Food For The World’s Most Exotic Pets

Everyone knows that the most common animals in the UK, and even in many countries, are dogs and cats. There are also many other animals, especially small and fur animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits, which are very popular choices for pets. Dogs are an all time favourite, but it is relatively easy to find food for them. However if your dog is not eating, there may be a problem.

However, with over a million species of animals discovered so far, and probably many more that we do not yet know about, it is not surprising that many people own pets that are a little more exotic than the daily Labrador.

If you are considering buying Australian sugar glider or macaw from South America, it will not be a shock to you that these exotic animals have equally exotic diets and regular pet food cannot.

Here are the five most remarkable animals that are kept as pets around the world and what you will need to feed them.


Originating in South America, this lovely little mammal is also known as a honey bear. This is the right name when you consider that this sweet toothed creature loves to eat both honey sweets and rubber bears, as well as ducks, bananas, mangoes and figs. However, fruit is not the only thing in their diet, as they also love snacks on ants and other small insects. Kinkajou is very loving and tender, which makes it a very popular exotic animal to own.

Glider Sugar

When competing with kinkajou for the most charming exotic animal, this is a tiny marsupial from Australia, which in nature lives with juice, nectar, pollen and various insects and spiders. This is an interesting and friendly animal, again making it a popular choice among pet owners, although it is night and very sociable, so it is advisable to buy two if you are not able to devote to it the attention it needs at night.

Owners should be aware that the food for this little creature must be rich in calcium and phosphorus, in certain proportions, to avoid ailments such as paralysis of the hind legs.

Saw Hyacinth Macaw

One of the largest parrots in the world, this South American bird is very easily domesticated, making it a great option for pets. However, make sure that your children also love it, because the hyacinth can reach 65 years in captivity and many of them survive their owners.

It is also noteworthy that a friend is for life, so if you are planning to buy a couple you should make sure that you can keep them both together. When it comes to diet, normal supplies for birds can form a good basis for a diet, but make sure they contain a lot of Brazil nuts, pine nuts and macadamia that live in the wild. These birds also feast on acuri nuts, but only after passing through the digestive system of cattle, which slightly softens them, which can make you change your mind about owning them.

White young lions

This albino lion is not really a species, but an ordinary lion, whose recessive gene means that it is easily noticeable by predators, as well as potential prey such as hippos and elephants, which can make it very difficult for it to find a meal. According to Forbes, the white lion is the most expensive pet in the world, and although the young may seem an exotic version of a kitten, let’s not forget that these little creatures will eventually grow into 35 stone adult lions.

Products for cats and tiny portions of cat food will no longer be options with large amounts of meat and so, occasionally, people creating their diet. It is estimated that there are only 300 white lions in the world, which makes it not only exotic, but also an extremely rare domestic animal. Dog peeing blood? Here’s what you should do.

Chinese woodpigeon

Although the name suggests otherwise, these exotic dogs actually come from Africa. They can be born either without hair, known as Hairless, or with him, known as Powerpuff. It is simply a genetic factor and they are still the same species of dog, even if the two look so different. Luckily for dog lovers, the Chinese Crested Dog will eat the same dog food as other, less exotic species.

If you want to get an exotic pet, make sure you research what this pet food needs. Parrots can eat normal bird supplies, but they also need extra items in their diet, and while daily cat food can fit into a white tiger, it will certainly not be enough for a fully developed white tiger.