What’s The Best Dog Boots? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Whenever you decide to step out with your dog, it is important to have dog booties to protect your dog’s paws. Dog boots are specially designed for this purpose. 

Whether you are out for a walk with your dog or just have floors that are susceptible to scratch marks, dog booties serve a variety of functions and also keep your pets’ paws safe in the process.

Choosing the best dog boots can be a difficult process with so many options on the market, so we listed the best options available to help you pick the top-rated dog boots with ease. 




Pawz Dog Boots for Your Pet

1. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots for Walking Outside

2. Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Neoprene Dog Boots

Choose a Dog Boots That Stay On

3. Ethical Pet Fashion Lookin' Good Fleece Boots

Our 7 Best Dog Boots

1. Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots for Your Pet

The Ultra Paws dog boots are made with water-resistant nylon and have a special, patented design that promises to keep your dog’s paws protected in all weather conditions. One of the best dog booties available, these offer complete paw protection and product satisfaction.

These all-purpose dog boots are ideal for older, senior dogs or those with hip issues. The sole and toe portions are coated in Tough-Tek. Tough-Tek is a thermoplastic substance that is flexible and skid-resistant to help your dog maintain traction on smooth floors. 

This dog boot has split seam upper shafts to make sure that the boots are easy to put on and take off, while the fastening straps and ankle pads ensure a comfortable fit.



2. Bark Brite All Weather Reflective Neoprene Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots for Walking Outside

Made with neoprene, these dog shoes have the ability to adapt to your dog’s feet. This ensures a great fit with minimal chances of slipping.

These dog shoes function as paw protectors, shielding your dog’s feet from the cold, scorching heat, rocks, and more. Additionally, the thick soles are water-resistant and sturdy.

With a lined interior to regulate your dog’s body temperature and reflective straps for simplicity in terms of usage, these boots offer total satisfaction.

Moreover, the rubber dog boots have an upgraded heel guard design that offers extra durability.



3. Ethical Pet Fashion Lookin' Good Fleece Boots

Choose a Dog Boots That Stay On

These boots are extra soft due to the inner fleece lining. This makes them ideal for indoor use as well, since the material protects hardwood floors from scratching and marks.

The fleece is 100% polyester and offers paw protection from cold, heat, and injuries. Moreover, the PVC soles are specially made to prevent slipping and provide maximum grip on any terrain.

Easy to maintain, these booties fare well even after machine washing and air drying. If you need a pair of wonderful winter dog boots, this is undoubtedly a great choice.



4. Canadian Canine Tundra Boots

Rubber Boots For Your Pet Pooch

Another pair of neoprene dog shoes, these are best suited as winter boots. The boots offer paw protection from hot asphalt surfaces, salts, and chemicals found in melting snow, and abrasion.

The anti-slip rubber sole offers maximum grip on all types of terrain. Additionally, the boots are sold in pairs of two to accommodate both front and back paw sizes.

With reflective velcro straps for easy use, these booties also have a secure hook and loop closure. For dog boots that stay on in any condition, the Canadian Canine Tundra boots are an exceptional choice.



5. Frisco Anti-Slip Wrap Dog Boots

Choose from the Best Dog Booties

The Frisco dog boot has a wrap style instead of the conventional slip-on, making it ideal for dogs that do not prefer the slip-on design. 

The material is a sturdy polyester with hook and loop fasteners. Rubber soles are also present to protect pup paws from snow, rocks, injuries, and more. 

The rubber dog boot works best with medium to larger dog breeds, as the sizing will fit bigger paws better. Keep in mind, each purchase comes with four dog booties.



6. Afp All Road Dog Boots

Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

This dog boot is a part of the special outdoor range by AFP. Designed to work best for outdoor play and travel, these booties are a great choice when going on a hiking trip with your dog.

To keep your dog’s feet safe, the booties are made to be extra-hardy and offer maximum support and protection for walking and running. Moreover, they also function as dog socks. 

The upper material is weather-resistant, so dog owners have nothing to worry about even if they are out in extreme weather conditions.



7. Pawz Waterproof Dog Boots

Booties to Keep Your Dog's Pet Clean

These waterproof dog boots are an ideal choice for those dog owners who live in places with high precipitation. With an easy to put on design and snug fit no matter the size, these dog booties are fashionable and sturdy at the same time.

Moreover, the booties come in a twelve-pack, and all twelve booties can be worn several times, offering high value for money. 

These booties offer maximum comfort and security against snow, heat, or small objects that can hurt your pup. Not only are they highly functional, but they are also available in many different colors.



Dog Booties to Protect Dog Feet

Why Does My Dog Need Boots?

Dogs need dog shoes for several varying reasons, whether it might be to protect their paws or your floors. A dog with a hip problem can also benefit from dog boots.

If a Dog is Old or Injured

Often, pet owners need a solution for their injured or senior dogs’ walking issues. Dog booties can help immensely, as they provide traction on slippery floors and prevent slipping or skidding.

To Protect Your Dog’s Paws

A good dog boot can go a long way in the protection of your dog’s feet. They are multi-functional as they shield from snow, heat, rocks, as well as provide traction [1].

To Keep Your Home Clean

Many times, dogs drag in a lot of dirt and debris after walks or playtime outdoors. Dog boots are a great way to protect your home from excess dirt that you have to constantly clean up.

Avoid Scratches on Your Floor

Pet owners with floors that aren’t claw-proof often face issues with scratch marks. Since your dog is going to be spending a lot of time running around and playing in your house, dog shoes make for a great option to prevent ruined floors.

Dog Shoes Easy to Put On

Different Kinds of Dog Boots

According to your preferences, you can choose from an array of dog boots. Many kinds are available that not only protect your dog’s feet but do much more functionally. Knowing about the types of shoes can be helpful in choosing the best booties for dogs.


Indoor dog boots are for pet owners that need to protect their floors or keep their house clean. These are the simplest type and are also useful for dogs with injured or infected paws, or those that require support while walking.


Owners that frequently step out or go for adventures with their dogs should opt for outdoor dog boots. Generally sturdier and built to be more functional in outdoor conditions, these can be the best dog shoes if you have an adventurous dog.

Hot Weather

In extreme heat, your dog’s paws are susceptible to burns, especially on concrete or asphalt. Getting rubber boots or dog shoes for hot pavement protects their paws from heat injuries and keeps them happy on their walks.

Cold Weather

Dog lovers know that unprotected paws can be affected by frostbite or burns from the chemicals used to melt snow. Hence, owners that live in locations that tend to have consistent low temperatures should invest in a pair of good boots.


In places that experience a lot of rain, there is a chance that the ground is frequently wet. Your dog may not like this and purchasing good waterproof boots can help keep your pet’s paws safe from unpleasant walks.

Dog Booties with Leg Cuff

Important Features To Consider

Before purchasing booties for your canine companion, there are several things that you should keep in mind to ensure that you are getting the best dog booties. Some of these factors include size, a snug fit, sturdiness, and more.


When choosing boots for your puppy, it is essential to pick a well-fitting pair. If it’s too loose, it will slide off often. If it’s too tight, your dog will be uncomfortable and have trouble walking. Therefore, make sure to try a tester and get a snug-fitting pair.


Sturdiness is vital in dog boots, especially those that are going to be used outdoors. Dog walkers experience issues when dogs hurt their paws on rocks or sharp objects. A hardy pair of dog boots will keep a dog paw safe from injury as well as last for a long time.


Understandably, the comfort of your dog is vital when it comes to wearing boots. Since dog boots are just shoes for dogs, they have to be comfortable just like our shoes need to be comfortable. Your dog will suffer if the boots cause discomfort and they may also have long-term difficulty in walking.

Easy to Put On

Straps and slip-on styles are the best choices since they are convenient to put on and take very little time. If you have a temperamental dog, this is an especially important factor to consider.

Water Resistance

If boots are not waterproof, they should at least have water resistance. Paying attention to the material used to make the boots can tell you all you need to know about whether the boots are resistant to water or not.

Do They Stay On

Dog boots that stay on are tough to find for a lot of people. Look for pairs that ensure a good fit, are easy to put on, and most importantly, have straps or hooks to secure them.

Get Better Traction with Rubber Booties

Frequently Asked Questions

Will dog boots stop my dog from digging?

Yes. Since dog boots will cover your dog’s paws, they can act as a deterrent for digging. However, if your dog has a repetitive habit of digging, you might want to pay more attention to it. Often, digging is a sign your dog is uncomfortable.

Can dogs feel cold in their paws?

Yes. Most dogs can feel extremely cold temperatures in their paws, and this one of the reasons that make purchasing snow boots vital. Not only will the cold harm your dog’s paws, but the chemicals used to melt snow can also cause burns.

What temperature do dogs need shoes?

Thirty to forty degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature range that can cause harm to your dog, especially if it is a smaller breed. These temperatures make dogs susceptible to hypothermia, frostbite, and other health issues.


Hopefully, this guide will help you select the best dog booties. Based on our research, the Ultra Paws Dog Boots are the best boots for dogs currently available due to their tried and tested functionality and fashionable character.

All dogs have different needs and selecting a pair that caters to your dog’s preferences is important to ensure maximum comfort and paw protection.

Pawz Dog Boots for Your Pet

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