What’s The Best Dog Food For Cockapoo? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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Mix a cocker spaniel and poodle and you get a hybrid cockapoo – a cute small to medium-sized pooch with wavy, scruffy-looking coat loaded with a child’s temperament. They are affectionate pups who love cuddles, are bright, loyal, and happy fun-loving family pets like their pedigree parents.

The best dog foods for cockapoo should be designed to provide vitamins and minerals to bolster the pup’s immune system as they grow. This cockapoo food entails quality ingredients that make up the recipe during processing.

How about when you decide to shelter adult cockapoo dogs? Is there an exceptional best cockapoo food entering their senior age? Read on for your answer below.

The market offers a wide variety of dry dog foods and wet food, so picking one best food for cockapoo dogs can be overwhelming for you.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog foods for cockapoos, here are our top choices.




Iams Chicken Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs Ingredients

1. Iams For Adult, Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Recipe Dry Dog Food Ingredients

2. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free, Smoked Salmon Recipe

Nature's Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Ingredients

3. Nature's Recipe Grain-Free, Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Top 8 Best Dog Food For Cockapoos

1. Iams For Adult, Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe

Iams Chicken Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs Ingredients

Trick your cockapoo into thinking they are having a portion of your dinner. How? Serve them Iams Proactive Health Adult with Chicken & Whole Grain Rice Pate Canned Dog Food. The ingredients sources are high in animal proteins, for example, beef, lamb, and chicken.

Iams dog food is designed to provide vitamins to boost your pet’s immune health. Additionally, this high-quality dog food offers quality nutrition for your cockapoo with more nutrients such as:



2. Taste of the Wild Grain-Free, Smoked Salmon Recipe

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Recipe Dry Dog Food Ingredients

Formulated to meet the nutritional value for cockapoos in maintenance, AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles affirms Taste of the Wild grain-free dog food is of high quality. Fish is this recipe’s primary source of animal protein. Therefore, be sure your cockapoo dog is getting the required amount of both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for shiny succulent fur.

A good option for dogs with sensitivities, this has proprietary K9 strain probiotics to keep your pets’ stomach and its digestibility healthy. The probiotics are added after cooking the ingredients to ensure viability.

The smoked salmon opens up your pup’s appetite to keep up with its holistic health progress. The dog food has prebiotic fiber, which benefits the probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract of the cockapoo.

Your dog’s immune system has to function optimally. With this in mind, this quality dog food is packed with antioxidants such as legumes, fruits, and vegetables, to make it happen.

Moreover, they have included sweet potatoes, tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries that provide a means of vitamins and minerals. Your cockapoo enjoys an extra health boost from the guaranteed presence of zinc, vitamin E, and selenium.



3. Nature's Recipe Grain-Free, Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

Nature's Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Ingredients

This is an excellent grain-free recipe to digest food for your not so fat cockapoo. With salmon as the protein source, your dog benefits from essential fatty acids and carbohydrates from the sweet potato and pumpkin additions.

This dry food offers a tasty meal for your cockapoo regardless of stage. Whether puppies, adults, or seniors, you can be sure your dog will benefit physically.



4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula For Adult, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Chicken Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs Ingredients

Made from real chicken, this grain-free best food for cockapoo breeds is a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to boost your dog’s immune system. It’s the perfect combination of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and chicken meat to offer a full antioxidant package.

It is protein-rich for muscle development and energy and contains essential vitamins such as phosphorus and calcium for healthy bones and teeth in your best friend. Your pet’s skin and joints are protected respectively by fatty acids and glucosamine elements in the adult recipe.



5. Wellness CORE Grain-Free, Original Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal & Chicken Meal Recipe

Wellness CORE Turkey Meal Chicken Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food Ingredients

Wholesome nutrition is Wellness CORE’s main plan with your best companion. This grain-free recipe is made from the real animal protein in the chicken meal and deboned turkey for a protein-focused food for cockapoo dogs.

It is rich in antioxidants for the immune wellness, probiotics coating on kibble to help with digestion, and omega 3 fatty acids from salmon and flaxseed improve your canines’ skin and coat cover wellness.

The glucosamine in this natural-based food for cockapoos is well balanced to support joint and bone health in your furry best friend. It also excludes undesirable ingredients such as meat by-products, wheat soy, corn wheat, artificial coloring, preservatives, and flavors for your adult dog to enjoy real wellness in every bite.



6. Zignature Grain-Free, Turkey Limited Ingredient Formula

Zignature Turkey Grain-Free Dry Dog Food Limited Ingredients

This dog food brand caters to your best friend’s sensitivities and allergies. Your dog enjoys turkey meat as the first protein in the meal, chickpeas, wholesome peas, and flaxseeds. The farm-raised American turkeys make a good source of saturated fat, selenium, phosphorus, and riboflavin.

Comes free from common canine allergens such as soy, dairy, wheat, corn, and chicken by-products. The wholesome grains make potent antioxidants and are rich in fiber and carbohydrates to boost proper growth. Moreover, your dog benefits from essential vitamins and minerals in this food.



7. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets, Lamb & Brown Rice Formula

Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs

This dog food formula is processed from protein-rich lamb meal, an excellent source of protein. The brown and white rice offers extra dietary fiber that supports your best friend’s digestion. Being a limited ingredient recipe means it has fewer food elements reducing food allergies in your pet’s life.



8. Purina Beyond Simply, White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley Recipe

Purina Beyond Simply Chicken Dry Dog Food For Adult Dog Ingredients

This well-curated dog food formula uses trusted ingredients such as chicken and barley as a source of grains. Also, sunflower with fatty acids nourishes your pet’s coat. Packed with natural probiotics, you are sure your dog will not suffer indigestion.



Fatty Fish Protein Sources In Dog Foods Provide A Means Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Diet Requirements

6 Common Health Problems In Cockapoos

Cockapoos are a pretty healthy breed, especially where the puppy’s parents that are the cocker spaniel and poodle bred had no health problems at all. But as is with living things, they are prone to a few health issues.

Although with a proper diet plan containing vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates, you should keep your cockapoo dog much healthier and happier. Many of these can be ruled out by making sure that your puppy’s parents were tested for genetic conditions before breeding.

1. Ear Infections

Among the many traits, a cockapoo takes from its parents are the long droopy ears. Unfortunately, this gene makes them susceptible to ear infections. Therefore, as the dog owner, frequent ear cleaning for your cockapoo is vet recommended. Make sure the ear cleaning product you settle for is veterinarian endorsed.

The daily clean-up keeps your poodle’s ears dry and helps in proper air circulation. If left unattended, the flappy eyes make a conducive environment for yeast to thrive. As is with these two elements, the right temperatures lead to severe ear inflammations.

Among pain and discomfort that your cockapoo will deal with, you and your brood will endure the nasty smell from an ear infection.

Ear mites are one of the problems your pet might face. While you might mistake it for dirt build-up, a vet under an otoscope should determine for sure and over the right treatment for mites.

2. Skin Allergies

One primary reason many people prefer the cockapoo puppies is their general good health. But as is with all dogs, cockapoos are prone to skin allergies as well. Your cockapoo can suffer from canine atopic dermatitis, inherited but can occur if your cockapoo is exposed to irritants over a long period.

For example, a fun day outside around ragweed or other allergens in the atmosphere can result in your cockapoo dog being itchy with redness. Your pup might appear irritable than usual. If you notice any of these symptoms, visit your pet’s veterinarian to get the best dog medication.

Other conditions such as Seborrhea characterized by either wet or dry scaly skin can occur. Several causes, among them ringworm, metabolic disorders, or any other auto-immune issue, are known factors.

Notice any thinning of fur in your cockapoo, dandruff, or increased scratching? Your dog might be suffering from hypothyroidism. Sudden weight loss with no diet change is cause for alarm. Hypothyroidism is a hormonal disease treatable with supplements.

But the best food for cockapoo puppies should have vitamins and minerals to boost immunity while providing omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to fight these diseases in your cockapoo best friend.

3. Extensive Hair Loss

Hyperthyroidism can lead to excessive shedding, and you may notice thinning as well. Skins disorders, as mentioned above, can affect your canine friend’s coat leaving it dull and loose.

Cockapoos are loving companions; the least amount of stress can cause hair loss. Stress levels can increase from reasons such as moving to a new home, re-homing of cockapoo puppies and leaving the dog alone for long periods.

But as a pet owner, your regular grooming of the dog’s skin and coat reduces hair loss and ensures you keep an eye on while brushing. Introduce your cockapoo to dog food products that are salmon-based for hair growth boost.

4. Progressive Retinal Atrophy

How sad would it be if your cockapoo was to lose its eyesight? Well, progressive retinal atrophy does that to your dog. It is a group of degenerative diseases affecting the photoreceptors cells in your cockapoo, eventually causing blindness. [1] Checking your puppy’s parents’ well-being before breeding ensures such cases don’t occur as they are inherited.

Progressive retinal atrophy comes in two forms, mainly retinal dysplasia that affects puppies around 2-3 months old while your older pets aged 3-9 years suffer from late-onset. While the condition might go noticed until later stages of development, the first sign to look out for is night blindness in your cockapoo.

Pet owners whose dogs are developing P.R.A. see extra reflective light in their cockapoo’s pupils. Your vet will advise for further checks to confirm the severity and offer the best solution for your poodle’s condition.

With no known effective cure, dog foods with antioxidants and vitamins, fruits, and vegetables such as carrots reduce the effects of the disease considerably and promote eye development.

Dry Dog Food Brands - Best Food For Cockapoo Diet Ingredients & Reasons

5. Lethargy

Does your cockapoo look less energetic and unenthusiastic? Is your pet friend sleeping longer hours? Unfortunately, this means your cockapoo is suffering from lethargy. Lethargy can be anywhere from minor to severe cases.

Some causes might be bacterial infections, obesity, kidney or liver disease, and pain from say arthritis is bound to leave your hound lethargic. A veterinarian should help ascertain the root cause for your poodle’s dullness. However, as a pet owner, you best know them, increase carbohydrates in their meal plan to boost energy levels.

6. Gastrointestinal Disorder

Ideally, your cockapoo shouldn’t have any problems with their digestive tract, although as the pet owner, you can’t protect them from ailments. Gastrointestinal disorders render your pup incapable of digesting and absorbing kibble with all healthy nutrients.

Some factors causing this order include; trauma, sudden diet change, environmental toxins, known allergies, and new medication. However, the best dog food for cockapoo when dealing with sensitive stomachs should keep your mate free from stomach upsets.

Quality Ingredients, Vitamins, Minerals In Cockapoo Puppy Food Diet That Avoid Meat By-Products

Important Features To Consider


Animal proteins are a source of energy for your cockapoo. Moreover, proteins allow your cockapoo to function normally. Essentials amino acids in the foods rich in protein contribute to healthy hair. Muscle developments and tissue repair is another primary reason to feed your pup protein.


Your dog requires all the seven vitamins for holistic growth. However, it’s essential to give the right amounts. These include vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, and Choline. Always monitor food allergies.


These foods keep your dog energized all day. Your dog food has carbohydrates in the form of cereal grains. The cereals are cooked enough to allow your animal’s intestines to absorb them easily. Besides, they help improve the Taste of raw ingredients in dog foods.

Examples are whole oats, whole corn, sweet potato, brown rice, and whole wheat. High-quality dog foods include “whole” as a prefix in the ingredients used.

Best Food For Cockapoo May Need Natural Ingredients For Healthy Body Weight

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The best food for cockapoo dogs has omega -3 fatty acids for your best friend’s vision and brain development, especially in puppy food. These omega three fatty nutrients help manage inflammation and cases of hip dysplasia. As a type of fat, they serve as a source of calories in best dog food for cockapoo adult dogs.


Next to iron, zinc is the second most used mineral in your dog. It is necessary for over 300 metabolic processes and a potent antioxidant. It combines with calcium, copper, and other minerals to perform some the process while it works alone on others.

Despite its significance in your best bud’s body, there is no way to store it. Therefore, as a dog owner, ensure your cockapoo dog food, whether puppy food, adult, or senior dog food, has zinc as one of the first ingredients for all-round health maintenance.

Zinc is the second most-used mineral in dogs’ bodies after iron. It is one essential antioxidant that is imperative for metabolism. Although it is so integral to your pet, its body has no mechanism of storing it. This means that your canine needs a regular supply of it in their diet to ensure their health and well-being.

Dry Food For Cockapoo Ingredients With High Protein, Vitamins, Minerals From Animal Sources

Tips For Feeding A Cockapoo

Remember, the best dog food for a cockapoo should cater to the stage they are in currently. Here is a short guide to how much food you should feed your cockapoo:

  • Your cockapoo’s age is a crucial determinant
  • Your pet’s overall health having gone through the parents’ health issues beforehand
  • How active is your cockapoo? A veterinarian recommends at least an hour of outdoor activity
  • Your best friend’s weight is a point to have in mind. These breeds weigh anywhere between 10 to 40 pounds

The feeding recommendations are a 7-day transition period from any old to the new diet. Meaning, you start on the latest menu by mixing 75 percent of the old dog food with 25 percent of the original meal. Move on to a 50/50 portion ratio in the third and fourth days. Your cockapoo should handle 75 percent of high-quality dog food in their meal.

An adult cockapoo should have about 1/4 to 3/4 cup of kibble pieces daily divided into two meals. Where dogs are highly active, please offer more calories per day to your cockapoo. Always keep an eye on your dog’s eating habits and, consequently, their weight addition progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What human food can cockapoos eat?

While some human food is ok for your cockapoo dogs in moderation. Some foods you can feed your cockapoo are; carrots, fish, apples, white rice, dairy products, pork, popcorn, etc.

Are cockapoos fussy eaters?

Yes, cockapoos can be fussy eaters. However, the secret is in offering variety to keep your dogs interested in the food—other dry food and wet canned dog food to make it the best for cockapoo dogs’ feeding time. Cereals and meat are good options to offer.

Can cockapoos drink milk?

No, cockapoos cannot drink milk. These dogs don’t have enough lactase in their system to digest milk resulting in indigestion and diarrhea. Instead, give your dog lactose-free products recommended for pets.

How much exercise does a cockapoo need?

An hour of outside play in the park daily is sufficient for your adult cockapoo dogs. This provides enough mental stimulation for them.


You best know and understand your cockapoo dogs. Based on our information and recommendation, feeding dogs is ultimately a personal preference with considerations of price, nutrition value, and availability of the preferred meal.

Once you have clearance from your pet’s veterinarian, your sweet mixed breed can enjoy their meal so long as it meets their daily growth requirement. We believe that the Iams For Adult, Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe, will be the top choice for your cockapoo.

Iams Chicken Dry Dog Food For Adult Dogs Ingredients

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Iams For Adult, Chicken & Whole Grains Recipe