What’s The Best Dog Food For Labradoodles? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Labradoodles are cross breed dogs that are a mixture of a Labrador retriever and either a standard or miniature poodle. Their size varies based on their parents and their weight can be anything between 16 and 65 pounds. There’s none better than the breeder to get an idea of their growth cycles.

Whether you have an adult Labradoodle or a Labradoodle puppy, expect to witness high energy levels. A Labradoodle diet is not generally specialized and is versatile, except for when they struggle with health complications. Being a dog owner, one bonus is that you can feed your Labradoodle wet food or dry dog food.

To avoid future health issues, focus on providing them vitamins and minerals as per their nutritional needs. Make sure you are feeding them the right food that contains fatty acids, salmon oil, animal protein, and other such ingredients.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best food for labradoodle, here are our top choices. 




Hill's Science Diet For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal Protein & Oats Recipe

1. Hill's Science Diet Dog Food For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

Ziwi Peak Gently Air-Dried Lamb Formula (Protein)

2. Ziwi Peak Gently Air-Dried Lamb Recipe

Gentle Giants For All Breeds & Ages, Chicken Protein Dry Dog Food

3. Gentle Giants For All Breeds & Ages, Chicken Dry Dog Food

Our 8 Best Dog Food For Labradoodles

Here is a list of the 8 best dog food for Labradoodles that you can consider getting for your little pal. Each of these dog foods has been carefully chosen to cater to the lifestyle they lead.

1. Hill's Science Diet Dog Food For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

Hill's Science Diet For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal Protein & Oats Recipe

There are few better Labradoodle dog food than one that focuses on proteins to increase muscle growth. This along with the calcium content assures smaller breed puppies also develop strong bones and reduce the chances of bone deformities.

This natural balance of ingredients has zero traces of by-products and has been approved by various studies for Labradoodle wellness. Although in low quantities, the added tocopherols, taurine, and small portion of carrots will impart sufficient amino acids to keep your dog healthy throughout all life stages (best results for dogs up to 1 year of age).

It is during the initial years that your dog needs an ingredient formula rich in nutrients to build a strong digestive system and fight harmful bacteria. Besides, the absence of preservatives and artificial colors and flavors assures a purely natural diet.



2. Ziwi Peak Gently Air-Dried Lamb Recipe

Ziwi Peak Gently Air-Dried Lamb Formula (Protein)

If you’re looking for dog foods that strengthen joints and make exercise easier, then this food contains glucosamine and chondroitin to make dog training a fun experience for Labradoodles. Even better, the kibbles possess moisture to make it taste-worthy for dogs who dislike dry dog food.

The animal sources (lamb) used the meat protein percentage higher than that of raw foods, making it one of the best dog foods for Labradoodles. Expect your pet to have showcased a desirable activity level and have an immunity strong enough to fend off food allergies.

According to industry experts, irrespective of your dog’s age, two meals a day would be a good idea as the ingredients impart an almost perfect amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. It is also fair to say your dog will have no issue with digestion.



3. Gentle Giants For All Breeds & Ages, Chicken Dry Dog Food

Gentle Giants For All Breeds & Ages, Chicken Protein Dry Dog Food

Does your Labradoodle suffer from stomach issues? The inclusion of glucosamine, chondroitin, probiotics, and added vitamins will improve your dog’s digestion troubles and keep diarrhea at bay. The Gentle Giants’ diets are veterinarian-approved and could easily be the best food for Labradoodle puppies and seniors.

The presence of diverse ingredients provides nutrition to combat unhealthy skin conditions and ensure attractive skin and coat. Not many dog food purchases you make will come under this budget tag. 

The expertise involved in formulating such recipes has also ensured to maintain reliable ingredient transparency. This comes with the assurance that your dog doesn’t face random ingredient reactions, digestion stress, and physical strain.

Labradoodle puppies will develop an immunity against eye diseases, whereas an adult dog will gain greater joint strength to revive the youthful days of activity.



4. American Journey Grain-Free Dog Food, Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Dog Food, Chicken Protein & Sweet Potato Formula

Are you looking for a grain-free dry puppy formula that has sweet potatoes and deboned chicken as its primary ingredients? Each kibble in these meals imparts quality meat proteins with no trace of corn wheat or soy. The omega 3 essential fatty acids and DHA, along with the proteins ensures desirable skin and coat types on your puppy.

Even better, ideal portions of turkey meal, peas, and menhaden ocean fish provide a perfect natural balance, making it one of the best Labradoodle dog foods. If you feed your Labradoodle such meals you can make sure to have the best results for their brain, muscle, vision, and immune system.

The rich flavor in each cup brings a lovely taste and becomes your dog’s favorite choice in no time. In fact, expert suggestions state that two cups a day could be the reason for a potential end to poor metabolism and spoilt stomachs.



5. Taste Of The Wild Ancient Stream With Ancient Grains Dog Food, Smoked Salmon Recipe

Taste Of The Wild Ancient Stream With Ancient Grains, Smoked Salmon Formula

Taste of the wild makes quality dog foods for Labradoodles to enhance each life stage and lead to overall health development. Don’t be surprised to see your dog’s passion for tricks get revived with ease. These canine formulas possess the resources to activate energy-inducing enzymes and keep the allergens at bay.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeding seniors or pups, the salmon, fish meal, millet, barley, and a significant amount of added vitamins will suit pups of all sizes. The absence of sweeteners, by-product ingredients, and fillers makes it among the best choices even for dogs in the adulthood stage of life.

This brand has formulated these meals with honesty, expert collaboration, and plenty of recommendations from esteemed nutritionists. As a proud dog parent, expect to fulfill your puppy’s nutrition requirements with a high standard of the best puppy food for Labradoodles.



6. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Food For Senior Dog, Turkey & Potato Recipe

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diets Formula For Senior Dog

This limited ingredient diet uses turkey and potato as sources of much-needed nutrition for dogs. There is plenty of meat protein and fiber-inducing pumpkin to enhance the quality of your Labradoodle’s growth phase. Blue Buffalo has not resorted to the addition of bison, chicken, beef, or other meats and thus has used minimal animal ingredients.

Worried about feeding your Labradoodle fillers that aren’t veterinarian-recommended? Fillers such as eggs, corn wheat, soy, colors, milk, and additional preservatives do not exist in this recipe. This makes it a reliable choice for a range of Labradoodle immune systems.

You can use these puppy foods as wet food or dry dog food, to feed a variety of dog breeds. Looking for a tasty dog meal that doesn’t use poultry and meat by-products? Dog owners can be assured of the best value ingredients for long-term contributions.



7. Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain Free Dog Food, Wild-Caught Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe With Raw Bites

Castor & Pollux Pristine Dog Food, Wild-Caught Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe With Raw Bites

Want to feed your dog raw food? This brand creates dog foods that have wild-caught salmon. This completely erases the worry of feeding your dog ingredients that have gone through artificial hormone production. Everything from whitefish to animal fat to oils to organic ingredients is present in this product,.

The difference between this and other recipes is the presence of 28% crude protein (min). This neutralizes the presence of excess natural sugars and salt present in the fruit-like ingredients. The feeding guide is detailed and imparts great knowledge on ways to feed dogs based on weight goals.

Most importantly, this dog food is purely organic and has absolutely no traces of pesticides, BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. Also, the presence of lentils and chickpeas helps combat several diseases along the spectrum of Labradoodle health conditions.



8. Wellness Just For Puppy Canned Dog Food

Wellness Just For Puppy Canned Dog Food

This combination of flaxseed, sweet potatoes, carrots, and chicken makes the best dog food for a Labradoodle. Whether you are looking to improve your dog’s coat, prevent allergies, or maintain energy levels as per age, the quality of this dog food is impeccable.

The additional fruits will satisfy an aging pup’s energy and health needs due to the generous amounts of carbohydrates and protein. Several ingredients in this formula also impart calcium and phosphorus [1] to increase the strength of the shoulder and hip joints.

The majority of vets across the globe would suggest a dog parent make this formula their pet’s main course each day. Additionally, beta-carotene rich sources bring extra value and trust in this formula.



Pet Tips For Labradoodle Food To Support Their Health

5 Dietary Considerations & Common Health Problems In Labradoodles

1. Addison’s Disease

Loss of appetite, diarrhea, excessive hair fall and lethargy are common symptoms of Addison’s disease in Labradoodles. Vomit with part blood and part food can also be a symptom. Amongst others, adult dogs usually are a greater risk of this disease.

This condition is moreover prevalent in female dogs. The main cause is due to the malfunctioning of the adrenal gland. When the adrenal gland doesn’t regulate and produce hormones like cortisol and aldosterone, the order gets disrupted in the body and there is a higher risk of catching many more health conditions.

2. Epilepsy

Labradoodles are prone to health issues that could arise in poodles and labradors. Epilepsy could lead to many seizures over your dog’s lifespan. This could be a bad sighting for everyone in the house and you must immediately look for medication to control this issue.

Although these seizure attacks would rarely harm your dog, oatmeal, Ginkgo Biloba, and other fatty acid-rich nutrients could lead to reasons that suppress these occurrences. Ensure you take your dog for frequent health check-ups to evade the possibility of a future organ or brain damage.

Puppy Labradoodle Food Product Option That You May Also Need To Get

3. Ear Infection

The floppy ears of Labradoodles are prone to infections if not dried properly after playing in the water. Ensure you use a towel to dry all patches of water on your dog’s head to prevent any kind of ear infection. Parent breeds like Yucca Schidigera and hybrid doodles are most susceptible due to their hairy ears.

If your dog is facing shabby hair growth and you are struggling to brush their hair each day, then look for pet food options that give birth to silky hair that can be adjusted by the hand itself.

Other treatment options could be to insert a cleaning solution into the ear canal and use an absorbent gauze to clear the dirt. Or look for a dog ear-cleaning product that comes with a full-fledged how-to guide.

4. Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Irrespective of whether it is the best puppy food for Labradoodle dogs, never resort to overfeeding. If you missed a round in the feeding schedule, either give the dog half a cup or nothing at all.

Your large breed dog friend can easily suffer from hip and elbow dislocation due to their genetic predispositions. Make sure to include dog foods that are rich in chondroitin and glucosamine as these strengthen the base structure of joints. Hip dysplasia can only be prevented when you feed your dog all mineral-like components that impart calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

5. Von Willebrand’s Disease

The nature of this disease leads to incomplete blood cot formations. Over time, this could lead to many wounds being left open and the possibility of further infections can increase. Smaller dog breeds can be considered an exception to this disease, but standard poodles and Labradors are by no means exceptions.

Puppies should be checked at regular intervals for Von Willebrand’s disease as the more you prolong the vet-visit, the higher the treatment cost is going to rise. DDAVP is a drug that is generally prescribed to puppies suffering from this disease.

Protein Option Included In Puppy & Adults Labradoodle Food

Important Features To Consider

The best food for Labradoodle puppy must comprise of the best quality nutrients. Each of these foods should be naturally sourced and their ratio should be ideally distributed.


Each formula must consist of animal proteins as well as maximum plant proteins. This helps this active breed to lead a high-energy lifestyle and consequently burn fats to maintain desirable fat to carbs ratio.

Whether it is beef, turkey, pork, or chicken in the form of meal, raw pieces, flavor, or fat, they play an important role in keeping your pet free of allergies, irrespective of the time in their life. Do you have a protein-deprived Labradoodle puppy? Some people even prefer to feed their pets duck meat due to its tasty, chewy, and soft texture.


Labradoodle puppies need a minimum of 8% fat, whereas an adult Labradoodle requires at least 5%. However unappealing animal fat may sound, even one such ingredient in every kibble could be a key component for dogs craving a healthy diet.

Make sure that the fats in your Labradoodle foods have a name such as ‘chicken/beef/turkey fats’. Dog owners who see an ingredient such as ‘animal fats’ must immediately realize that their dogs will not get the best value from that particular food.

Decision To Get Labradoodle Puppy Food For Your Pup

Carbohydrates & Fiber

The right food for Labradoodles must have a ratio of 2:5 for carbohydrates to fibers. Both these nutrient types have a critical role to play in the weight of your Labradoodle. 

Whether it’s solely related to muscle weight or overall body weight, dog foods for a Labradoodle must consist of a substantial amount of these two nutrients. They also reduce the probability of injuries and structural anomalies in budding puppies.

Other Minerals & Vitamins

The best food for Labradoodles always has a fair amount of supplements that contribute to intestinal, hormonal, bone, and eye health. Whether or not dog foods have protein-packed components like beef and deboned chicken, the importance of added vitamins and minerals must never be ignored.

Especially for a furry and medium to large Labradoodle, dog owners must check the nutritional information to confirm that there is a generous quantity of added supplements.

Quality Dog Food For Your Labradoodle Puppy

Ingredients To Avoid

Your dog is not smart enough to understand what kind of grains, plant oils, and flavorful liquids, are healthy for his/her well-being. Being a parent, you have to ensure your dog is not eating the wrong meals. These are few ingredients you must avoid feeding your dog by hook or by crook:

  • Mustard seeds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Walnuts
  • Yeast dough

4 Tips For Feeding Labradoodles

What is the best food for Labradoodle puppy? Well, you should be aware of the best choices by now. However, you must have a sense of feeding etiquettes to ensure your Labradoodle is being cared for in the best possible manner:

  1. Puppy food must never be given to a Labradoodle in quantities of more than 1 to 2.5 cups a day. This is mainly for dry food. However amazing quality dog foods you possess, split them into 2 meals.

  2. If your Labradoodle is four to six weeks old, four meals a day is recommended.

  3. Trim their hairy coats regularly to avoid them catching random types of skin diseases. It is not at all hard for the hair follicles of a Labradoodle to be filled with harmful bacteria. If you aren’t trimming regularly, then feed them food that prioritizes hair health.

  4. If your Labradoodle puppies have digestion issues, then include sunflower oil and coconut oil to reduce harmful bacterial movement in their tummies.

Puppy, Adult & Senior Food Option For Your Family Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Labradoodles picky eaters?

No, Labradoodles are not really picky eaters due to their immense love for food. As mentioned earlier, they don’t know what is good and bad for them and usually hog on anything they can. Don’t be surprised to see your Labradoodle gobble down the new toy or other pet stuff you may have got from the pet store.

Should my Labradoodle eat a grain-free diet?

It depends, Labradoodles do not necessarily need to eat a grain-free diet. This entirely depends on their digestive reaction to grains. Although most Labradoodles can do well with grains, some of them may feel sick, excrete terribly smelling stools, and repel at the smell of grains.

This generally happens because dog food manufacturers use cheap quality grains in-place of high-quality grains. Thus, they are also categorized as fillers.

Should a Labradoodle eat dry or canned food?

A Labradoodle is physically equipped to eat both dry and canned dog food. However, dry food is always advisable due to the absence of preservatives. Canned foods usually have preservatives present. Some of them may be declared on the ingredient list, whereas sometimes the manufacturers would hide the inclusion of it altogether.


We hope to have simplified your Labradoodle puppy food, adult food, and senior food buying experience. For best results, double-check the ingredient list to confirm whether your dog is allergic to any of the dog food constituents or not. To be even more precautious, you can make a quick visit to the vet and get an allergen test done.

There are plenty of options in this guide that shed light on organic, non-organic, meat, plant, and vegetable-oriented dog foods.

As a proud dog owner, none better than you will know your dog’s true likings in terms of taste and flavor. But regardless, we bet Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe will please even the fussiest of eaters.

Fun fact: Do you know that Labradoodles are the reproduction of two amazing hunting breeds – the Poodle and Golden Retriever? While some people may not link hunting with Labradoodles, you’ll be surprised to know that they make excellent hunting breeds.

Do check our review for the best-hunting dogs foods if you ever bring them for such activities.

Hill's Science Diet For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal Protein & Oats Recipe

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Hill's Science Diet Dog Food For Large Breed Puppy, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe