What’s The Best Dog Food For Basset Hounds? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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Basset Hounds are no weak dog breed. In fact, they are large breeds that weigh around 70 pounds and have an adorable appearance. Their energy and activity level is generally low, which is why they need exercise for physical development, along with nutritious formulas and meals for overall growth.

The body of Basset Hounds dog comprises dense bones and muscle mass. Choosing a Basset Hound food diet should be mainly centered around your dog’s required protein and caloric intake.

You need to include whole-grain carbohydrates, human-grade ingredients, animal sources, and find food formulas with a diverse ingredient list for keeping your dog in the pink of health.

This guide will help you find the best dog food for Basset Hound puppies and even adult bassets. Each package has guidelines that will help you decide on a feeding schedule for your dog. Any adjustments in food types can be made based on the maintenance requirement for your canine pups, although veterinarian recommendations is always a commendable idea.

We already did all the research for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to see the best dog foods for basset hounds, here are our top food choices.




Purina dog foods Formula for large breed

1. Purina ONE SmartBlend, Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Formula

Blue Buffalo chicken meal dry food for basset hound diet for dogs

2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula For Adult, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Primal fresh grain free large breed foods for basset hound needs

3. Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Nuggets For Dogs, Lamb Formula

Top 8 Best Dog Food For Basset Hounds

1. Purina ONE SmartBlend, Chicken & Rice Formula

Purina dog foods Formula for large breed

Can’t afford to feed your dog foods with preservatives, additives, and gluten? This dog food comes packed with more than one source of protein to make sure your puppy formula is ideal for basset hounds diets. As your dog ages, the presence of glucosamine positively influences elbow joint health.

The digestibility of this food formula increases substantially due to the highly digestible carbohydrates. Even better, the diversity in the ingredient list could be a great starting point to feed your dog with relevant and quality ingredients.

Worried about your pup’s healthy skin and coat? There are enough omega 6 fatty acids to help even large dogs enjoy the benefits of the blend. For pets that hate a kibble with veggies, oatmeal, or a naturally bitter taste, this option could be the best dog food for basset hounds.



2. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula For Adult, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

Blue Buffalo chicken meal dry food for basset hound diet for dogs

The development process of this dog food for basset hounds uses a cold-formed method of preservation to prevent the issue of potency. Besides, the variety of natural flavors could be the reason your dog finally sets some taste standards.

Be it a matter of healthy skin, activity levels, or digestion-related disorders; this too is an exceptional basset hound food that works for a number of basset hound diets.

Dog food experts have paid immense attention to a rigorous selection procedure and chosen food contents that reduce the risk of most health conditions prone to basset hounds. Does your dog’s weight bother you?

The amount of calories, vitamins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in this food formula will help assure diet-oriented weight management.



3. Primal Pet Foods Freeze-Dried Nuggets For Dogs, Lamb Formula

Primal fresh grain free large breed foods for basset hound needs

Been wanting to feed your basset hound an organic diet? This grain-free dry food formula has seafood oils, kelp treats, and even lamb organs like the liver and heart.

It boasts of a minimum crude protein and crude fat content of 39% and 38%, respectively. The perks of this puppy formula offer protection from food allergies and make sure your dog lives with great joint health.

The overall metabolism, mobility, and lethargy or your pooch shall enjoy the advantage of improved bodily functions. Being a meaty and fresh grain-free diet, it also adds fruits and vegetables (L-carnitine [1] in specific), along with high-quality ingredients that are an amalgamation of supplements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.



4. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe With Real Lamb For Adult

Instinct Limited dog foods dogs need omega 3 fatty acid

Does your dog dislike food with potatoes, chickpeas, eggs, beef, fish, and corn wheat recipes? Well, this grain-free recipe uses a high percentage of grass-fed lamb and peas.

For dogs with a persistent stomach issue, diets with plenty of meats, amongst other fiber-imparting ingredients, are a poor choice. Rather opt for a limited ingredient diet that doesn’t rely on a variety of carbs, fats, and alternative protein sources.

Even better, canola oil is added to help with skin allergies like dermatitis, coat health, and enhanced brain power. You will see the difference via expression changes on the face of canines. This food product naturally cleanses their stomach and reduces instances of symptoms of weak bodies due to diarrhea.



5. Merrick Classic Healthy Grains, Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe With Ancient Grains For Adult

Merrick Classic chicken meal with ingredients chicken dog foods

When you combine food like deboned chicken, chicken fat, chicken meal, and turkey meal to your basset hounds meals, you are literally touching the recommended 1740 calories benchmark. Worried about lentils, peas, or potatoes? These formulas are free of all such elements! Instead, you will find carrots, apples, sunflower oil, flaxseed, and salmon meal.

Large dogs would need to consume a particular amount of crude fat and crude protein. The animal protein in this formula calls for quicker digestion processes in the stomachs of canines.

Above all, the complex blended doses of minerals and vitamins in this food formula act as a solution to control your dog’s temperament, reactions to pain, and body shape.



6. American Natural Premium Original Recipe For Adult Dogs

American Natural dog foods for large breed puppy foods

This product comes with pork, eggs, and fish meal as its unique ingredients. These proteins come from sources that are nurtured by natural breeders. Factually speaking, the nutrient list is formulated, keeping in mind the recommendation by AAFCO.

Though these dog food batches may cost a little over the head, you can trust them as a chance to enhance the lifestyle of your pup.

Everything from your pup’s height, weight, mobility, foot, hand, and even their chests will receive wellness benefits. These foods have probiotics to improve poop texture, along with smell and gas problems. The meats offer support to the bones, whereas the fats cater to the requirements to help your pup maintain a pleasing figure.



7. Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free For Adult, Turkey & Sweet Potato Recipe

Nulo Freestyle brands grain-free dog foods for dogs

Does your dog struggle with dairy and a mix of poultry products? This brand has created a grain-free formula that uses sweet potatoes and deboned turkey as its prime ingredient. There are also fruits, vegetables, and other sources of fiber to help intensify the pool of benefits that come with the addition of probiotics.

The source of protein from animals contains amino acids that make this formula a quality dog food. Additionally, the phosphorus and calcium will help with negative ailments like poor water retention, arthritis, and a bent stature.

If you’re looking for basset hound foods that bring value to your dog’s life, then this switch could benefit their look and internal wellness in a number of ways.



8. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Grain-Free, Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

Natural basset hound puppy feeding large breed puppy foods needs

The idea of the selection of a product with venison as the core ingredient proves to set standards for your dog’s diet. This high-quality puppy food is an epic choice for large breed basset hounds that generally eat 3 to 4 times per day.

Having sweet potato as its first ingredient, it offers much-needed carbohydrate content too. Let your dog have one experience of venison, not only for the flavors but also for the effects of the proteins.

If your end goal is to make your dog a winner in physical activity, discipline, and a desirable diet, then with all honesty, this grain-free formula could be a great meal for their training period. The nutrient composition of the ingredients also ensures you won’t have the problem of dog hair all-around your house.



Health Issues surrounding Your basset hound breed puppy, adult dogs

5 Common Health Problems In Basset Hounds

Irrespective of whether you feed basset hound the best dog food for basset hounds, be it grain-free or non-grain-free, animal protein or plant protein, or meals with chondroitin, or DHA, or even bison meat, they are prone to these health problems:

1. Gastric Dilation

Bloat (gastric dilation) is one of the common negative health factors in deep-chested breeds. Due to a delay in the closing of the esophagus, the dog’s stomach gets filled with air.

Upon diagnosis, you will notice how the bloat has forced the stomach to twist internally and cut off the blood supply. An early side effect of this problem is your dog’s inability to finish a small bowl of dog food.

An emergency vet visit upon noticing the bloat can save the life of such breeds. Pets who eat low-quality food products with fillers are most prone to gastric dilation. If you’re a dog lover and don’t want your puppy to struggle with bloat, then study the label to avoid citric acid.

2. Elbow Dysplasia

Anything from partial paralysis to arthritis could result in bodily features resembling elbow dysplasia. In case your pet has a low level of protein and abnormal carbs intake, then the chances of this problem are higher.

Even worse, this could result in patellar luxation, where the knee cap gets dislocated. If your dog is 14 inches or more in height, then provide adequate nutrition to avoid this trouble.

It would be best to feed your basset hound puppy food that doesn’t lead to major weight gains. His calorie consumption per day and weight must be tracked. If you notice a sign that your basset hound can’t pace due to elbow discomfort, then start providing less than average amounts of food in a bowl. Just ensure a range of relevant ingredients is provided.

3. Thrombopathy

Similar to Von Willebrand disease, Thrombopathia is amongst several bleeding disorders that worsen on the basis of absurd platelet function. This condition tends to restrict the formation of blood clots.

Over time, this leads to the risk of excessive bleeding. This should be reason enough to alter the type or a part of his usual diet. Oats and legumes are a good option to revive the immunity of your dog’s platelets.

Puppies suffering from thrombopathy must be fed ingredients that act as a great source of protein. Be it foods that include meat meal, salmon, egg, or even duck.

4. Obesity

This type of breed boasts ridiculously low activity levels. This means bassets are prone to inadequate exercise. Being a basset hound owner, avoid feeding them lots of food. Large amounts of food mean an inevitable situation of obesity.

Obedience towards the USDA recommendation on the category and choices of dog food must be followed. This condition could even be a symptom of a thyroid problem such as hypothyroidism, and may also lead to reduced brain development due to slower blood flow within the body. How sad would it be to watch basset hound puppies on thyroid medication?

Obese adult dog breeds (basset hounds) can be fed less chicken and more of menhaden fish meal. Menhaden fish meal not only acts as a healthy fat source but also imparts omega 3 fatty acids in a generous amount.

5. Glaucoma

Dog owners must be aware of cases that lead to eye issues. Due to greater pressure on the eyeball, the fluid build-up can arise. This could lead to partial or even complete blindness. One way to treat it naturally is to increase your dog’s water supply. Also, prebiotics can help in fuelling the cleansing process in the eye section.

Without a doubt, losing vision would be a significant blow to your pet family. Puppies struggling with glaucoma must also increase their amount of calories, diversify their protein source, and choose foods that avoid grains like wheat and soy.

Provide the best nutrition needs accordingly for your family pets & dogs

Important Features To Consider


Be it any kind of meat meal, chicken, beef, duck, or any animal organs; they should be amongst the top proteins in your dog food formula. At least four of the first five elements must be a choice of high-quality protein.

Peas and lentils can be chosen as food alternatives for animal protein. However, at times some cases arise where basset hounds face issues in digesting plant protein in a short time.

Whatever brand of basset hound dog food you choose, ensure they eliminate over 97% of moisture. The moisture content would normally be low in named meat meals. If you’re looking for ideas for extra protein options, then try including mussels in your dog’s diet.

Healthy Sugars

Nothing in the world beats a dog food formula that comprises of natural ingredients such as fresh veggies and fruits providing healthy sugars. Any signs of ingredients like animal by-products, potato flour, or even healthy grain do not support your basset hound’s health as much as healthy sugars do.

To fight your dog’s food allergy and keep his activity level peaking, your hound puppy would need the best dog food for basset immunity. Besides, one could easily call the best food for basset hounds as something that maintains a healthy blood sugar level.


Look for dog food companies that lay emphasis on essential fatty acids. American Journey, Merrick Grain, and Wellness Core are 3 such pet food brands that will help basset hound owners by hand-picking only the best food with healthy fats.

Most importantly, there should be fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) for actually utilizing the fat. Consider including fish oil or chicken fat in your dog’s food for quicker fat absorption.


The carbs content must be much lower than the fat content. Though a puppy would require carbohydrate-providing ingredients in fewer amounts, it is critical for dietary fiber and, in turn, digestion. The little nutrition imparted by such foods proves vital for the health of the joints (by lessening the fat on the legs).


The best dog food would 100% have the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. If you’re preparing the food yourself, make it a thumb rule to throw in vitamin-infused ingredients. The kind of options in vitamins also plays an important part in determining the strength of the formula.

Avoid ingredients that harm your breed dogs

Ingredients To Avoid

Apart from dyes and other preservatives, there are a bunch of food ingredients your basset hound must avoid. What good are pet tips and dog foods reviews without sharing this information?

Avoid the following ingredients at all costs:

  • BHT
  • Brewers Rice
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Sugar Alcohols
  • Nitrates and Nitrites
  • Propylene Glycol
  • STPP

Tips For Feeding A Basset Hound

Basset hound puppies and adults need to be fed food ingredients as per their needs. Some foods would provide nutrition that their genes generally comprise of, whereas some may not. The follow feeding tips should help form a healthy eating habit:

  • Seniors basset hounds must eat a diet with fewer calories, carbs, and sodium while having top-quality protein
  • Puppies should be fed extra protein and twice a day. Feeding them should be based on their way of life (physical activity or lazing around)
  • Adolescent puppies who are no more than five to six months old shouldn’t be fed more than three meals each day
  • Foods for basset hounds should include beef, chicken, and duck, but exclude wheat, by-products, and potatoes.

Feed your breed puppy, adult dogs with best ingredients dogs need like chicken meal

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basset hounds chewers?

Yes, basset hounds not only chew on anything in sight but, in worse cases, also their ears. This could be a result of ear infections. The discomfort and mild inflammation will spark your dog to try and bite his ears in a desperate attempt to itch it.

How often should you feed a basset hound?

Feeding your basset hound two times a day should suffice. Ideally, early in the morning and two hours into evening should distribute energy release more efficiently throughout the day.

Do basset hounds need a lot of exercise?

Yes, basset hounds do need a lot of exercises. This is due to their lazy persona, overeating habit, short legs, and susceptibility to joint problems leading to hip/elbow/knee dysplasia. Even an hour of walking around should do the job.

What is the ideal weight for a basset hound?

Whether males or females, an adult basset hound should weigh around 65 pounds. If they’re in their younger stages, then they could weigh between 23 and 29 kilos.


We hope your hunt for the best dog food for basset hounds ends here. Being a large breed, you want to choose the best basset hound dog foods that help them in all aspects, be it internal body functioning or the overall external appearance. Our best pick is Purina ONE SmartBlend, Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Formula!

It’s time to smoothen the health aspects of the life of your dog companion!

Purina dog foods Formula for large breed

Editor's Choice

Purina ONE SmartBlend, Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Formula