What’s The Best Dog Beds For Small Dogs? Reviews & Buyer’s 2021 Guide

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With so many dog beds in the market, finding the best one in terms of size, comfort and durability can be way more difficult than you can imagine.  Dogs are the best companions that we humans could ever have, and therefore, they deserve a comfortable sleeping spot. There are several styles that some dogs may prefer, and there are certain features that are designed to benefit senior dogs, small dogs and chewers alike. 

Our dogs can do the experimenting in terms of size and comfort, but it’s up to us to check whether they meet the standards for style, durability and how washable they are. 

So we’ve got our top picks for the best dog beds for small dogs. We also have provided a buyer’s guide as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the best dog bed for small breeds. Your little fur baby will be all set in no time!




Pet Bed with Memory Foam and Cover

1. Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Shag Dog Bed

Comfortable Bed for Small Pooch and Pup

2. Frisco Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Small Dog Bed with Non Skid Bottom

3. K&H Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

Our 10 Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs

1. Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Shag Dog Bed

Pet Bed with Memory Foam and Cover

Perfect for small dogs who like to curl up, this calming shag dog bed supports good rest and sleep due to its round shape. The elevated rim of this small orthopedic dog bed provides neck and head support and offers a sense of security, while the soft padding provides relief from muscle and joint pain. 

Moreover, the bed provides great comfort since it is designed with faux fur, which is self-warming just like a mother’s fur. The bed also has deep crevices, which allow your little pooch to burrow for a comfortable sleep. 

With its creative designs and color selections, this dog bed will fit in easily with almost any decor. 



2. Frisco Rectangular Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

Comfortable Bed for Small Pooch and Pup

The Frisco Rectangular Bolster Dog Bed for small dogs is one of the most affordable pet beds on the market. This pet product is ideal for small dogs that love to sleep in soft fabrics. 

For pet owners looking for a basic bolster, the Frisco Rectangular Bolster Cat and Dog Bed is the way to go. This small bed for cats and dogs provides a sense of comfort and security while providing full-body support. Although it lacks the whistles and bells of options like K and H Dog Beds, the Frisco Sherpa Cuddler for small dogs is still an excellent choice. While it is not cushioned with memory foam, little  pooches with minor orthopedic problems can enjoy quality nap time against the comfortable polyester fiber padding and enjoy resting their heads against the bolster

The soft Sherpa lining is particularly comfortable and extends around the bed and to the bolsters. The bolsters are a great addition that will provide head support for your pet while sleeping and when relaxing alone and watching over your home.

Furthermore, this bed is very easy to clean and maintain, since the whole bed is machine washable. .



3. K&H Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

Small Dog Bed with Non Skid Bottom

For pet parents who desire a raised bed for their small pooch for outdoor use during those hot days, the K&H Original Bolster Dog Bed can be a great option. This dog bed comes with some impressive features that make it one of the best dog beds for small dogs. 

The product has a raised design that elevates your furry friend a few inches above the surface. This ensures excellent airflow, which helps to keep your four-legged friend cool and comfortable throughout the day when sleeping or resting. 

Another great thing about this dog bed for small dogs is that it features a fluffy bolster and has a memory foam bottom that will offer your canine friend maximum comfort as well as a sense of security. Moreover, it is bacteria, mold and mildew-resistant, which makes it extremely strong and durable.



4. Bedsure Small Dog Bed & Cat Bed

Pet Bed with Memory Foam Base Dogs Like

The Bedsure Small Dog Bed & Cat Bed is yet another great option for dog owners looking for an affordable memory foam dog bed for their little canine companions.  This round, washable dog and cat bed provides a reversible design. The dog bed has one side made of super-soft microfiber fleece to provide warmth and comfort during the cold days. 

The other side is made from smooth, water-proof Oxford material that will help keep your pet cool during the hotter Summer months. The dog bed keeps your pet cool during hot weather, and helps to keep them comfortable when relaxing or sleeping.  

This orthopedic dog bed is available in two different sizes: small and medium. This makes it perfect for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds. 



5. Snuggery Burrow Bed – Microvelvet

Removable Cover is Machine Washable

Made for cuddling, the Snuggery Burrow bed definitely keeps your dog safe, healthy, and comfortable. It features a lightweight yet sturdy metal frame, which is power-decorated to help prevent rusting. 

Available in various sizes, this machine-washable pet bed also features a breathable and durable polythene fabric that helps to keep your dog comfortable. 

Furthermore, it is elevated off the ground to help protect your dog from moisture, dirt, and bugs while facilitating seamless airflow. Moreover, this pet bed is resistant to mildew, mold, and mites.



6. Aspen Pet Bolster Round Bed

Find The Best Orthopedic Mattress Dog Loves

Small dogs love the Petmate Pet Bed thanks to its soft memory foam material that they can rest on at any time. This creative product gives you a great opportunity to invest in your pet’s health since it is safe and comfortable. The nest-like design makes it one of the most calming small dog beds on the market. It is also the best washable dog bed for small pups so you can use it anywhere and whenever you like.  

It is made of quality polyester to ensure your pet’s bed retains its shape and firmness so your pet can remain comfortable. It is available in different sizes and colors. Your pet will enjoy curling up and cuddling thanks to the super-soft walls of this dog bed. This makes it an excellent option for all small dog breeds.



7. Frisco Eyelash Cat & Dog Bolster Bed

Non Skid Bottom and Washable Cover bed

If your canine companion loves cuddling, then they will definitely enjoy snuggling on the Frisco Eyelash Cat and Dog Bolster Bed. This bed has a round design that is perfect for pets who like curling up.

Also referred to as cuddlers, this round, super-soft bed for dogs and cats is extremely popular. It comes in both small and medium sizes, which work well for small dog breeds. Moreover, this bed is machine washable, so it is very easy to clean and maintain. The bed is available in three neutral colors that will complement the decor in any living space. 



8. Frisco Round Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

People Love Small Pink Dog Bed with Cover

Your dog’s fur and slobber can sometimes be a bit odorous. And that smell can stick to items your pets spend plenty of time on, like the dog bed. Fortunately, the Frisco Round Bolster Cat and Dog Bed is elegant in appearance and very easy to clean. 

The removable cover is easy to zip off so it can be put in the washing machine. If your pooch has an accident, it is easy to wash the bolster as well.   



9. Trixie Leika Plush Dog Bed

Pup Bed with Non Slip Foam and Cover

This super-fluffy plush dog bed is made for small dogs of all breeds. The velour appearance makes it fit in well in any living area. 

The cover is made of high-quality polyester while the non-skid bottom is made of easy-to-maintain nylon. The cushioning is approximately 8cm tall and also made of quality polyester fleece.  

Another great thing about this dog bed for small dogs is that its cover is completely removable, making it easy to machine wash.  



10. Hagen Dogit Rectangle Cuddle Bed

Thick Foam Mattress with Cover

The Hagen Dogit Rectangular Cuddle Bed is another great option to consider if your pup loves cuddling up on your sofa or bed. This reversible bed provides a comfy cool side and a cozy warm side to meet the needs of the fussiest pets. 

The bed is machine washable for easy cleaning and is packed with 100% virgin polyester material that offers resilience and maximum comfort without any added fillers. 

The cuddle bed for small dogs has a sleek, elegant design on both the inner and outer sides. With its high-walled construction, this pet bed is also ideal for dogs seeking a sense of security or an elevated surface to support their head. 



Good Foam for Pressure Point Relief

Different Dog Sleeping Positions

Dog sleeping positions vary a lot [1], from the adorable to the openly peculiar. You may have captured some beautiful pictures of your dog sleeping, but do you know what your dog’s usual sleeping position means? Here are the different dog sleeping positions and what dog owners need to know about pet products like dog beds.

Curled Up  

In the wild, canines mostly like to sleep in the curled up position. Essentially, they are in a lovable little ball, with their head resting on the rear feet and the tail and legs tucked in. 

This is the most common sleeping position for canines since the vulnerable stomach is protected.  

If there are changes in their usual environment, dogs may revert to this sleeping position. For tight curlers, you want to buy the best small dog beds with elevated walls to help them feel comfortable when sleeping. 

Sprawled on the Floor

While most small dogs love to curl up when sleeping, some breeds like Beagles and French Bulldogs tend to spread out their legs as far as possible. For such pups, we recommend the best dog bed that is not fully closed with walls. A mattress-style bed would be ideal for such dogs. 

On the Side

Dogs mostly sleep on the side when they are comfortable and feeling safe and secure. They are not trying to protect their tummies or conserve heat. They simply want to relax or catch some much-needed sleep.

Laying on the Back

This one is quite amusing! Have you ever caught your dog with all four paws raised up? This sleeping position also shows that your fur baby is comfortable and feeling at home. In the wild, canines do not sleep lying on their back, and neither do anxious canines or dogs in unfamiliar environments.

Dogs Like Beds that Relieve Pressure Points

Important Features to Consider

Dogs and cats typically spend ten to sixteen hours each day sleeping, and young puppies tend to sleep even longer than that! Therefore, your pet deserves a comfy place to get the most out of their sleep and bedtime.

When looking for the best dog bed for your little dog, you should consider the following factors:


When purchasing a dog bed for your small breed dog, make sure the material you choose is strong and durable.  The best pet bed covers should be water-resistant and should allow for easy removal of hair, fur and dirt. The material should be scratch-resistant. Moreover, make sure that the material can tolerate either hand washing or machine washing. 

You should realize that some materials tend to retain dust, dirt and pet hair. Certain materials might also contain allergens. You should avoid such dog beds at all costs. 


Not all small breed dogs are purse dogs. Some grow to reach the size of small dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Papillons or Pugs. That’s why the best dog beds do not conform to the one-size-fits-all principle. Always make sure to consider your dog’s size before purchasing a dog bed. You don’t want to buy a pet bed that’s too large or too small.  

An oversized bed won’t allow your dog to feel comfortable, safe and supported. Furthermore, the largeness could be overwhelming to puppies that want to feel as if they are being cuddled when sleeping. On the other hand, the bed shouldn’t be too small, as it would be uncomfortable for your pup. 

Dog Loves Bed with Cover


The main purpose of the best dog beds for small dogs is to keep them warm and comfortable. As such, you should find the best bed that is made of memory foam or thick polyfill fiber to ensure your pets are comfortable while sleeping. 

Although small breed dogs don’t weigh much, a low-quality dog bed can do them more harm than good. 

Easy to Wash

All canines have accidents, with some being much easier to handle than others. However, it is always convenient to have a washable dog bed. The dog bed you choose should be machine washable, and dryer-friendly, if possible. 

Older dogs and young puppies are more likely to have accidents. So be sure to choose a dog bed that is easy to wash and maintain. Washable dog beds always have a tag or sticker that states that they are machine washable. 

If the pet bed you want to buy is not machine washable, you can buy a cover to protect it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dogs Need Beds?

Yes! All dogs need a bed. Dog breeds are an essential part of a dog’s life. They provide a place for your dog to feel safe and comfortable. They can also be a great place for you to teach your dog better manners. 

Beds offer something to do for your dog instead of getting all over the house or disturbing your guests. They offer a sense of comfort and security to your dog when they are feeling anxious and overall, they are a great way to improve their wellbeing. Every member of your family requires a place, and your dog is no different. 

Dogs might not get the support they deserve on the floor. Older dogs, in particular, need to support their spine and reduce pressure from muscles and joints and a quality foam bed makes this possible.  

Why Does My Dog Need an Orthopedic Bed?

Your dog needs an orthopedic dog bed to reduce pressure on its joints and muscles. This is particularly important if they have injuries or bone and joint issues. Moreover, the best orthopedic beds make for excellent general purchase dog beds that are secure and comfortable enough to prevent your pup from jumping on your furniture. 

Is Cushioning Important?

Cushioning is important because it is gentle and more comfortable to lie on. Small dogs are generally very active and will do best with soft beds that have a good amount of filling or padding in them. 


After carefully reviewing all of the above high-quality dog beds for small dogs, the clear winner is Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Shag Dog Bed!

This bed is one of the best dog beds on the market because it provides your dog with a new level of comfort and support, provides relief from muscle and joint pain, and is perfect for cold weather. Moreover, it is water-resistant and machine washable.

This is a superior quality dog bed and perfect for any small dog. That said, all of the dog bed models discussed in our review above are excellent options.

Pet Bed with Memory Foam and Cover

Editor's Choice

Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Shag Dog Bed