of blood cells and central nervous system (CNS) activity. This makes your dog adapt to most poodle foods.

Ingredients To Avoid

  • Considered as animal by-products, dogs should not eat animal parts that are from the genitals, intestines, beaks, lungs, etc.
  • Fillers such as cereal grains, peanut covering, rice hull, corn starch, weeds, etc. must be avoided
  • Meals with too many grains and unregulated minerals (supplements)
  • MSG-like artificial flavors as this can lead to allergies in dogs and also reduce the shelf life
  • BHA, BHT, TBHQ, PG – toxins linked to cancers

Food For Your Poodle Adult

3 Tips For Feeding A Poodle

1. Toy Poodles

The best food for toy Poodle should impart approximately 300 calories per day and you must ensure the dog weighs between six to nine pounds. It is because of their size that you must not give them too much food. They are also susceptible to tummy problems, thus strictly keep soy, wheat, and corn out of their diet.

2. Miniature Poodles

The best dog food for miniature Poodles should provide around 450 or 800 calories a day, based on whether your Poodle is less active or extremely energetic respectively.

Irrespective of the above, once your miniature Poodle seems to be fully grown (11 to 15 inches), you must provide a regular calorie intake of 490 calories per day.

3. Standard Poodles

For standard Poodles, vitamins and minerals should be included slightly more in their diet. Food for Poodles as such must provide at least 1000 to 1300 calories each day, based on your dog’s activity.

In case your dog is performing for an occasion or shares the stage at the circus with other Poodles then increase the calorie intake to 2000 per day. This accounts for the excess energy spent.

Photo Of A Standard Poodle

Frequently Asked Questions

Are poodles supposed to be skinny?

Yes and no, Poodles are generally on the skinner side when it comes to the body structure. This can be attributed to their high metabolism rate. In the event that your Poodle underwent spaying, the possibility of gaining weight drastically increase [1]. There are dog foods for both of these categories of Poodles.

How can I fatten up my poodle?

You can fatten up your poodle by feeding her greater amounts of calories and proteins. Look for dog foods that have at least a 25 to 30 percent protein content. 

Also, consider feeding her several small meals of dog foods in a day. Alternatively, you may also try to include a regular weight-gain snack and make sure it is the best for her weight category.

Should poodles eat grain free?

No, not all Poodles need grain-free food. The food they eat must be non-wheat and non-gluten in nature. Oatmeal, quinoa, and rick-like food would be a good option provided the above prerequisites are met. 

A pet store may not have grain-free food. But in case you find a grain-free food, the remaining nutrients will account for the absence of grains.

Why are poodles picky eaters?

Poodles are picky eaters because they are well-aware of when they don’t need more food. The reason why your dog is ignoring the new food may be due to the previous food recipe and taste varied with regards to nutrients. 

You never know, the dog may already be full since the last meal or she dislikes a meal that doesn’t make her feel the way she wants to.


Choosing the best dog food for toy Poodles or other types of Poodles should be done along with a calculation to see how often does your dog eats. Regardless, we think Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites – Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe ought to be the top choice for your poodle.

But whatever purchases you make must be in direct sync with the needs of your Poodle. We hope making a decision is now much simpler for you!

Hill's Science Diet Age 7+ Small Bites Dry Dog Food - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe (For Protein)

Editor's Choice

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites - Chicken Meal, Barley & Rice Recipe