What’s The Best Dog Food For Great Pyrenees? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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The Great Pyrenees is a friendly, large, brave, and powerful dog developed to protect livestock. This gentle giant is aptly named after the Pyrenees mountains that border France and Spain because they are adept at such terrains, with their weather-resistant double coats.

To ensure that they have a long, happy, and healthy life, make sure that you provide them with the best food for Great Pyrenees that includes a high-quality diet. Consider feeding your furry friend with choice options like the ones in this review.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog food for great pyrenees, here are our top choices. 




Pet Plate Turkey - Number One

1. Pet Plate, Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe

Wellness Core Wild Game Dry Dog Food 2nd best dog foods

2. Wellness Core Grain Free Wild Game Adult Food For Dogs - Duck, Lamb Meal, Wild Boar & Rabbit Recipe

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food with LifeSource Bits For Adult Large Breed Dogs

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula with LifeSource Bits For Large Breed Adult, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

Our 9 Best Dog Food For Great Pyrenees

1. Pet Plate, Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe

Pet Plate Turkey - Number One

The texture of this recipe makes it an easy meal to munch on, for dogs of all ages. Is your dog showing signs of boredom from those everyday chicken dishes? The presence of ground turkey, turkey liver, and brown rice as the predominant ingredients make this a super tasty formulation for pooches.

Imagine, how many recipes do you think can control the caloric content despite throwing in meats, fruits, and vegetables? This product showcases a mildly minimalistic amalgamation of vet-approved ingredients. If you’ve been searching for something easy to digest and equally healthy, then this Tail Waggin’ Turkey recipe is a definite no-brainer!



2. Wellness Core Grain Free Wild Game Adult Food For Dogs - Duck, Lamb Meal, Wild Boar & Rabbit Recipe

Wellness Core Wild Game Dry Dog Food 2nd best dog foods

If you find out that your pet pooch might have food allergies or sensitivities, then this grain-free, potato-free, and gluten-free recipe might be an excellent option. This dog food contains probiotics, which assist in gastrointestinal function. All ingredients are naturally sourced, and the formula does not contain fillers or by-product.

Protein from various animal sources and healthy vegetables make the mix tasty for a picky Pyrenees pooch. Even though this option is pricier than most others, the manufacturer backs it and is willing to give you a refund or replacement in the unlikely case your dog doesn’t like it.



3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula with LifeSource Bits For Large Breed Adult, Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food with LifeSource Bits For Adult Large Breed Dogs

This protein-rich formula includes deboned chicken, lamb, or fish. Blue Buffalo never uses any by-product meals in this dog food, which also contains wholesome grains such as brown rice, barley, and oatmeal.

This recipe has glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and improved mobility. There are also antioxidants from blueberries and cranberries. It also has lots of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which promotes a Pyrenees’s healthy skin and coat. All its ingredients provide your adult Great Pyrenees dog with plenty of energy, strong jaws, healthy bone, bolstered immunity, and a glossy coat.



4. Purina ONE SmartBlend Adult Dog Food, Lamb & Rice Formula

Purina ONE SmartBlend Dry Dog Food 4th best dog foods

This adult dog food with high-quality protein ensures your Pyrenees have strong muscles and a healthy heart. Real lamb is the first ingredient and primary source of protein in each of the tasty and crunchy kibble. This dry food recipe also has a lot of omega fatty acids.

Purina ONE SmartBlend also includes an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins E and A, bolstering your dog’s immune system. The ingredients combined in this dog food are easy to digest, so little goes to waste. 

The reputable manufacturer (owned by Nestle and backed by many veterinarians) also has a wide variety of pet foods and are consistently available in your local grocery stores or online shopping sites like Amazon com.



5. American Journey Food For Large Breed Of All Life Stages, Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe

American Journey For Large Breed Of All Life Stages Dry Dog Food 5th best dog foods

The large breed formula has deboned salmon as its primary protein source. Salmon has a refreshing taste, so even the pickiest Pyrenees will readily consume this pet food. It also has added DHA for brain and visual development.

Your Great Pyrenees dogs will exceedingly benefit from the ideal levels of calcium and phosphorus in this dog food. American Journey also uses wholesome grains like barley and brown rice, in addition to fruits and vegetables. 

What makes this brand great is that it’s a subsidiary of Chewy, so there are many great deals for the products and an auto shipping option. This affiliation makes this food cheaper than others, which is great for large breed dog owners on a tight budget or with many animals to take care of.



6. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food For Puppy, Chicken & Rice Formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food For Puppy 6th best dog foods

As mentioned earlier, Purina has a wide variety of choices for your pets at every life stage. Here comes an ideal dish for your Pyrenees puppy that’s less than a year old. This chicken and rice formula gives your pup the nutrition and energy it needs to grow. 

The protein and fat aren’t too much like in other cases, which can strain their joints as they snowball in size. This limitation ensures your Pyrenees pup has a well-toned and healthy body.

Still, this blend makes up for having less protein and fat quantity than other choices in this list by having high levels of antioxidants, supporting the pup’s developing immune system. 

This puppy food also has lots of minerals, DHA fish oil, a good balance of calcium and phosphorus, giving your pooch strong bones. The kibble size is small for the pup to consume them easily. This product is well and truly one of the best puppy food for Great Pyrenees.



7. Holistic Select Weight Management Grain Free Food For Adult Dogs, Chicken Meal & Peas Recipe

Holistic Select Weight Management Dry Dog Food Chicken Meal Peas Recipe 7th best for dogs

If your Great Pyrenees has a sensitive stomach, then this recipe might be a suitable option. This formula includes active probiotics, digestive enzymes, and healthy fibers to aid in metabolism. 

Prebiotics and probiotics in this dog food stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. It also has healthy fruits and veggies from sources like pumpkin and papaya. These ingredients contain fiber, which aids the digestive tract.

That’s not all; it also has l-carnitine, which helps the body utilize the little fat content in this dog food. With less fat, you can use this mix to help in your Pyrenees losing weight if that’s an issue. This formula also contains glucosamine, which supports healthy joints and hips.



8. Purina Pro Plan Focus Dog Food For Adult, Giant Breed Formula

Purina Pro Plan Focus Dry Dog Food For Adult Giant Breed Formula 8th best for dogs

This is yet another high-quality option from Purina, tailor-made for large breeds, like your Great Pyrenees. This formula contains glucosamine, which aids in the giant breed’s overworked and strained joints as they grow. 

These superfoods also have the perfect protein to fat ratio. As a result, this dry dog food for Great Pyrenees gives them an ideal weight and body structure. 

All ingredients in this formula are carefully chosen, giving your giant breed dog the nutrition it needs. Having been made in the USA, the manufacturer has to follow strict dog food safety standards. 

This formula also includes a healthy dose of Omega-6 fatty acids, keeping your Pyrenees’s skin and coat in good shape. Prebiotic fiber promotes a healthy digestive system, as antioxidants support the immune system.



9. Nutro Grain Free Puppy Formula Dog Food - Tender Beef, Pea & Carrot Recipe

Nutro Dog Foods Puppy Formula Tender Beef Pea- Carrot Recipe 9th best for dogs

This wet dog food is specially formulated for puppies coming off milk because it helps control their growth. Therefore, your Pyrenees pup won’t have too much strain on its bones and joints when consuming this food. 

It also has the right balance of proteins and fats, encouraging healthy lean muscle, as well as help, keep your Pyrenees pup skin and coat in good condition. This formula is also AAFCO certified, meaning all its ingredients are verifiable and deemed fit for your pup. 

All elements in this formula are sourced in the USA, so you’ll hardly ever encounter a product recall for this recipe. The kibbles are proportionately sized, making it one of the best food for Great Pyrenees puppy to consume easily.



Guide recommendations on quality foods dogs eat for proper nutrition that support their body weight problems

5 Dietary Considerations & Common Health Problems in Great Pyrenees

As independent as they may be, Great Pyrenees need as much care as any other breed. Therefore, take its historical diet and other Great Pyrenees eating habits into account. With that, here are some of the common health problems you might encounter with your Great Pyrenees and how you can deal with them.

1. Obesity

Obesity is as dangerous to humans as it is for dogs. It causes or worsens some health conditions such as heart diseases, metabolic/digestive disorders, severe joint problems, among others. To prevent your Great Pyrenees from being obese, remember the following:

  1. Don’t continuously feed them. Dogs tend to beg for treats even when they’re not hungry. As much as they tempt you, enabling this behavior may lead to obesity.

  2. Be mindful of their diet. Ensure it’s well-balanced and has low fat and calories. You could have your veterinarians customize a plan for them.

  3. Don’t forget about exercise and playtime. They need to use up the energy they consume, or else they gain excess weight. You could even sync your workout with theirs to make things easier and enjoyable.

Make sure you know your dog’s healthy weight and constantly compare it. In case your Great Pyrenee is already obese, have your vets assist you in making a healthy and manageable diet plan.

Best dry dog food for great Pyrenees diet that help keep their health problems low

2. Elbow & Hip Dysplasia

This hereditary joint health ailment that usually occurs in medium and large dog breeds. A few factors that favor the condition include:

  1. Excessive growth (overweight)
  2. An imbalanced diet that includes a lot of fat, calcium, and calories
  3. Rapid growth

Preventing these health concerns is a continuous process, and it should begin while your Great Pyrenees is still a pup. For starters, there are special supplementary diets that regulate your dog’s physical development. 

Such recommendations, like the Great Pyrenees puppy food options in this review, help their joints to develop without much strain from the rapid development.

Also, make sure your dog gets a balanced diet. Consult your vet; they should be able to analyze the Great Pyrenees and give you more customized food. That way you’ll also be notified if there’s any preexisting health issue.

Finally, playtime and exercise another critical factor. It should be just right, as strenuous exercise may elevate the issues as well. You may also consult your veterinarian about the right amount.

Take note, however, that this ailment can affect any size and breed. Larger ones are only more prone to it. Professional breeders first look at the hips and elbows on the Pyrenees to evaluate if they are suitable enough to pass on their genes. As is the case with most large breeds, the Great Pyrenees is susceptible to cancer later on in life, especially bone.

3. Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

GDV or bloating is pretty common in large or deep-chested dog breeds. It’s an issue where the dog’s stomach fills with air and may twist. It’s still fatal and may lead to death in worst-case scenarios. Pet owner needs to take note of the following:

  1. Don’t feed your Great Pyrenees one large meal per day. Instead, give them small-sized meals throughout the day.

  2. Don’t give them water immediately after a meal.

  3. Control their eating speed. This check would also prevent them from swallowing too much air as they eat.

  4. Avoid raised dog bowls, thus reducing struggle during mealtime.

  5. Don’t make them exercise immediately after a meal.

If you suspect any bloating, do not waste any time. Immediately take your gentle giant to the veterinarian to lower the chances of losing them forever.

4. Eye Issues

Eye problems in Great Pyrenees may include:

  • Entropion – This is when the eyelids roll inwards and irritate the eye. Fortunately, it’s easily recognized and surgically corrected. Ectropion is when they roll outwards, causing a blinking an issue.

  • Distichiasis – This is the growth of extra hairs inside the eyelids. They rub on the eyeball and may cause extensive damage if not detected immediately.

  • Cataracts – Occurs mostly at senior dogs. The eye appears cloudy because of obstructed lenses which then become opaque. This condition requires surgical correction.

  • Progressive retinal atrophy – This is a slow degeneration of the retina, which may lead to total blindness.

Look out for any uncomfortable actions around the eyes. Rubbing at the eyes, constant blinking, and excessively teary eyes are some of the symptoms. Early identification and management save your Great Pyrenees from worse outcomes.

Pet Care Best dog food diet with glucosamine and chondroitin helps joint support hip dysplasia issues

5. Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia

These genetic health issues caused by malformation present at birth. Fortunately, it’s noticed at the early stages of a dog’s life. Symptoms may include loud breathing, stunted growth, swelling or fluid in the abdomen, and more. You may also observe enlarged veins on the neck with a pulse, or the heart beating rapidly and irregularly.

Male Great Pyrenees are more likely to succumb to heart failure due to this condition. Females have a higher chance of survival.

Your vet may require a lot of background information about the dog – including when you first noticed the symptoms, how they’ve been behaving after, etc. With accurate knowledge, more tests, and even x-rays, you may establish the extent of the health issues and start treatment.

For proper management, take your Great Pyrenees for a check-up every three months, or as recommended. You should also take them for inspection immediately you notice any symptoms still popping up. The veterinarian should adjust the treatment accordingly and advise you on the proper care and precautions to take at home.

Pet parents and dog lover need a diet guide to ensure their dogs adhere to the nutrition requirements

Important Features to Consider

It’s vital that you understand the Great Pyrenees’ diet because these giant breeds have unique nutritional needs. We go further into the primary constituents of any dog food, and what it entails when it comes to Great Pyrenees food.


Whole meats are a great source of protein content for your Great Pyrenees; lamb, chicken, and beef are some good examples. You may consider meal meat versions. The meat has all its moisture content drained so that it remains concentrated.

Even though Great Pyrenees puppies require more proteins (22 % approximately) than adults (18 %), be careful not to go overboard. If you do, this might bring about rapid growth, and strain giant breeds joints. 

Vegetable sources of protein such as peas can be detrimental to dogs, especially dogs with a sensitive tummy. However, they are significantly cheaper.


Look out for named fat sources, e.g. fish oil and chicken fat. It helps keep the skin and coat healthy. DHA from a specific form of omega-3 fatty acid helps pups in eye and brain development. 

However, in excess, it leads to obesity and consequently, other health complications. Therefore, you should regulate it carefully. For puppies, about 8% of fat level in their food is suitable, while the adult Pyrenees can get on well with 5%.

Quality foods suitable for large breed puppy body weight and energy levels

Carbohydrates & Fiber

For a good source of dietary fiber [1] and carbs consider barley, sweet potatoes, oats, and rice. Carbohydrates and fiber should come from properly digestible sources like whole grains, legumes, and vegetables. Choose recipes that have about 3-5% fiber, which is designed to provide a means of better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Other Minerals & Vitamins

Leafy greens and fresh fruits are excellent sources of minerals and vitamins. They’re also high in antioxidants. Don’t forget to add calcium and phosphorous for healthy bones and teeth. 

Include natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin. They help a great deal when it comes to joint support, which large breed puppies need.

Probiotics and Prebiotic fiber help in healthy digestion. Chelated minerals stick to protein easily, and are therefore easily absorbed. As always, consult your vet for other recommendations.

Best dog food with required protein levels pet parents should get for their dog based on their activity level

Ingredients to Avoid

Potential food allergies for your Great Pyrenees may result from soy, corn, wheat-based ingredients, and more. You may also notice that they’re quite sensitive to some by-product meals, especially those from chicken. Cheap fillers are also something to look out for since some can really harm your dog.

Protein has to be restricted for large breed puppies. You don’t want a large breed puppy to have a high caloric intake, because they will grow fast and end up with weight problems that their body structure may not support. 

You want to make sure their joints form correctly without causing arthritis – and dog foods with high calcium levels, the proper amount of glucosamine and chondroitin can help reduce such problems.

Tips for Feeding Great Pyrenees

For a Great Pyrenees puppy, protein is vital in developing lean muscle mass. Be mindful of the fat intake since it boosts excess growth. If you’re following a meal plan, don’t forget to be consistent so that your dog easily adapts and sticks to it. Be careful not to administer excess fats because it would lead to obesity.

Throughout their lifetime, observe habits and physique. You may find that you’ll have to adjust the food aspects since meals depend on age, size, weight, health condition, etc.

As your Great Pyrenees ages, his metabolism will slow down. You’d be safe by giving them the large-breed senior meal plan in this product reviews or those prescribed by your veterinarian.

Ingredients inside dogs food play an important role in its per day nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Great Pyrenees picky eaters?

Yes, a majority of Great Pyrenees are very picky eaters. You’d find that you’ll have to entice them to eat by putting something they like on top of the main food. You may have to change the brand or flavor entirely.

Sometimes, however, they just won’t eat because they may have an allergic reaction to the food, and you haven’t noticed yet. To make sure this isn’t the case, first label each type of dog food you have. 

Second, observe their reactions to the food, whether they refuse to eat. Thirdly, if they do agree to eat it, or have a small bite, look out for any uncomfortable behavior afterward. It may be scratching excessively, inflamed, discolored, etc. Get rid of the food and switch to a safer one.

Do Great Pyrenees have allergies?

Yes, Great Pyrenees suffer from allergies as well. As mentioned above, they may result in excess itching, scratching, inflammation, and more. Early detection and treatment save your Great Pyrenees from the pain and discomfort.

How much should the Great Pyrenees weigh?

Upon maturity, Great Pyrenees adult males usually weigh between 110 and 130 pounds, whereas a female can reach 90 to 115 pounds.

Note that, just because yours weighs around that much still doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Make sure you know your dog’s ideal healthy weight and try your best to maintain it. You’ll have to take age, height, and other relevant factors into consideration.


The Great Pyrenees is a giant breed, bred to defend flocks of sheep against bears and wolves. They have an independent and laid back personality, being friendly, patient, and affectionate to smaller beings. As a family companion, you can count on these giant beauties to be protective and loyal.

Because of their massive size, you can’t have them being disobedient and out of control. These gentle giants can be a problem if you don’t give them the necessary attention, reducing their defensive behavior towards strangers.

Treats are the best solution to give your Pyrenees puppy the positive reinforcement in it needs, Therefore, provide this picky eater the motivation it needs to keep learning with the quality dog food options in this review. The best of the bunch is Pet Plate, Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe.

Pet Plate Turkey - Number One

Editor's Choice

Pet Plate, Tail Waggin’ Turkey Recipe