What’s The Best Dog Food For Cane Corsos? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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The Cane Corso is a Large and muscular working dog. They weigh anywhere from 90 to 120 pounds and stand between 23.5 to 27.5 inches tall in adulthood. The American Kennel Club describes this dog as intelligent, majestic, and affectionate. This giant breed dog belongs to a subcategory of dogs called molossers– like the Mastiff.

However, the Cane Corso originated from Italy, and it is also referred to as the Italian Mastiff. In fact, the name Cane Corso in Italian translates to “protector”, which he is. It was developed as a war dog, and guards of livestock and property by the Roman Empire.

A Cane Corso is not cheap by any means. They need plenty of space for exercise, affection, maintenance, and sufficient food to nourish their large bodies. To ensure that yours lives a long, happy life, you need to provide him with high-quality foods.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best Cane Corso dog food, here are our top choices. 




Our Recommendations For Best Cane Corso Diet Is Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula Dry Food

1. Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula - Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal

Second Best Dog Food - AvoDerm Large Breed For Adult & Puppies, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

2. AvoDerm Large Breed For Adult & Puppy, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Third Best Dog Food - Ziwi Peak Venison Dried Dog Food

3. Ziwi Peak Venison Air-Dried Dog Food

Our 7 Best Cane Corso Food

1. Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula - Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal

Our Recommendations For Best Cane Corso Diet Is Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula Dry Food

This large dog’s food has big kibble size, appropriate for the wide mouth of a Cane Corso. The recipe is infused with supplements and botanicals for optimal health. It also contains chondroitin and glucosamine, which promotes joint health. The mix is also enriched with antioxidants, prebiotics, and probiotics, for improved digestive health and immune system.

The formula is high in protein content from deboned chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal but still desist from excessive fat. Omega-3 and Omega-6 in this recipe promote healthy skin and coat.

Wellness Core pet food products come from a USA based company called WellPet LLC, which makes a wide range of premium-grade dog foods and generally receive positive feedback. Because of that, you can also trust this large breed dog food for your Cane Corso.



2. AvoDerm Large Breed For Adult & Puppy, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

Second Best Dog Food - AvoDerm Large Breed For Adult & Puppies, Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe

This large breed adult dog food offers many health and nutritional benefits. This recipe has chicken meal as the primary source of protein, which also happens to be a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Protein makes up 26 % of this large breed formula providing energy, while fat is moderately low at 10 %, helping maintain lean muscle in your Cane Corso adult dog.

The formula also has essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support immunity and its function – making it among one of the best puppy food for Cane Corso. A unique ingredient of this dry food formulated for large breeds is the avocado and avocado oil in it, which boosts the dog’s skin and coat health. The formula has no by-product, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.



3. Ziwi Peak Venison Air-Dried Dog Food

Third Best Dog Food - Ziwi Peak Venison Dried Dog Food

Ziwi is a family-owned business based in New Zealand that uses only the highest quality of ingredients sourced locally. They only use grass-fed meat, organs, and seafood from pristine coastlines, even exceeding AAFCO standards. The small range of ingredients means that this food is suitable for a Cane Corso dog with dietary sensitivities or food allergy.

This formula lacks any grains, vegetables, or by-products. As a substitute for fruits and vegetables, organ meat from the venison provides some essential nutrients like amino acids for overall health. The protein and fat are relatively high, while carbohydrates are at a bare minimum, reflective of the dog’s natural ancestral diet.



4. Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Recipe With Roasted Lamb

Fourth Best Dog Food - Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain Grain-Free Recipe With Roasted Lamb Meat Meal

This grain-free dry dog food is great for Cane Corsos at all life stages. This recipe uses pasture-raised lamb as the first ingredient, providing a highly digestible protein source. It also features novel proteins like smoked salmon and ocean fish meal. Salmon oil also contains DHA, which aids in vision and brain development in puppies.

Instead of grains, Taste of the Wild uses easy to digest sweet potatoes and peas for carbohydrates. This trusted brand also includes vegetables for antioxidants and fruits like dried chicory root, which offers prebiotic support, thus promoting healthy digestion. Additionally, active cultures added in this recipe support healthy digestion, hence improving the overall immunity.



5. Nutro Ultra The Superfood Plate For Adult Large Breed

Fifth Best Dog Food - Nutro Ultra The Superfood Plate For Adult Large Breed

This large breed dry dog food is perfect for an adult Cane Corso with food allergies, thanks to the limited number of ingredients. The only proteins in this recipe are deboned chicken, lamb, and salmon. The novel protein, non-GMO ingredients, and easy to digest carbohydrates in this formula reduce the likelihood of complications related to food.

The chicken meal in this formula is also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, helping maintain your aging Cane Corso’s bones and joints. The meal also has just about enough amount of fat for lean muscle mass, while controlling calories.

Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in this formulation help maintain a robust immune system, a sharp mind, and a healthy heart. Chelated minerals in this recipe also ensure optimal nutrition.



6. Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet For Healthy Weight, Turkey & Potato Recipe With LifeSource Bits

Sixth Best Dog Food - Blue Buffalo Basics LID For Healthy Weight

Blue Buffalo is synonymous with a variety of some of the best dog foods, and it’s no surprise they have this formula, with kibbles specially formulated for large dogs like your Cane Corso adult. 

High-quality deboned turkey is the first ingredient and the only source of animal proteins, which is unique for dog foods. Nevertheless, your Cane Corso is going to love this recipe, as attested to by many other pet lovers.

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids promote a healthy coat in your Cane Corso. L-carnitine from the turkey meal in this formula also bolsters lean muscle. Blue Buffalo also adds their exclusive lifesource bits, which is a blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins carefully selected by top veterinarians, industry experts, and animal nutritionists for complete and balanced nutrition.



7. Chicken Soup For The Soul Classic For Adult Large Breed - Chicken, Turkey & Brown Rice Recipe

Seventh Best Dog Food - Chicken Soup For The Soul Classic For Adult Large Breed

This high-quality dog food formulated with wholesome products and all-natural ingredients ensures optimal health at a budget. Real meat from chicken followed by turkey is the only source of animal protein, constituting a significant part of the recipe. It also packs a healthy dose of chicken meal, which is a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

This Cane Corso food also aids in healthy digestion, thanks to prebiotic fiber from dried chicory root. For all that it has, what it lacks is also just as important, so you won’t find by-product meals, corn, wheat, or soy in this formula. 

However, it does contain some grains, which can present a problem in some dogs with food sensitivities. Still, if your dog doesn’t suffer any digestive system issues, there are no grounds of not adding this affordably priced recipe to its diet.



Per Day High-Quality Dog Food For Your Cane Corso Health Conditions

5 Dietary Considerations & Common Health Problems In Cane Corso

Learn to look at the ingredients on the food labels and see if the option you have is not appropriate for your dog. For example, some dogs have a problem digesting some carbs, meaning you might have to switch to digestible options. Here are some of the most common ailments in Cane Corsos, and how some diets can help ease their burdens.

1. Hip Dysplasia

This condition results from the malformation of the joints in a dog, leading to overexertion of the joint cartilage. As a result, this degradation can lead to arthritis. Sadly, hip dysplasia affects about 39 to 58 % of the Cane Corso population. Fortunately, you can control this hereditary ailment through proper and appropriate nutrients available in the best dog food for Cane Corsos.

Also, look for Cane Corso dog food with enough levels of phosphorus and calcium. The AAFCO suggested about 1.2 to 1.8% of calcium and 1 to 1.6% for phosphorus. Ideal calcium levels should be equal or less than twice as much as phosphorus in the recipe. Excess calcium is thought to contribute to hip and elbow dysplasia and other joint problems.

Chondroitin and glucosamine can also help reduce inflammation, encouraging healthy bone development, keeping your Cane Corso more comfortable. Also, keep this giant breed lean to prevent obesity, which can only lead to unnecessary body weight and pressure on the dog’s joints.

2. Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

This life-threatening condition (also called bloat) occurs when the stomach fills up with gas, which ends up putting pressure on other internal organs such as the diaphragm. When this happens, it ends up hindering the dog’s breathing.

As air fills up in the stomach, it can obstruct the blood from flowing to the stomach and heart. Gastric Dilatation is not well understood by vets but is known to affect deep-chested and large dogs like the Cane Corso more than small breeds.

Additionally, dogs that eat single meals per day are more prone to the bloat, compared to those that eat multiple times daily. Also, dogs that feed on a raised dish, or exercise immediately after feeding are more susceptible to the ailment as well.

There is also a co-relation to dogs that eat fast, prone to getting gastritis dilation. Dry dog foods that has been mixed with water, or those containing lots of oil or fats are also suspect. Overall, this ailment is not so much about what the dog consumes, but how they eat.

Pet Care For Pet Parents - Inclusion Of The Types Of Ingredient Food In Dog s Diet Help Support Certain Problems

3. Demodectic Mange

Dogs with an underdeveloped immune system are more susceptible to demodectic mange – a condition caused by a mite infestation. The disease could cause widespread hair loss and baldness, and Cane Corsos are affected more than other breeds because of their inherited immune deficiencies. This problem manifests itself more when it’s left unchecked.

The best way to curtail this condition is to feed your dogs with foods that promote a healthy immune system. The gut is the best place to cultivate overall immune needs. Dog foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics can help boost the population of the gut microbiome [1], which in turn improves their resistance to such health issues.

4. Ear Infections

Dogs with ear infections are very uncomfortable, as their hearing and balance are affected. If your Cane Corso has ever had an ear infection, check the outer ears weekly, cleaning them with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. 

Make sure to clean around the bumps inside the ear and down into the ear canal. However, don’t go too deep lest you wreck the eardrum. Pluck fur in the ear canal to help with circulation as well.

5. Epilepsy

Epilepsy can occur in your Cane Corso because of trauma, tumors, or poisoning. Epilepsy causes seizures in dogs, but there are some remedies to it. However, once you start on the medication, you cannot turn back. 

Sit with your dog, soothing him through the seizures. Restrain him only to prevent them from hurting themselves with uncontrollable movements. Consult a veterinary neurologist on the way forward.

Suggestions Of Pet Best Food With Animal Protein, Plant Protein, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, And Probiotics, Option

Important Features To Consider

Dogs need a well-balanced diet, and the amount of nutrition they receive depends on the dog’s unique situation. This means the best Cane Corso puppy food should be designed for large breed puppies. The Cane Corso pup can grow at an incredible rate, and this alone puts a strain on their bones. 

Therefore, only give them a Cane Corso puppy formula that’s designed to encourage moderate growth for healthy bone development. As the Cane Corso gets older, his metabolism slows down a tad, meaning they won’t be burning as many calories per pound as when they were younger.


Proteins constitute amino acids, which are the building blocks of life. The dog can get protein from animal and plant sources. Examples of animal protein sources are meat meals, chicken eggs, and whole milk. Plant protein sources frequently used in dog foods include corn, wheat, and soy. However, plant sources should not constitute most of the protein sources in the Cane Corso diet.

AAFCO has set that foods for adult dogs should contain 18 percent or more meat protein, and not less than 22 percent for a Cane Corso puppy diet. Dogs that are more active or that are recuperating from injuries or surgery may need more protein to repair ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

Look for a large breed puppy recipe with 22 percent protein or more for your Cane Corso pup. This high quantity is essential to keep up with the puppy’s rapid bone growth and strong muscle development.


Fat is an important, concentrated source of energy for your Cane Corso. However, the quantities given should be controlled to prevent this giant breed dog from gaining too much weight. The best source of fat comes from animal sources like chicken fat and salmon oil.

Nevertheless, plant oils can help ensure the right balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These oils help your Cane Corso have a fur healthy and supple, as well as control inflammatory responses on the skin. Fats also carry fat-soluble vitamins from the small intestines.

Moreover, fat makes the dog foods tastier, which can make it easier for picky Cane Corsos to consume their kibble. A large breed puppies recipe should have higher levels of fat in between 8 and 12 percent, to fuel the Cane Corso pup’s exponential growth and development.

Even though your Cane Corso needs fat in its diet, too much food with it can lead to obesity, causing more harm than good in this giant breed dog. Excessive fat can also slow the digestive process and lead to nausea or diarrhea. Watch your dog’s body weight and ensure it gets enough exercise to reduce the risk of obesity.

On the other hand, low fat can lead to dry and flaky skin and a dull coat. To improve your Cane Corso’s coat condition, we suggest changing the diet to another one that includes the right balance of healthy fats that may come from salmon based diets, and note the differences.

Dog Food Nutrient Profiles - Ingredients With Animal Protein Per Day

Carbohydrates & Fiber

Every cell in a dog’s body need’s carbohydrates in the form of glucose, just like humans. Glucose helps in digestion of other nutrients, more so fat. Carbs also do a lot for your dog, like providing energy, fiber, and essential nutrients.

Carbs are mainly in the form of sugars, starch, and cellulose. The carbohydrates should be easy to digest. Look for a formula with whole grains, legumes, beans, and veggies for easily digestible carbs. Other good sources of simple carbohydrates include corn, wheat, oatmeal, and rice.

Cellulose is a complex carbohydrate found in stems and leaves of plants. Dogs don’t have enzymes to digest cellulose, but it serves as a fiber, which helps regulate moisture in the large intestines. Cellulose also aids in the formation and excretion of feces.

Carbohydrates can add texture and flavor to the dog food, though it is not necessary. Carbs should be the last ingredient after fat, proteins, fiber, and minerals. For fiber, find a recipe with 3 to 5 percent crude fiber. Weight management diets may have more, sometimes up to 25 percent fiber content.

Other Minerals & Vitamins

Vitamins are essential in helping release nutrients from foods. They can be water-soluble or fat-soluble. Some like vitamin C help in the formation of soft tissue, and teeth.

Big dogs like your Cane Corso might need more minerals than usual. Calcium and phosphorus are essential minerals, especially in growing dogs. Calcium is necessary for muscle contraction, blood coagulation, and nerve transmission. Phosphorus helps strengthen the dog’s bones and teeth.

Calcium deficiency also occurs in dogs fed on meat meals only. This lack of calcium can lead to bone malformations like rickets. A moderate deficiency of calcium can lead to impaired growth, joint pain, and muscle cramps.

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Pet Tips - Our Recommendations To Avoid These Risk Ingredients

Ingredients To Avoid

Dogs are close relatives to wolves, making them mistakenly identified as carnivores. Note that dogs have evolved alongside humans, adapting to their lifestyle and food choices, effectively turning them to omnivores. 

Therefore, don’t feed your giant breed or any other dog with raw food. You might miss some ingredients in your home-made recipe, which happens a lot and is bad for your dog. Dogs also stand to benefit from vegetables, fruits, and grains, but still, need meat as their primary source of nutrition.

Switch to a large breed dog food formula to help maintain a healthy weight, thus preventing obesity in the adult Cane Corso. Glucosamine and chondroitin are commonly found in large breed formulas to assist in the dog’s joint health. Other factors like spaying, activity levels, and pregnant females can also affect the appropriate diet and nutritional needs in your Cane Corso.

Avoid dog food ingredients like bone meal, which are likely to reduce the dog’s ability to absorb and utilize other minerals in the food. As a large breed dog, it would be in your best interest to get foods for Cane Corsos that are appropriate for it in its different life stages. Avoid fillers like rice and corn since they don’t offer much nutritional value.

Tips For Feeding A Cane Corso

A Cane Corso loves to please, but the rules must be laid down early on. As the owner, you need to assure them of your authority, or they might govern you as well. However, their intelligence means that they are easy to train. With early socialization, obedience training, and positive reinforcement from the treats in this review, your dog will become the guardian and friend you’d want them to be.

The amount of food you feed your Cane Corso depends on their sex, age, size, and activity level. About 5 to 10 pounds of quality kibble options in this list is enough every week. That figure translates to about 4 to 8 cups of kibble, divided into two servings each day.

Pet Products Guide To Pets' Maintenance And Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I feed my Cane Corso raw meat?

No, it is not advisable to feed your Cane Corso raw meat. If you were to do so, you need to adhere to its dietary needs and ensure it gets balanced nutrition. Most people forget dogs also need other ingredients like fruits and vegetables in their diet as well. Feed your dog with any of the high-quality options in this review, to ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs.

Does Cane Corsos have sensitive stomachs?

Yes, Cane Corsos have sensitive stomachs and are prone to bloating like other large breed dogs. You can minimize the effects of bloating through correct feeding methods and foods suitable to large breeds. Some food sensitivities can also be caused by certain ingredients, particularly hard to digest carbs. So, if you suspect a component in the dog food might be a culprit in your dog’s discomfort, switch it up.

Why is my Cane Corso so skinny?

Your Cane Corso can be so skinny for a myriad of reasons. A common cause of weight loss includes a poor-quality diet. If the food you feed it does not provide any noticeable changes, it’s recommended that you visit the veterinarian to check on the dog for any serious issues.

Remember, you should not fatten up your Cane Corso, to ensure better health in general. Obesity in this large breed dog leads to lots of joint and bone issues. You can split up the kibble portion even more to about four to five feedings. This ensures a steady flow of protein, fat, and nutrients to aid in weight gain. More fragments are essential if your dog is very active.

Should my Cane Corso eat a grain-free diet?

Yes, you can feed your Cane Corso a grain-free diet. With such a diet, the chances of bloating are kept at a bare minimum. Also, grains can form some allergic reaction, including but not limited to rashes and stomach upsets.

However, if your dog doesn’t exhibit any negative symptoms after consuming such foods, there’s no reason to shy away from it. The grain is used as a cheap source of carbohydrate content by the manufacturer, in turn reducing the overall cost of the dog food.


The Cane Corso loves to please and is a devoted family member, making excellent guard dogs. In adulthood, their massive size and intimidating appearance alone is enough to ward off danger.

Such breed deters predators and undesired strangers from bothering you and your loved ones. Despite their massive size, this friendly giant breed dog is very calm and loyal. He even gets along well with children and other pets.

To make sure your dog is getting the right diet, we have consolidated the above 7 best dog food for Cane Corso breed in terms of its ingredients, nutrient values, and overall reviews based on consumers’ experience with the foods. Our overall editor’s choice is Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula – Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal.

By understanding the common health problems, you could be more aware of the types of nutrient requirements to support their overall well-being. We hope this article serves informative for your buying experience.

Our Recommendations For Best Cane Corso Diet Is Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula Dry Food

Editor's Choice

Wellness Core Large Breed Original Formula - Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal & Turkey Meal