What’s The Best Cat Treat? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Like most things in life, not all cat treats are made equal. So how do you know which is the right one for your furry feline friend? Like all other food your kitty eats, you should consider the nutrient content and ingredients of the treats you offer him.

To make things easier for you, we have organized a list of some of the best cat treats–ranging from our top treat picks to the best dental treats for cats. These ratings are based on the integration of quality ingredients, customer reviews, and price. 

Whether your cat is a picky eater, young, old, or simply loves a chewy and soft treat, you will find what you’re looking for in our list below.




Healthy Cat Treats You Can Give Your Pet

1. Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Adult Dental Cat Treats

Choice Ingredient List for Cat Goodies

2. Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

Treats to Give Your Cat for Good Cat Health

3. Friskies Party Mix Crunch Beachside Cat Treats

Our 9 Best Cat Treats

1. Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Adult Dental Cat Treats

Healthy Cat Treats You Can Give Your Pet

The best healthy cat treat depends on the individual cat. All cats have their own preferences, along with different nutritional and digestive requirements, meaning some treats with particular ingredients will have different results for different feline pets. 

Then again, one thing that all felines need is a healthy set of teeth to eat in the first place. Thus, the top spot for this list goes to the best cat treats that address overall cat health and help promote good cat oral hygiene at the same time.

Greenies’ Feline Oven Roasted Adult Dental Cat Treats offer a balanced blend of vitamins and nutrients with a bonus boost for dental health. 

Coming in many various flavors, the treat is not only crunchy and tasty but also helps clean your cat’s teeth and aids in other health issues as well. For instance, healthy teeth can hold risks of heart disease down, making this cat treat a great way to keep your pet in a tip-top shape.



2. Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats

Choice Ingredient List for Cat Goodies

One problem that many people have with cat treats is the cost. Individually, cat snacks are quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, if you want to have a stable supply of cat food and treats for your pet every day, expenses can add up. That is where the benefit of value or budget cat treats comes in handy. Extend your money without sacrificing the quantity and quality of your cat food and treats for your feline friend. 

For a cat treat that will not hurt the wallet every time you visit your local pet stores, the Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor Cat Treats are a great cat treat option to consider. Coming in a healthy and scrumptious taste of chicken flavor, these snacks are great all-around options to promote better nutrition throughout the day. 

Best of all, no artificial ingredients are used so your pet will enjoy the real flavor without the price of actual chicken meat.



3. Friskies Party Mix Crunch Beachside Cat Treats

Treats to Give Your Cat for Good Cat Health

For many years, Friskies cat treats have been considered one of the best cat treats. Party Mix treats for cats offer a crunchy texture that your kitty will truly love. The fun shapes are packed with crab, tuna, and shrimp to please even the pickiest cats. Real ocean whitefish is the number one ingredient of these tasty treats for cats, and they are nutritionally complete and balanced to meet the preferences and needs of adult cats. 

Each crunchy bite will help remove tartar and plaque from the delicate teeth of your pet. What’s more, these Friskies are highly affordable, making them a great choice for a multi-cat household. You can buy Party Mix cat treats in a variety of flavors as well as tub or bag sizes.



4. Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes Cat Treats

Good Food for Your Pet Cat

Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flakes Cat Treats is a human-grade, high-quality product. It is a single-ingredient treat free of fillers and grains. It is low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat so it won’t contribute to gaining weight like biscuits and other high-calorie snacks. There are roughly 90 calories in one ounce of bonito flakes. 

Bonito flakes are bony fish that came from the tuna family. It is used greatly in Japanese cuisine for creating a savory tuna broth. The flakes are sliced paper-thin and then dried to a moisture scale of under 21%. 

Made from natural fish oils, these ultra-appetizing flakes offer omega-3 fatty acids and are high in protein that keeps the skin and coat of your cat healthy, reduces the buildup of hairballs, and provides urinary tract health. 

Bonito also contains Taurine which protects your pet from serious health issues like eye maladies and is an essential dietary requirement for a healthy cat.



5. Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks Cat Treats

Best Cat Treats to Give Your Pet

These are grain or corn-free treats that will not hurt the digestive system of your pet, making them the best cat treats for pets with sensitive stomachs. Just as advertised, the treat has a really meaty taste that your feline pet will love. You can tell how flavorful the treat is because of the way the salmon/chicken/tuna smell may linger on your hand after breaking every treat into pieces.

Formed in sticks, the treat has a soft texture, so it won’t hurt the throat of your pet if it decides to gobble the entire thing in one go. But they aren’t also dry in the least. They are very pliable and semi-moist. Senior cats might be best served with a treat of these since they’ll find Sheba’s Meaty Tender Sticks extremely easy on the teeth. Each cat treat is also wrapped individually in a foil packet, which is why they stay fresh.



6. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Treats

Our Cat Treats Favorites

Just like humans, cats also appreciate some good variety every now and then. Cat treats tend to come in several various tastes. Blending these flavors up will help keep your pet healthy and happy at the same time. The best way to add this assortment is with a good variety pack. 

As an excellent, economical cat treat option, the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Cat Treats are the best value for the wallet. The entire set comes with four various packs made up of turkey and chicken as well as other meats. Each moist, soft bite is filled with lean protein to support muscle health. 

Chicken and turkey, duck and chicken, salmon and chicken, including trout and chicken are the four main flavors you can choose to vary the tastes each day or at any other time.



7. Temptations Mixups Catnip Fever Cat Treats

Cat Treats that are Low in Calories

Treat your pet with these feline favorites. Temptations Mixups Catnip Fever Cat Treats have a little something special on your average crunchy snack. While they have that irresistible crisp up to the tips on the outside, the interior is soft and even tastier, making these snacks that cats just cannot turn their snouts up at. What’s more, there is 10 variety of flavor to choose from (seven single flavors and three “mix-ups”–catnip, chicken, and cheese–containing a blend of three single flavor snacks in the same pack), so you’re sure to discover a flavor your furry friend will enjoy.

While these are mainly designed to be fed as treats, they are completely nutritionally balanced.  Alternatively, you can decrease the amount you serve your pet at mealtimes and switch this with Temptations Mixups fed throughout the day. That way, your pet won’t put on weight from being offered his normal cat food quantity plus treats, but you’ll know he’s still getting all the nutrients he needs.



8. Wellness Complete Health Kittles Grain-Free Cat Treats

Bonito Flakes Cat TreatsLike people, cats can have various types of food allergies that can harm their digestive tract when absorbed. Some of the most common are grain allergies and easy to address if you search for grain-free foods to offer to your kitty. Wellness’s Complete Health Kittles is one of the best options that are grain-free but still appetizing at the same time. 

This choice is also one of the only cat snacks that include real fruit flavors in the mix. Using a cranberry and chicken meat blend, the treat will offer your kitty something different to enjoy will help get a more nutritional, balanced diet without the carbs of grain. Different meat options include duck, salmon, tuna, whitefish, turkey, or a variety pack.



9. Purebites Salmon Cat Treats

These are Good Treats for Cats

These tasty freeze-dried cat treats are made with just one ingredient–salmon! With less than 3 calories per treat, a freeze-dried salmon snack is a healthy option for your kitty. No need to worry about nasty ingredients or additives. The PureBites freeze-dried salmon snack is sourced and made in the USA with salmon and nothing else. The freeze-drying process preserves all flavor and nutrients that your kitty desires. It would also make a wonderful food topper for picky eaters.

For cats with sensitive stomachs, PureBites freeze-dried cat treats are one of the best options. They can easily be broken down into smaller pieces, as they shred just like a dry salmon. Also available in dry chicken breast, the snack is made from one ingredient that is gluten-free, grain-free, and packed with natural freshness.



Chicken Breast Ingredients in Cat Treats

Are Treats Good for Cats?

Most cat treats are not innately good or bad for cats. Just as you might sneak an occasional snack, most any treats are fine when offered in moderation. They can be used effectively to help in behavior modification, training, or reward cats after pills are given. If you inspect the ingredient list carefully and allocate the snacks judiciously, you should find yourself with a happy, healthy cat.

When Should You Give Your Cats Treats?

Positive Reinforcement

Since cats are so strongly motivated by food, a cat treat is often the ideal form of positive reinforcement for desired behaviors. If you want to inform your kitty that you approve of his behavior, a cat treat is an excellent means to send a message when he is used a scratching post instead of the couch or jump off of the counter.


A cat treat can also be the best tool for you to train your pet. Unlike dogs, cats are more difficult to teach (or it could be that they just don’t prefer taking instructions). But cats are just as much of a fan of delicious food as everyone else, and treats will help motivate them to follow your basic commands. 

Variety to Diet

If your pet is eating pretty much the same type of food all the time, it’s probably a great idea to add a treat or two here and there. It will make his life more enjoyable, and as a result, he’ll be more delighted.

Reduces Stress

Cats can usually be a little high-strung. If you’re planning to have your cat a company over or take him to the vet and are showing signs of stress, use a handy and fast-acting treat that your pet will adore and that will naturally calm him down in just minutes [1].

Cat Treats Low in Fatty Acids

What Ingredients Should You Avoid for Cat Treats?


Cats don’t need sugars in their diets and while natural sugars won’t do little harm, they can still turn to habit-forming. Artificial sugars must certainly be avoided as they are bad for their oral hygiene and digestion.


While cats do need sodium in their diet, too much can cause issues. Pay attention to how much your pet is drinking. If his water consumption greatly increases, then it is likely that the treats are too high in sodium.

Artificial Flavors

Make sure to inspect the labels for any artificial flavorings. Quality food made from nutritious ingredients doesn’t need these additives since they’re already naturally savory. Some experts also advise being aware of artificial preservatives, such as BHT and BHA. Although, not all cats react badly to these (in fact, FDA has tagged these compounds as Generally Recognized as Safe).


Finally, if you need to make sure your kitty is not gaining any more weight while being on its heavy side, skip wheat, including soy, and corn, as well. While these are fine in small quantities for a healthy cat, these must be avoided if the cat has health issues like being overweight or has diabetes.

A Good Snack for Your Cat

Important Features To Consider


Consider checking the ingredient list and its quality in any cat treat you’re planning to purchase. It is recommended to avoid treats with artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. Seek treats made from labeled meats that are sourced as ethically as possible.


Cat treats come in a variety of flavors or recipes and some will be more pleasing to your pet than others. Consider the types of flavors your cats might enjoy. For example, if he’s fond of playing with catnip toys, he may like catnip flavored treats.


Choose the right cat treat that won’t break the bank but won’t sacrifice the quantity and quality at the same time.

Delicious Snacks to Feed Your Cat

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treats should you give your cat a day?

Most cat treats provide you a recommended maximum amount of treats to give your cat each day. This quantity will depend on the calorie content of the food, in addition to your pet’s age, weight, and activity level. However, somewhere between five and ten treats a day is too much.

Can too many treats hurt a cat?

Yes, too many treats can hurt a cat. Too many treats can actually distress the nutritional balance of the normal ratio. Some of the well-known cat treats have 85% protein–far higher than the quantity of protein found in a proper cat food formulation. Too many of these will interfere with your pet’s appetite for his regular food.

Can cat treats make a cat sick?

It depends on the ingredients list found on the cat treat pack. When you check the label of your pet’s treats and saw they contain things like FDC #4, propylene glycol, chemical emulsifiers or dyes, ethoxyquin. surfactants, and other stuff you can’t pronounce–these can make your cat sick. All those preservatives, additives, and just plain junk can cause vomiting and GI inflammation.



Selecting the best cat treats for your cat can ensure that he is not getting any excess carbohydrates and calories. Hope this will help you in deciding on the right nutrition that will keep your healthy cat happy and in tip-top condition.
Healthy Cat Treats You Can Give Your Pet

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Greenies Feline Oven Roasted Adult Dental Cat Treats