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Your pet is an important member of your family. Keeping it or its health will give them a longer life, and you and your family will have more time to enjoy their loyal company. Pets have health care needs that are similar in many ways to people’s needs. They are also susceptible to diseases that can only be touched by pets, and preventive care is essential to help them avoid them.

Probably it is already a hint from taking pets to the vet that they need annual vaccinations to protect them from rabies, nosocomial disease, and other common animal diseases. There are also other tests that your vet can choose to give to your pet in order to identify any potential health problems that exist.

If you have health problems, your vet may prescribe certain medicines for pets to treat your pet and restore its health. Drugs for fleas and ticks are commonly used by pet owners to keep their pets and homes free from these pest-borne diseases. They are available in both over-the-counter and over-the-counter forms. However, to ensure the proven effectiveness and safety of your pet, it may be wiser to choose prescription fleas and tick medications to treat your pet.

With that being said, Well Pet Coach is committed to providing you with all the information you need to take care of your beloved pet and help you establish an unbreakable bond with them. If you have any questions along the way, you can contact us here.

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Well Pet Coach - About Us


Kathy Conner

Kathy Conner

Certified Professional Animal Care Provider

Kathy R. Conner grew up in a small town in Marquette, Michigan. Her parents (now retired) both served their services as a veterinarian in Bayshore Veterinary Hospital when Kathy was younger. Thus, as far as she can remember, she had since developed a strong connection and passion for the wellbeing of animals when she was in middle school.

When Kathy was 18 years old, she moved over to Gainesville, Florida, to pursue her passion. In the year 2013, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences – where she committed her service in many animal shelters and rescues along the way. 

With motivation in mind, Kathy made her decision to move over to the city of Miami in hopes of settling down. There, she devoted most of her time researching the types of dilemma pet owners have to help them gain further knowledge about their pets.

Email : kathyconner89@wellpet.org

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