What’s The Best Cat Litter Deodorizer? Reviews & Buyer’s 2022 Guide

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Every cat owner knows that cleaning and maintaining litter boxes can be a tedious task. Litter box odors can often be overpowering and difficult to control. Consequently, it is essential to have an effective cat litter deodorizer at hand.

Oftentimes, scented cat litter is not enough to get rid of stronger smells. This is especially true for multi-cat households. Cat litter deodorizers help to mask cat odors and they have a lasting, pleasant fragrance.

Many types of cat litter deodorizers are available on the market, whether it may be a crystal deodorizer, cat deodorizer spray, or litter beads. As a result, choosing the best cat litter deodorizers can be difficult.

In this comprehensive guide, we list 8 of the best cat litter deodorizers, their pros, cons, and commonly asked questions to help you choose the deodorizer that suits your requirements best.




Best Room Deodorizer for Litter Box

1. Fresh Step Fresh Scent Cat Litter Deodorizing Crystals

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Best Deodorizer Brand for Cat Litter

2. Hartz Scented Nodor Cat Litter Spray

What Brand is a Good Deodorizer for Cat Litter

3. Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Deodorizer

Our 8 Best Cat Litter Deodorizers

1. Fresh Step Fresh Scent Cat Litter Deodorizing Crystals

Best Room Deodorizer for Litter Box

This cat litter deodorizer comes in crystal form. Completely non-toxic, these crystals help mask litter box odors and keep the box fresh.

To use the deodorizer, simply sprinkle a capful of it in your cat’s litter box. The litter deodorizer works by activating a fresh scent each time your cat steps into its litter box. Over time, the crystals will disintegrate into the cat litter. 

The crystals leave behind no residue in the cat litter as they are water-soluble. Hence, there is no extra cleanup necessary, making them a great low-maintenance option for deodorizing any kind of cat litter.



2. Hartz Scented Nodor Cat Litter Spray

Best Deodorizer Brand for Cat Litter

This special cat litter deodorizer spray has proprietary technology for odor control. The product works when it comes into contact with waste

By surrounding odor molecules found in cat waste like sulfides, amines, and mercaptans, the litter deodorizer completely encapsulates the smells. With a formula specially made to prevent clumping, it is easy to use and has a fresh fragrance. 

This spray can be used on soiled litter, unsoiled litter, around the litter box, and while cleaning out the litter box. Fit for homes with more than one cat, just one bottle of the cat litter deodorizer is sure to last a long time.



3. Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Deodorizer

What Brand is a Good Deodorizer for Cat Litter

This litter deodorizer comes in a spray form and is non-toxic for both, children and pets. The product has an oxy-charged formula that works by bonding with the molecules in cat urine.

The spray is designed to prevent caking and clumping in litter boxes. Moreover, it comes with 3 settings to use as per requirement. The three settings are built in the nozzle- you can set it to the foam, mist, or stream setting. Keep in mind, the stream setting is good for individual areas while mist covers the entire litter box.

If you have many cats and ammonia odors from cat urine have become a persistent issue in your home, this litter box odor eliminator is ideal for you.



4. Arm & Hammer Litter Deodorizer

Cat Litter Deodorizing Brand for You

This litter box odor eliminator has baking soda as one of its ingredients. Instead of having a perfumed fragrance, it has a clean and fresh smell for odor control. The clean odor has an additional advantage – it will not deter your cat.

The special characteristic of this cat litter deodorizer is that it can even be sprinkled onto carpets and mats. Doing so helps pull out stubborn pet hairs from the carpets when you vacuum them.

On every order, you get two boxes of the product which means it will last you for a significant duration. Additionally, each box comes with three holes at the top to easily expel the powder. 



5. Nature’s Miracle Just for Cat Litter Box Odor Destroyer

A Good Litter Deodorizer Can Surprise You

Just a few sprays of this cat litter deodorizer are enough to spruce up your cat’s litter box. At an affordable price, you get a bottle that comes with enough product for long-term usage.

What makes this an effective cat litter deodorizer is the unscented formula that is safe for cats and won’t irritate their nostrils. In addition to this, the deodorizer can even soak up the moisture in your cat’s litter box.

The product does not clump or cake litter, and if you are someone who does not like strong scented smells, this cat litter freshener will work wonderfully for you.



6. Ion Fusion Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer

Having a Lot of Cat s Litter Boxes can Cause Odors

This product also comes in a spray form. Its composition will not bleach any surfaces and does not wear off or lose its potency over time.

This spray is best suited for tough-to-clean messes like stains left by feces, urine, vomit, or food. Biodegradable and non-toxic, the product is great if you have a multi-cat home.

The spray has a light blueberry scent to leave your cats’ litter box with a lovely smell. Moreover, it comes with an additional refill cartridge, which means it lasts twice as long as a regular spray.



7. Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Litter Box Deodorizer

Best Cat Litter Deodorizers Available

This product has a proprietary technology to combat strong odors. With a clean, fresh smell, this cat litter odor neutralizer is especially ideal for cat/dog beds, litterboxes, and tough stains like vomit.

The spray has no chemical additives and promises great results when used on persistent smells. Moreover, it is made in the USA and is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

A special property of this spray is that it never expires, making it a wonderful option to keep at hand for tackling strong smells. With this product, you won’t have to change out the litter beads often – relief right?



8. NonScents Cat Litter Deodorizer

Cat Litter Deodorizer is Better than Baking Soda

Sold as granules in a shaker bottle, it works by coating the waste matter to prevent any unpleasant smells from escaping the box. It is made of a concentrated zeolite composition to completely encapsulate waste molecules and neutralize any odor.

The granules help to increase the lifespan of litter, which means you will not have to change it as often. Additionally, it is gentle and fragrance-free, making it perfect for cats.

Just a sprinkle of the granules is enough to mask odors from an entire litter box.  The best part – one shaker can last a long time, even if you have more than one litter box in your home. 



Cat Litterbox Spray to Remove Smell

What to Consider When Purchasing Cat Litter

Buying litter for your cats depends on how many cats you have, whether you need one box or more, and which types of litter you require. Many types of litter are available, like clay, silica-gel, pine, and others.

Some people prefer scented litter, as they can function as cat deodorizers. However, many cats might not like the smell of scented litter.

How Many Cats You Have

In multi-cat homes, it might take a while to understand what types of litter work best. Since there are so many options available and cats tend to be choosy, it might take some trial and error to figure out which types of litter are best suited for your cats.

How Many Litterboxes are in the House

If you have more than one cat, it is always a good idea to have more than one litter box at home. This way, there won’t be crowding in a single box. This also prevents an overpowering smell and excessive use of one litter box.

However, sometimes even one cat can be fussy and need more than one box. Placing the boxes throughout the house is a good idea in this case.

Location of the Litterboxes in the House

Ideally, litterboxes need to be placed throughout the house in different locations. Cats like to do their business in private areas, and placing any litterbox out of the way will help them use the boxes in peace.

It is also important to note that if you have more than one cat, it is preferable to spread the litterboxes in all the different rooms of the house.

What Kind of Litter You Use

Most owners prefer the traditional clay litter, which has a tendency to cake and clump. However, you can try different types to find out which one is preferred by your cats [1].

Ideally, good litter is low-dust, highly absorbent, masks odors, and is easy to clean and maintain.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Cat Litter

Important Features To Consider

Some factors have to be taken into account when choosing the best litter box deodorizer.

A good one is moisture absorbent, masks all unpleasant smells and does not lose potency quickly. There are many forms available- granules, sprays, powders, and more.

Granules mix in with the litter keeping it fresh for a long time. Whereas, sprays are used topically or around the box. Although their potency varies.

Here are few features:

Your Own Allergies to Certain Ingredients

Some ingredients used in deodorizers can cause allergies. Selecting deodorizers with natural ingredients like baking soda can help avoid this.

Many elements also act as irritants for pets and can make them averse to using the litterbox. The solution for this is to choose deodorizers that are safe and non-toxic for animals.

Moisture Absorbency

Moisture absorbent properties in deodorizers are vital to absorb urine. This also increases the masking of odor and ease of cleaning. Zeolite is one of the commonly used components as it is highly absorbent and effective.

Moisture absorbency also helps prevent bacterial or fungal growth in litterboxes as bacteria and fungi thrive in damp spots.

Deodorizing Strength

Buying a product with an overpowering scent is not recommended as it can act as an irritant for your cat, besides triggering allergies. Nevertheless, it is important to get deodorizers potent enough to mask the odors of a litterbox.

If you prefer, you can even use an unscented product that works well without being too intense for your liking.

Duration of Deodorizing Effect

Deodorizers need to last long, especially in multi-cat homes. Recurrent usage of the box can result in overwhelming smells, and a product with weak potency will not mask any odor properly.

If you have only one cat, a combination of regular cleaning and a good deodorizing agent can help augment the deodorizing effect.

Litterbox Deodorizing Spray for Your Home

What Are Natural Options to Litter Deodorizers?

Several natural solutions are available for those looking to combat odor from cat waste. Baking soda, charcoal filters, and regular upkeep are just a few of the ways you can control odor from cat waste.

Natural options are a good choice for fussy pets, allergic owners, or those who do not want to use scented odor control methods.

Here are a few more natural options:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great natural alternative for deodorizers. A thin layer of baking soda at the bottom of the box will help absorb any foul odor.

Baking soda has the additional advantage of being cat-friendly. It will not repel your cats due to it being odorless. A little goes a long way, and even better, if you use baking soda you will not have to worry about running out of deodorizers.

Charcoal Filters

Charcoal filters come built into some litterboxes to combat odor and mask unpleasant smells. This is an easy way to keep your cat’s box fresh without adding anything extra.

Purchasing a box with charcoal filters also makes cleaning convenient, and reduces clumping and caking.

Regular Cleaning

Often, the issue is irregular cleaning, especially for houses with more than one cat. To remedy this, set a schedule for cleaning out your cats’ litterboxes. This prevents crowding and gets rid of lasting smells.

Dirty litterboxes can also make your cats anxious and unwilling to use the box.

Best Way to Keep Foul Litter box Odors Away

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat’s litter box stink?

Cat urine has ammonia in it, which can cause strong smells. You may have multiple cats using the box, which can cause an overpowering smell to emanate from the box. These issues are easily fixable with a good cat litter deodorizer, apart from regular cleaning and upkeep.

Are litter box deodorizers harmful to cats?

No. If you select a good kitty litter deodorizer that is safe for cats, it won’t affect your pet in any way. Harsh cleaners may be harmful and are not recommended. An ammonia-based litter deodorizer also will not work well as cat urine has ammonia in it.

Can I use carpet deodorizer in cat litter?

No. It is not recommended to use household cleaning products, ammonia-based cat litter deodorizers, baby powder, room deodorizers, or carpet deodorizers as these can enter your cat’s lungs and create health issues for them. Most cleaning products are toxic to animals and it is necessary to only use cat-safe products.


As cat waste can often have overpowering odors, using a good deodorizer is necessary to expel them and keep the house smelling fresh and clean. This will also help your cat use its box more often instead of using other spots in the house.

According to our list, the best deodorizer is the Fresh Step Fresh Scent Cat Litter Deodorizing Crystals. They are highly effective, efficiently potent, and last for considerably longer durations.

In conclusion, choosing a good deodorizing product can go a long way in keeping you and your feline companion happy.

Best Room Deodorizer for Litter Box

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Fresh Step Fresh Scent Cat Litter Deodorizing Crystals